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Norton Frank Luntz on the FRONTLINE high-impact books become business classics?” Chaney Josh Linkner Karen Firestone Krish Krishnakanthan LinkedIn Making internal collaboration work: An interview with Don Tapscott Management Tip of the Day Maria Konnikova Mastermind Mel Brooks: “Unhinged” and Loving It Nationa Geographic Society NPR PBS Ram Charan Renee Montagne Rik Kirkland Robert S.

Blog 86

Three Things that Actually Motivate Employees

Harvard Business Review

One sales manager, a former actor, recited Shakespeare at a customer meeting and won over skeptical executives. As my HBS colleague Michael Norton shows in his book Happy Money , giving to others boosts happiness. Managing people Motivation The most motivated and productive people I’ve seen recently work in an older company on the American East Coast deploying innovative technology products to transform a traditional industry.

IPO 10

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New Research: Rituals Make Us Value Things More

Harvard Business Review

Kathleen Vohs and Yajin Wang of the Carlson School of Management at University of Minnesota, along with Francesa Gino and Michael Norton of Harvard Business School, conducted a series of studies looking at how ritual changed the experience of consuming a variety of foods. Rituals in the workplace can reinforce the behaviors we want, create focus and a sense of belonging, and make change stick.

How Fox News Created the War on Christmas

Harvard Business

Earlier this week, President-elect Donald Trump’s former campaign manager declared that it was once again safe to say “Merry Christmas,” reflecting Trump’s campaign promise that, if he won, every store would say “Merry Christmas,” and “Happy Holidays” would be out.