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Author information Will Lukang, CLDC, PMP, CSM Will Lukang, MBA, PMP, MASCL, SCM, is an enabler. He has more than 21 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry.

Personal Business Maturity

Great Leadership By Dan

You’ll also see information about how a line of business “matures” when you implement an effective model, focus on the right priorities and execute rigorously.

0408 | Keith Sawyer


He then worked for 6 years as a management consultant in Boston and New York, advising large corporations on the strategic use of information technology. Keith Sawyer is the author of the new book Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity.

GC21: Gamifying Consumerism at Healthcare University | with Clayton Nicholas

Engaging Leader

After honing his expertise in general management, marketing, strategy and sales techniques across healthcare and information technology sectors, Nicholas now leads marketing and public relations functions while helping to drive strategy and […]. Resources Mentioned in This Episode Website: www.changehealthcare.com Twitter: @ClayJNicholas LinkedIn: [link] For more information on Change Healthcare''s product visit their Product Page.

Design and Influence Irresistible Change – Learn How in this Special Workshop

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The list includes but is not limited to Human Resources, Organization Development, Project Management, Process Improvement, Information Technology, Strategic Planning, and Sustainability. On or before July 31, 2013. After July 31, 2013.

Could Your Next CEO Come from Any Department?

Modern Servant Leader

Do you value operations, maintenance, customer service , engineering, information technology , sales , finance, marketing , accounting – all departments, equally? How do you view each department in your organization? In Good to Great, Jim Collins explains the best CEOs are not external hires, but brought up through internal development. Therefore, your organization is best served by looking across the entire company for future leaders.

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Bookseller Leadership Mistakes

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The new retail-oriented CEO decided to close down their website, fire their internal website experts and contract out information technology by having their books sold through Amazon.com. Source: The Wall Street Journal, July 9, 2013 .

StrategyDriven Enterprises Partners with Xen Wireless to Form StrategyDriven Analytics, a Utility Industry Asset Management Blind Benchmarking Service

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Analytics combines StrategyDriven’s industry leading asset management and data analytics experience with Xen Wireless’s information technology and delivery expertise. For more information, please visit www.StrategyDriven.com.

Getting the Most Use Out of Business Analytics

Chartered Management Institute

Businesses now have more and easier access to vital information than ever before. One of the reasons for this is because of the advances being made in information technology (IT) and business intelligence (BI). Business owners can now reach new customers and business opportunities by managing, gathering and interpreting data and information.

Implement Change with More Influence, Confidence and Impact

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I’ve worked with professionals in many different roles and projects – strategic planning, project management, process improvement, human resources, sustainability, information technology – who, like you, wanted to make a difference but felt stuck.

Keith Sawyer: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

He then worked for six years as a management consultant in Boston and New York, advising large corporations on the strategic use of information technology. Keith Sawyer is one of the world’s leading scientific experts on creativity and innovation. In his first job after graduating from MIT, he designed videogames for Atari. He’s been a [.].

The Companies and Countries Losing Their Data

Harvard Business Review

I spoke with Greg Bell, the firm's information protection lead, to parse the data on who loses their information, and how. Bell: First, we're only able to use information that's made public. So this is not 100% accurate, but we believe this provides directional information.

2014 Reflections: The Path of my Life and Business

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On July 11, 2013, I fell and severely broke both bones in my lower left leg. Author information jeffharmon Jeff Harmon is the president of Brilliance Within Coaching & Consulting which specializes in developing principled, character driven business leaders while helping them translate their strategies into focused, actionable plans that ultimately drive business results and build healthy organizations. The story of my 2014 can only be told if I look back six months prior.

How is Big Data Transforming Your 80/20 Analytics?

Harvard Business Review

What happens to innovation and segmentation when serious organizations are challenged to assimilate and integrate 10X, 100X or 1000X more information about customers, clients, prospects and leads? You’ve Got the Information, But What Does It Mean?

