The Four Pillars of Encouraging Leadership

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Humans need encouragement as much as plants need water. Posted in Leadership Development To encourage is to be a leader who makes a difference by manifesting a positive belief in others.

The 3 Gifts They Want Most (But Will Never Ask): The Science Behind Subconscious Needs

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Murray identified over 300 human needs. In the 1940s, these needs were organized and prioritized by psychologist Abraham […]. The post The 3 Gifts They Want Most (But Will Never Ask): The Science Behind Subconscious Needs appeared first on Engaging Leader.

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What’s the Best Way to Motivate you Employees? Give them Freedom.

Great Leadership By Dan

Freedom, so I can live; Freedom, so I can give; Freedom, yeah Freedom, that''s what I need”. Freedom is a universal, basic human need. What about the need for consistency? As human beings, it’s hard to let go of our “right” way of doing things.

5 Items on Every Employee’s Holiday Wish List


Stores and online retailers create wish lists for every type of person you could ever need to shop for: for teens, for sports fans, for the cook in your family, for the outdoor person, etc. Less BS and more humanity - Enough beating-around-the-bush or, even worse, “spinning” of messages.

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Listening as a Tool to De-escalate Conflicts

The Recovering Engineer

Because failing to listen violates a need almost universally expressed by people in all cultures: the need to be heard and understood. The reason that listening works so well is that it meets a human need.

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What Are Your Needs?


What are your needs? I recently visited Penn State’s Wiki on Need Theories , which I found illuminating. Needs drive decision-making, so it pays for leaders to know not only what their own needs are, but what their team members’ needs are as well.

Using Kaizen for Employee Engagement and Improvement


In my book, The Outstanding Organization , I show how kaizen is a highly effective means to boost employee engagement by meeting three basic human needs: 1) The need to connect , 2) the need to be creative , and 3) the need to be in control.

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The Continuum and the Marketplace

Strategy Driven

In consumer business strategy – from branding to product development – addressing the emotional human needs continuum is crucial to success. Businesses that seek to create superior product/service experiences need to learn how to empathize with consumers’ needs.

If You Want to Raise Prices, Tell a Better Story

Harvard Business Review

What you almost never hear about is a fifth track, which I call story analysis: an analysis of a product''s capabilities to fulfill a profound human need, to tell a story that gives your customers'' lives richer meaning.

Three Creativity Challenges from IDEO’s Leaders

Harvard Business Review

CREATIVITY CHALLENGE #3: LEARN FROM OBSERVING HUMAN BEHAVIOR. What, if any, latent human needs emerge? . People often ask us how they can become more creative.

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Algorithms Won’t Replace Managers, But Will Change Everything About What They Do

Harvard Business Review

It comes down to just communicating with other human beings. TC: In any company, you need someone to manage the others, and management is a very hard skill. WF: I wanted to ask you a little more about the machine-human teams. What skills keep that human from being replaced?

Give Workers the Power to Choose: Cave or Commons

Harvard Business Review

Google then chimed in by saying that they don't even have a policy — at least that anyone could find — that says when and where people need to work. when team members need to give and receive feedback. Human resources Leadership Organizational culture

The 21st Century Economy Will Be Urban, High Tech, and Green

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The first is how much action we need to take. We''re used to hearing that we''ll need to reduce our carbon emissions by some percentage. The blunt reality is that to avoid catastrophic climate change, humanity needs to essentially eliminate all emissions.

Disengaged Employees? Do Something About It

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A 2012 report on human capital from McKinsey added to the evidence, noting that organizations with top scores in employee motivation are about 60% more likely to be in the top quartile for overall business health. This finding is resonant with self-determination theory , a well-established research program in psychology that has identified the universal human need for autonomy. Employee retention Human resources Leading teams Managing people

Scaling Social Impact: Welcome to the HBR-Bridgespan Group Insight Center

Harvard Business Review

A new wave of entrepreneurs have created innovations that address pressing human needs: a hand-powered solar lamp that reduces a family's dependence on dangerously flammable oil for adequate light; a network of neighborhood-based grocery stores that sell fresh produce; a low-cost infant warmer for vulnerable babies in developing countries. How can these new technologies, solutions, products, and ideas reach not just one community, or even one region, but everyone who needs them?

GC24: Killer Gamification: Engaging for Impact

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Wikipedia, “Henry Murray” Wikipedia, “Need theory” To stay up on the latest news and trends in employee gamification, join the Game Changer group on LinkedIn. The term “gamification” gained popularity in 2010; by the end of 2012, it had reached mega-trend status.

Starting Thought: 5 Items on Every Employee’s Holiday Wish List


Stores and online retailers create wish lists for every type of person you could ever need to shop for: for teens, for sports fans, for the cook in your family, for the outdoor person, etc. From my experience working with employees around the globe, a few common needs rise to the top: Opportunities to give feedback - Create an environment where employees feel safe to have a candid conversation with you. The desire to be heard is a basic human need.

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Scan for the 3 key ingredients of trends to survive in the Expectation Economy

Strategy Driven

They don’t even need to experience these new methods themselves, hearing about them is enough to make them demand the better way. The good news is that you don’t need a PHD in anthropology to spot trends in the wild. Basic Needs & Wants. We’re all human.

Is the End of GE Capital Good News for Ecomagination?

Harvard Business Review

First, it’s not nostalgia for manufacturing that’s driving GE CEO Jeff Immelt and his team to make this decision to focus (again and still) on making the stuff our economy needs. We humans need real machinery and complex supply chains to build a $75 trillion economy serving 7.4

The 30 Things Customers Really Value

Harvard Business Review

While what constitutes “value” can be nuanced and vary from person to person, my colleagues and I have identified 30 universal building blocks of value that meet fundamental human needs. Since 2013 Schwab has added several new elements of value to its services.

What Apple Gets Right with Its Smartwatch

Harvard Business Review

When people say Apple has built things people didn’t know they need, it’s not really true. Apple has built things that meet the needs people have always had. More than any other consumer company, Apple gets what people really, fundamentally need. When we think of needs and products we often go right to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs , the ubiquitous theory that human needs manifest in a specific sequence, from base survival to the pinnacle of self-actualization.

Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce, and World

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Therefore we need to see significantly greater investment in the education systems of these parts of the world – and others. But as good managers have discovered in so many realms of human need, pure philanthropy is not the only means for addressing social challenges. We need to remind ourselves that educating skilled workforces is an investment opportunity. We all know that education is an investment — but it’s not solely a personal one.

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