Seven Steps to Start a Consulting Business

Chart Your Course

If I had a good advisor, I could have accelerated the learning curve and catapulted my success by many years. The baby boomer generation has been discussed, dissected and debated since its emergence in the mid-1940s.

The Top 5 Ways Enterprise Social Collaboration Can Boost Organizational Productivity

Strategy Driven

In addition, onboarding can become more efficient with a faster learning curve established for new employees. The social media revolution has changed the way people interact in their personal lives, and now it is inevitably changing the way they collaborate and connect in the workplace.

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Lessons in Cambodian Silk Supply Chains

Mills Scofield

I thought I was keeping it simple (just a handful of designs and one color) but in the past year I’ve learned just how complex even a seemingly simple supply chain can be. What have I learned through these past two years?

How To Know When You Need An Executive Coach

Eric Jacobson

During Gatton's nearly 30 years in business, she's found several areas that continuously surface for leaders to become more effective or for potential leaders to shorten the learning curve as they climb up the ladder.

The Big Picture of Business: Yesterdayism… Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future.

Strategy Driven

Each branch has its proper responsibility and should learn to interface with the others. These keep the branches, limbs and twigs (divisions, consultants and vendors) on a growth curve. Learn more about Hank Moore and The Business Tree™ by visiting his website,

Take the Red Pill


What you were learning was to push back joy and pile on achievements that would presumably pay off later. You’re not accustomed to being behind on the learning curve. by Gary Cohen Leadership Reality: Achievement vs. Intimacy.

Seven Dilemmas for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Rajesh Setty

Any meaningful AND significant pursuit will involve a huge learning curve. Some pursuits are “safer” than others as your long struggle can be private before you ultimately expose yourself in public.

7 Leadership Default Zones

Ron Edmondson

If you think you shouldn’t say it…don’t – I often don’t follow my own advice here, but I’ve learned if my gut is telling me to “keep a tight rein on my tongue”, it’s likely to be a Biblical conviction.

Beyond Leadership Quotes: A Quick Overview of the Well Balanced World Changer

Ron Edmondson

On the practical side, the book is broken down into 10 sections–sections like Worth & Success to Desires & Frustrations–that were chosen to address the most common learning curves leaders walk through.

Make Your Innovative Idea Seem Less Terrifying

Harvard Business Review

By 2013, we had honored Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Garrett Camp of Uber, famed choreographer Twyla Tharp, and Gangnam style pop artist Psy. When it comes to embracing a new idea, most will demur unless you can pack a parachute that will allow them to jump safely from their S-curve to yours.

When You Criticize Someone, You Make It Harder for that Person to Change

Harvard Business Review

And that can lead to concrete learning goals. His learning curve involved tuning in to how other people felt. “If everything worked out perfectly in your life, what would you be doing in ten years?”. Such a question opens us up to fresh possibilities, to reflect on what matters most to us, and even what deep values might guide us through life. This approach gives managers a tool for coaching their teams to get better results.

Big Data Demands Big Context

Harvard Business Review

Or they say that they’d try an exciting new platform without considering the frustration of a learning curve. How can I better learn about context?

Three Signs That You Should Kill an Innovative Idea

Harvard Business Review

If innovators aren’t learning dramatically more about their potential customer’s real needs or the “degrees of freedom” their innovation effort enables, they’re doing compliance, not transformation. Innovators who are really innovating are also really learning.

Five Reasons Social Media Won't Consolidate

Harvard Business Review

Yes, there are always costs associated with changing platforms (especially in terms of the learning curve of your employees). "I wish there was just this one-stop tool for all things social.". "It It would be great if we had one tool that would do everything.".

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What the Companies Winning at Big Data Do Differently

Harvard Business Review

subscribers in the first quarter of 2013, a 7% increase over the previous quarter. The reason: There''s a big learning curve with Big Data, one that companies such as Netflix and Amazon had to embrace in the 1990s to deal with hundreds of millions of customer clicks. It''s a learning curve that most other large companies have not yet faced. Few industries illustrate the Big Data wars better than the media business.

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Business Can't Solve the World's Problems — But Capitalism Can

Harvard Business Review

So charities are petrified of exploring new revenue-generating methods and can't develop the powerful learning curves that the for-profit sector can. Business and capitalism get conflated — in our media, our language and in our thinking. They are not the same thing.

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Always, Always, Always Show Up

Harvard Business Review

There are likely a variety of reasons why things didn’t work out, but I have since learned that my not “showing up” was a contributing factor. Jules Pieri, who was recently named one of 2013’s Most Powerful Woman Entrepreneurs by Fortune Magazine, is a woman who is now reaping the rewards of standing up. Another opportunity has come up that I’m well qualified for, and I recently learned that I made the short-list, largely because I raised my hand and said, “I want this.”.

What Educational Disruption Means for Your Company

Harvard Business Review

A major part of your role is instruction — which means that you need to pay attention to the massive disruption going on in higher education and what it means for company learning.