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To Go From Big Data to Big Insight, Start With a Visual

Harvard Business Review

Handling the streams, archiving the sessions and storing and manipulating the information are in themselves herculean tasks. Information & technology Marketing Social media

A New Type of Philanthropy: Donating Data

Harvard Business Review

For the UN, this ability to glean real-time information could transform our work to protect development gains among the world's most vulnerable populations. This type of analysis might require that various private sector companies share potentially sensitive information.

The Value of a Good Visual: Immediacy

Harvard Business Review

Next, I take away the map and give you a set of data that gives relative location, size, spatial border details, and other information about the states. Had you never seen a map, you'd be struggling to explain the information that a map conveys in some other way.

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Top 10 Sales Trends for 2013

Harvard Business Review

What are the top business-to-business sales trends for 2013? However, the decision to make a major purchase is also influenced by internal politics, how the decision-makers receive information along with individual biases and personal desires. Technology Fatigue.

How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist

Harvard Business Review

You’ve Got the Information, But What Does It Mean? Information & technology Managing yourself Slowly but steadily, data are forcing their way into every nook and cranny of every industry, company, and job.

Should MBAs Learn to Code?

Harvard Business Review

MBAs who lack programming skills often ask this question when they pursue careers in technology companies. Several respondents mentioned that their CS50 experience had helped persuade recruiters that they were committed to a career in technology.

The Importance of Spatial Thinking Now

Harvard Business Review

Visualization is not new, and it’s much older than the “Napoleon’s March” example cited by Edward Tufte as the best information graphic. We were collecting and mapping information long before the printing press. Design Information & technology Technology

Big Data’s Biggest Challenge? Convincing People NOT to Trust Their Judgment

Harvard Business Review

Information & technology Here’s a simple rule for the second machine age we’re in now: as the amount of data goes up, the importance of human judgment should go down. The previous statement reads like heresy, doesn’t it?

Data is Worthless if You Don't Communicate It

Harvard Business Review

Too many managers are, with the help of their analyst colleagues, simply compiling vast databases of information that never see the light of day, or that only get disseminated in auto-generated business intelligence reports. Communication Information & technology Managing people

A Better Way to Tackle All That Data

Harvard Business Review

If we accept that big data''s holy grail is, as Randy Bean says in Information Week , better, faster decisions, we have to believe that as data continue to grow in volume, velocity, and variety, making management more complex and potentially slowing time to decision, something has to give.

Algorithms Won’t Replace Managers, But Will Change Everything About What They Do

Harvard Business Review

WF: One thing that McAfee talks about is the idea that people want to get their information from a human; they can be very distrustful of a computer just spitting out a recommendation. Professors and teachers will be more like coaches or tutors, rather than carriers of information.

Editors’ Picks of the Week

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Branding Decision making Information & technology HBR editors read top posts from HBR.org. Let us know what you think @skgreen. Download this podcast.

How to Tell a Story with Data

Harvard Business Review

I would add that an excellent visualization also tells a story through the graphical depiction of statistical information. If you don''t, then perhaps this visualization should support exploratory data analysis (EDA) rather than convey information. Information & technology EDA

You Bought It. Does That Make it Yours to Sell?

Harvard Business Review

Consumers also have a wealth of new information sources on price, quality, and location of goods, much of it provided by other consumers and all of it available on whatever device they happen to be holding. Nunes and I, in our recent HBR article , refer to this phenomenon as "near-perfect market information." Government Information & technology MediaThe U.S. Supreme Court this week stepped into the middle of an ongoing war between content producers and their customers.

Price 13

How Nonprofits Prove Their Worth

Harvard Business Review

How General Mills Uses Food Technology to Make an Impact in Africa. Information & technology Social enterpriseEveryone agrees that social enterprises need to use data to assess their effectiveness. But precisely what data should organizations capture? How should they incorporate it into meaningful evaluations that prove their approaches work? And, how should potential funders analyze these evaluations to determine which enterprises are most effective?

