Preview Thursday: Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose

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I spent almost 30 years as a lawyer in private practice, advising business leaders on Delaware corporate law issues – addressing matters like preferred stock financings, IPOs, mergers, hostile takeovers, proxy contests, corporate governance and fiduciary issues.

What's Lost When Shareholders Rule

Harvard Business Review

which is by global standards pretty close to the textbook, would-be reformers often cite the British example (on shareholder input into executive pay, for example, or the ease of hostile takeovers) as something to strive toward. What exactly is wrong with the progressively greater control that banks, private equity investors, stock markets, and takeovers have exerted over the British corporate sector?

An Activist Investor Lands in Your Boardroom — Now What?

Harvard Business Review

More than 200 activist-investor initiatives hit companies in 2013, a seven-fold increase over a decade earlier. Founder and primary owner of Icahn Enterprises, Icahn had been tagged a corporate raider for his hostile takeover of TWA in 1985. Activist investors, though neither barbarians at the gates nor corporate raiders, can still seem very unwelcome.