The Best Leadership Books of 2014

Leading Blog

A S LEADERS we must learn and grow. Learn or Die : Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization by Edward D. Hess Learn or Die is a book everyone who is serious about learning and growth—personally or organizationally—should read. If you thought you were serious about it, Learn or Die will take you to a whole new level with tools, case studies, and insights that will challenge your commitment to learning.

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If You’re in Over Your Head at Work, Try an S.O.S.

Harvard Business Review

You are no longer enjoying the feel-good effects of learning so you jump from one learning curve to the next. “I’m in over my head.” How often this thought has crossed my mind. If you’re ambitious, this will happen to you a lot. It has with me: in every single job. You reach a plateau. And at first, your progress is slow: everything’s coming at you way too fast. What was I thinking? you wonder. Say hello to risk-taker’s remorse.

Does Your Company Actually Need Data Visualization?

Harvard Business Review

Marketing and sales executives need to decide early whether their companies need it, because the learning curve is steep. Data visualization – and I hate to admit this, because I make my living from it – is not for everybody. My client work and research suggest that, loosely speaking, organizations selling ideas rather than products stand to benefit the most. Frankly, with few exceptions, if this doesn’t describe your organization, then don’t bother.

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What "The Internship" Gets Right (and Wrong) about Mid-Career Internships

Harvard Business Review

Yet the movie also shows Billy and Nick moving quickly up the technology learning curve, demonstrating that mid-career professionals can achieve a level of technological proficiency necessary to survive even at Google (or at least the Hollywood version). Let''s establish up front that Billy and Nick, the two 40ish, out-of-work salesmen played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the new movie The Internship , are unlikely to land a coveted summer spot at Google.

Connecting with Your Foreign-Born Employees

Harvard Business Review

Be patient in your efforts to connect and expect a learning curve. Ron Bradley was pacing back and forth in his office. He knew it was time to schedule quarterly feedback sessions with his team members. This was something he did on a regular basis. But this time was different. He was more uncomfortable than ever before, and he knew exactly why.

You Found Your Product-Market Fit. Now What?

Harvard Business Review

But once you achieve initial product-market fit and are down the Sales Learning Curve (PDF), suddenly you are faced with a new challenge: how do I scale up the sales efforts? After 3-6 months, they work their way down the learning curve, close their first deal and are off to the races. In every start-up, finding initial product-market fit is a magical moment. Before this occurs, the sales process is a craft or an art, custom-made by the founder or evangelist sales VP.

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Independent Work May Be Inevitable

Harvard Business Review

One where disruption isn't just about financial returns, but the glee of harnessing a new learning curve. I never intended to disrupt my career over and again, eventually becoming a free agent. And yet it turns out that the odds were pretty good that I would disrupt myself out of corporate life — and that you might, too. My decision to go independent was set in motion over a decade ago.

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The Big Picture of Business- Anniversaries Honor the Past and Build Support for the Future

Strategy Driven

One can always learn from the past, dust it off and reapply it. Houston Symphony Orchestra, 100th in 2013. Good opportunities to compare successes, case studies, methodologies, learning curves and insights. Learn from successes and three times more from failures.

How Advanced Analytics Is Changing B2B Selling

Harvard Business Review

From targeted online advertising to more precise recommendation engines, consumer markets are bursting with innovation around machine learning and advanced analytics. And as customers use Blast IQ and contribute more of their own data, over time, the company will have a large enough dataset to train more powerful machine learning models. Machine learning takes all that experience, tests it in algorithms and delivers the best tailored answer more comprehensively than any human could.

Why Your Team Needs Rookies

Harvard Business Review

For many professionals today, the ability to learn is more valuable than accumulated knowledge. Newcomers face a steeper learning curve, but, because they’re mindful of the gap and want to gain ground, they often deliver results faster. When eBay revamped its induction program to ensure that new hires weren’t just learning about the company but also immediately contributing to it, the results were impressive.

A Survey of 3,000 Executives Reveals How Businesses Succeed with AI

Harvard Business Review

Total investment (internal and external) in AI reached somewhere in the range of $26 billion to $39 billion in 2016, with external investment tripling since 2013. We include five categories of AI technology systems: robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, language, virtual agents, and machine learning.). Our results suggest there’s still time to climb the learning curve and compete using AI. Photo by Aaron Burson.

The Benefits of Hiring Your Best Customers

Harvard Business Review

I’ve found that managers who fully embrace a superconsumer strategy learn more from their consumers through increased empathy. “The learning curve in any industry is steep, but it is particularly so in the airline industry. Longer tenure reduces the challenge of a steep learning curve.” I spoke with Patty McCord, the former chief talent officer of Netflix from 1998 to 2013.

What to Do When You’re Returning to a Company You Used to Work For

Harvard Business Review

As you’re meeting new colleagues and remeeting old ones, highlight that “you’ve had development opportunities and a new growth experience ” — whether it was a job in a new industry, a stint in a different part of the world, or graduate school — and that “you’re happy to be back” to apply “what you’ve learned.” ” You need to acknowledge that “the context has changed” and learn the new lay of the land.

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