Is Anyone Really Responsible for Your Company's Data Security?

Harvard Business Review

Protecting a company''s critical information is a value proposition. Losing that kind of information can mean a plunge in stock price and market share. So who''s responsible for information security in your company? This is a management failure, not a technological problem.

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A Global Online Network Lets Health Professionals Share Expertise

Harvard Business Review

With guidance from Paul English, chief technology officer of Kayak, we borrowed a common tool from business — professional virtual communities (PVCs) — and adapted it to leverage the wisdom of the crowds. As of July 2013, there were 50 private communities.

Platforms Are the New Foundation of Corporate IT

Harvard Business Review

Infrastructure and substructure support the information, processes, applications, rules, and channels that are the face of corporate IT. Standards reduce not only the amount of technology but also the risk associated with bringing new and legacy technologies together.

CIO 11

Big Data and the Role of Intuition

Harvard Business Review

Decision making Information & technology Knowledge management Many people have asked me over the years about whether intuition has a role in the analytics and data-driven organization. I have always reassured them that there are plenty of places where intuition is still relevant. For example, a hypothesis is an intuition about what’s going on in the data you have about the world.

We Can Now Automate Hiring. Is that Good?

Harvard Business Review

Another reasonable approach is to automate even more and to use technology to handle some of the more standardized tasks associated with selecting the best candidates. Hiring Human resources Information & technology

The Unanticipated Consequences of a Frictionless Mobile Experience

Harvard Business Review

Information & technology Social media Technology Many of us assume that mobile is essentially business as usual — just on a smaller screen. But often, it''s not. The business impact of the switch to mobile can be counterintuitive and difficult to anticipate.

IT in the Cloud Era

Harvard Business Review

IT management Information & technology Innovation An interview with Aaron Levie , cofounder and CEO of Box. Follow him on Twitter at @levie. Download this podcast. A written transcript will be available by July 8.

Yes, Managing IT Is Your Job

Harvard Business Review

Information Technology Changes the Way You Compete" was a trailblazing HBR article by Warren McFarlan back in the early 1980s. Their strategic use of information technology (IT) presaged the dot.com boom of the 1990s when the Internet made this kind of online ordering commonplace.

The Five Superpowers of Marketing

Harvard Business Review

If you want to win their hearts and minds, you have to master the latest technology, assimilate vast quantities of data, engage and delight your customers, and deliver products and services that surpass expectations. And yet today’s top marketers are combining technology and teamwork to generate extraordinary results. The very top marketers are using technology and teamwork to listen at a scale that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

A Call to Boycott U.S. Tech Platforms Over the NSA's PRISM Surveillance

Harvard Business Review

But still: at the heart of this global collusion to hoover up every bit of information about hundreds of millions of citizens under the pretense of fighting crime and terrorism sits the U.S. based technology companies is at stake here, as is the future of U.S./EU

The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Harvard Business Review

Perhaps the most exciting (and challenging) aspect of working in a progressive IT organization is the pace of technological change. In addition to service improvement efforts, new CIOs should also continuously review which information services are "core" versus "strategic."

PPM 10

A Data Scientist's Real Job: Storytelling

Harvard Business Review

Our challenge as data scientists is to translate this haystack of information into guidance for staff so they can make smart decisions — whether it's choosing the right headline for today's email blast (should we ask our members to "take action now" or "learn more"?)

A Board Director's Perspective on What IT Has to Get Right

Harvard Business Review

I''m often struck by how many articles exclusively focus on new or emerging technology and their productivity or efficiency effects. DIG is responsible for emerging technology, collaboration methods and technology (e.g., IT management Information & technology

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The Mobile Shopping Life Cycle

Harvard Business Review

Marketers should position information and messages about their products to be pulled by the consumer according to that person''s time frame, mind-set, and location. Information & technology Marketing Online marketing Mobile is turning "path to purchase" on its head.