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In What You''re Really Meant to Do , Robert Kaplan tells the story of a television producer that got passed over for a promotion. You undermine your "ability to exhibit character and leadership traits" that could help your career, says Kaplan. Injustices happen.

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Five Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation


I put the word profit in quotes because New York-based Housing Works, which manages to do everything I just described, is technically a charity operation. Innovation business model innovation kaplan nonprofit Nonprofits face a fundamental “business” challenge: they’re “nonprofits.”

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Fear Your Strengths: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Fear Your Strengths: What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem Robert Kaplan and Robert Kaiser Berrett-Koehler Publishers (2013) Actually, what we should fear are complacency and self-satisfaction as well as the assumption that “just good enough” really is.

Intelligent Redesign of Health Care

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Kaplan and Michael E. The results are often surprising; for example in the pilot project described in Kaplan’s and Porter’s 2011 HBR article , one finding was that most providers’ existing cost systems underestimate the cost of new patient evaluation services by 15% to 20%.

Reflecting on David Garvin’s Imprint on Management

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Kaplan’s balanced scorecard or Clayton Christensen’s disruptive innovation. I’ll fast-forward through the next decade, when Garvin, trained in operations, helped to answer the question much of America was obsessed with at the time: How Japanese automakers could make higher-quality, more-reliable cars than Americans, while charging less for them. Managing organizations Managing people Operations Digital Article

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Don't Wait for Change

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Offering not much more than the chance to make a difference (and travel expenses) his line up eventually included Fast-Company Founder Bill Taylor ; Saul Kaplan , who runs the Business Innovation Factory in Providence; Whitney Johnson , founding partner of Rose Park Advisors; Lara Lee, the Chief Innovation and Operating Officer of Continuum; and a dozen others (including me). You probably can think of something in your company that should change.