The way we learn


Have you noticed that when you’re a passenger in a car driven by someone else (or when you drive and rely on your GPS), that you may not remember the way to get to the same destination the next time? do it for them. With learning comes motivation, making your job easier.

If Risk Knocks At The Door. Will You Answer It?

Lead from Within

We settle for mediocrity: we allow ourselves to believe that sameness will give us what we want, when what we are really doing is closing ourselves off to possibility and significance. We do not learn by doing, we learn by risking. 2013 Lolly Daskal.

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Millennials: 3 Characteristics that Define how they Approach the Workplace


Going through programs such as daycare and after-school sports — something their parents or grandparents did rarely — has also shaped the way millennials learn and interact. Because they’ve been working with peers their whole lives, they learn best through collaborative efforts.

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Intrapreneurship in "Social" Business

Mills Scofield

Allen Kramer , Brown '13, is going to change the world - so listen, learn, apply, iterate. __. A powerful way to do this, called mobile recruitment uses text messaging (SMS: Short Message Service) to allow workers to find jobs. Where do the unemployed go to look for work?

In 100 Words: Learning (and Teaching) to Fly


Here’s how eagles learn to fly. Mother supports while the eaglet learns by doing. - – – – -. When the baby eagle (eaglet) has fully developed wings, the mother hovers above the nest with a piece of food in her claws.

3 Critical Learning Environments

Ron Edmondson

I believe in lifetime learning. The best leaders I know are always learning something new. So…if you want to be a lifetime learner… Here 3 learning environments: Learning by experience – This is where you learn by doing.

Why Kids — and Workers — Need to Get Their Hands Dirty

Harvard Business Review

What do kids today do instead? Manufacturers, those companies that create physical products requiring a blend of high-tech electronics and physical components, do. Assemble by two people. With senior engineers as mentors, participants learn by doing. A 32-person team of mostly engineers will do everything from procuring and installing the avionics package and power plant to developing and performing the flight test program.

Your Leadership Development Program Needs an Overhaul

Harvard Business Review

Here’s what we’ve learned from three pioneering companies about how to identify, grow and retain leaders to meet today’s demands: Identify: Let them innovate. To identify leaders, start by looking for people who care deeply. Time and money are limited so participants learn to enlist peers and even bosses as volunteers. Consider Barclays and two examples of intrapreneurs from programs run by the bank in 2013 and 2015.

How Microsoft Avoided the Peter Principle with Nadella

Harvard Business Review

Those who have been around a bit will remember a book of that name by Laurence J. By way of underscoring the power of the bottom-up appraisal, America’s special forces have utilized a similar method in selecting those who will join the nation’s most elite missions. Or consider managed-health care provider Humana’s decision in 2013 to recruit an outsider as its next chief executive.

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