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28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

Here’s why: “Most organizations see leaders'' as drivers of results - exceeding sales quotas, deepening market share, boosting profits, etc. One book, I would have anyone who worked for me read is the Leader''s Handbook.

Hiring an Intern? What to Do Before the Summer Starts

Harvard Business Review

Recently, the marketing director for a tech start-up told me that her CEO was furiously drafting job descriptions for a half-dozen summer interns. As the director of marketing looked at her CEO quizzically, she asked, "you know you need to manage all those interns, right?". If you''re planning to hire an intern (or two or three), here are four things to do before they walk through the door to ensure a successful summer for everyone involved: Choose one or two specific projects.

Improve Decision-Making With Help From the Crowd

Harvard Business Review

Kickstarter is one of a growing number of crowdfunding platforms for gathering money from the public to fund all sorts of projects. IBM saw these online social systems for investing in new ventures and decided they would like to develop a similar system internally for selecting innovative projects. Instead of the typical process where technology projects are picked by a review board, people in IBM’s IT community can participate as submitters, backers, and evaluators.