Using Kaizen for Employee Engagement and Improvement


Kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement. It all sounds good on the surface, but the reality is that very few companies fully embrace kaizen. There are two ways to approach kaizen. Creating a proper kaizen culture is the way to achieve this.

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Hansei and 6 Pitfalls to Avoid in Reflective Exercises


Kaizen complements Hansei and ensures that lessons are executed. Also Read: Using Kaizen for Employee Engagement and Improvement. - – - – -. As individuals, teams and organizations, how much we learn from our past is critical for our improvement and future success.

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Leading For A Better Tomorrow

Tanveer Naseer

In regards to the future, Drucker advocated using this with kaizen, or continuous, ongoing improvement. The following is a guest piece by Bruce Rosenstein. How can leaders best shape the future of their organizations?

In Review: The Outstanding Organization by Karen Martin


This book also touches upon applicability of essential lean concepts including Gemba and Kaizen in building a high performance organization. In quest of excellence, an organization that grows has to deal with chaos.

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The Failure of “The Livonia Philosophy” at my GM Plant

Deming Institute

Speaking of continuous improvement, my GM plant also had a very traditional “suggestion system,” not a Kaizen-style approach to improvement. Guest post by Mark Graban. As I wrote about in my first post , my first job out of college was at the GM Livonia Engine Plant, outside of Detroit.

ASA Deming Lecture by Brent James: Long Term View of the Healthcare System

Deming Institute

2013, Vijay Nair: Industrial Statistics – Research vs Practice. Edwards Deming – A Kaizen Statistician. Guest post by John Hunter , who founded in 1996. 2010 ASA Deming Lecture – “Dr.

Profound Knowledge from a Knowledge Use Perspective

Deming Institute

2013, Vijay Nair: Industrial Statistics – Research vs Practice. Edwards Deming – A Kaizen Statistician. Vincent Barabba presented the 2016 ASA Deming Lecture: Profound Knowledge from a Knowledge Use Perspective.

Old-School Business Practices Worth Bringing Back

Harvard Business Review

It''s that faith in a kind of kaizen -in-all-things that has led to innumerable technological, organizational, and social advances in the corporate world. In general, the business community is obsessed with what Michael Lewis once termed the "new, new thing."

Good Leaders Don't Use Bad Words

Harvard Business Review

While the nuances of "product" and "offer" or "customer" and "client" hold profound implications in English, truly understanding the meaning of, say, " kyosei " or " kaizen " in Japanese or " jeitinho " in Portuguese/Brazilian can also be sources of innovation inspiration. During a painfully dull futures workshop Down Under, a simple word change helped transform a stagnant discussion.

Reliability: Another Dimension of Quality

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2013, Vijay Nair: Industrial Statistics – Research vs Practice. Edwards Deming – A Kaizen Statistician. Guest post by John Hunter , who founded in 1996.

Being the World's Largest Ad Agency Might Not Be Something to Brag About

Harvard Business Review

Kaizen, Japanese for "continuous improvement," is Toyota''s self-described business model. Google''s All "Who Cares?". This week''s merger announcement between Omnicom and Publicis, two ad and marketing agencies with a combined 2012 revenue of $23 billion, involved glasses of champagne. But perhaps a jug of water would have been the more appropriate thirst-quencher for these industry giants'' long road ahead, even as the biggest agency in the world.

Reflections on Dr. Deming’s Hospital Notes – What Has Changed Since 1990?

Deming Institute

Lean organizations engage every employee, regardless of the letters after their names, in improvement through Plan Do Study Adjust cycles and a Kaizen improvement process. Guest post by Mark Graban.

Why Dr. Deming’s Work is So Important to Me

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Mark also co-authored Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements , which was released in June 2012 and also a Shingo Research Award recipient in 2013. Guest post by Mark Graban.

The Key to Change Is Middle Management

Harvard Business Review

doubled from 20% to 40% between July and December 2013, and has stayed at that level since. Many change leaders use Six Sigma , Kaizen , and Lean for continuous improvement. At the inaugural meeting of a change transformation effort under way at a hospital in San Jose, California, nurse Michelle delaCalle faced a room full of people who were discouraged by the organization’s earlier attempts at change.

Every Fast-Growing Company Has to Combat Overload

Harvard Business Review

The leadership team at Norwegian put in place a kaizen (continuous improvement) system to gather ideas from the front line on how to improve and streamline operations and processes everywhere in the organization, and created extensive discussion forums and recognition for the best ideas.