6 Big Problems Women Leaders Face in 2013

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: While women in business have certainly made progress in 2013, the challenges women face in business are far from over. ” Their list of six paradoxes women leaders will face in 2013 (and beyond) includes: The Pay Paradox.

No Joke: The April 1st, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the April 1st, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival! However, this year is different, because I get to host the April Carnival and bring you an outstanding collection of the “best of the best” in leadership development. presents Which of These is Ethical Leadership?

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Nicole Lipkin: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Nicole Lipkin is the CEO of Equilibria Leadership Consulting, an international leadership consulting company based in the US. She coaches and consults with leaders and their organizations to improve management and leadership skills, strengthen the leadership pipeline and develop sustainable behaviors and practices that help increase organizational resilience and sustainability.

Six Paradoxes Women Leaders Face in 2013

Harvard Business Review

Easing into the New Year, one big hope we have for 2013 is that women continue to bridge the gender gap in terms of pay equality and access to leadership positions. What this means for 2013 is that women have a huge opportunity to convert their connections into career advancement.

What Leadership Book Will Be On Your 2014 Reading List?

Eric Jacobson

Perhaps a book that will help you improve your leadership skills. Awhile back, members of five groups on the professional social media web site LinkedIn voluntarily recommended their favorite books about leadership. Top Books About Leadership.

7 Suggestions for Navigating Change When Standing in Muddy Water

Ron Edmondson

Or when the leadership pipeline…who is supposed to be leading…wasn’t clearly defined? Change Innovation Leadership Have you ever navigated change through muddy water? Have you ever had to lead change when no one knew for sure what change was needed?

A Fairer Way to Make Hiring and Promotion Decisions

Harvard Business Review

The CEB research indicates that one of the key problems is that qualified, diverse candidates are not getting due consideration for leadership roles, owing to unconscious (and sometimes conscious) bias in hiring and promotion decisions. Women in Leadership An HBR Insight Center.

Is Leadership Development the Answer to Low Employee Engagement? (Yes.)

N2Growth Blog

This White Paper is excerpted and adapted from Ultra Leadership: Go Beyond Usual and Ordinary to Engage Others and Lead Real Change (Giuliano, Lioncrest, 2016). Research by Gallup, as reported in The State of the American Workplace in 2013, discovered that roughly 70% of workers were disengaged. The problem is leadership on autopilot. In such an underperforming state, without leadership that can drive real change, organizations are trapped in a vicious cycle.

The Innovation Mindset in Action: Shantha Ragunathan

Harvard Business Review

Although she had no formal education, Shantha had strong business acumen and innate leadership qualities. She trained six other villagers to lead the SHG in her absence—clearly understanding the importance of building a leadership pipeline, without the benefit of an MBA education. This January, we met Shantha Ragunathan , an illiterate woman from Kodapattinam, a remote village in Tamil Nadu, India.

Developing a Leadership Training Program for High Potentials: A Case Study

Great Leadership By Dan

Developing a Leadership Training Program for High Potentials: A Case Study. High potentials are often identified as those individuals who have the potential to grow into leadership roles within the organization. Team leadership. The Leadership Development Training Program.

When Investors Want to Know How You Treat People

Harvard Business Review

How much time do you spend enhancing your organizational culture, leadership pipeline, and employer brand? If you’re typical, then your culture, leadership, and employment brand are described vaguely or not at all.

Where There’s No Margin for Toxic Leadership

Harvard Business Review

But building a consistently strong top leadership team is difficult for at least three reasons: the tendency to be loyal to existing members, the lack of management depth to promote from, and many CEOs’ lack of experience in many functional areas. By 2013, the CEO, his business partner and an early private equity investor received an offer to sell some of their shares to a large company. Leadership Small/medium business

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