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3 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Culture


by Calvin Guyer We have all heard the phrase “Culture eats strategy for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner).” ” But what exactly does it mean and what, as a business leader, can you do to improve your organization’s culture? That culture can help and it can hurt.

CIOs Must Lead Outside of IT

Harvard Business Review

The CIO paradox is a set of contradictions that lies at the heart of IT leadership. Many CIOs have buckled under the CIO paradox, while others have managed to be effective despite it. Most large companies have underinvested in IT for decades. Reach beyond IT.

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How Microsoft Avoided the Peter Principle with Nadella

Harvard Business Review

For finishers, he will have to change its treads—redirect its strategy—while barreling down a highway with no map for what lies ahead. The vital—though not-soon-to-be answered—question is whether Mr. Nadella brings the right leadership talents not only to run the show but also to grow the enterprise at the center of one of most turbulent and competitive frays on earth. It is a “jump shift,” as Procter & Gamble chairman A.G. Lafley has described it.


Tinkering with Strategy Can Derail Midsize Companies

Harvard Business Review

And they love to pursue them, deadline commitments or old strategies be damned. They forget that the strategy which took them from small to midsize has already proven itself a winner. So they begin tinkering with their core strategy, burning up resources while their companies wander off their tried-and-true growth path. The new president thought Cellairis should not only sell accessories, it should sell wireless phone service as well. But they must learn it.