Economic Development in America

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According to Census Bureau data from 2013, about 4.8 The slowdown represents a tectonic shift in our economy and labor market--across all industries and all incomes and ages. Source: INERTIA NATION, New York Times Magazine, December 15, 2013.

Selling Suburbia to Millennials

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Millennial homebuyers aren’t the traditional real estate clients. According to a recent trends report, “hipsturbia” is fast becoming the desired location for real estate hunters. The first reports on “hipsturbia” came back in 2013 when the New York Times reported that more people were moving to the vibrant communities that were just outside city limits. Even smaller markets like Charlestown and Tempe, AZ are expanding their “hipsturbia” options.

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2013 Trends and The Power of Women

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I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD.,

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Sales of Saint Joseph Statuettes Reflect the Real Estate Market, in Reverse

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The real-estate market and sales of Saint Joseph statuettes tend to move in opposite directions, according to a Missouri-based religious-goods company queried by the Wall Street Journal. In 2013, statuette sales were down 10.6% For instance, from 2009 to 2010, when local home prices were stagnant, sales of the figurines slightly more than doubled ; when prices began to rise, sales of the saint’s image declined. from the previous year, a period in which the median U.S.

Capturing (positive) attention for your brand

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Don’t waste prime real estate on industry jargon and empty descriptors. Career Development Communications Female Entrepreneurs Marketing Networking Online Business Public Relations Social Media StrategyWhen you’re trying to grow your business, it’s your job, 24/7, to capture attention, and when you have it, to make a meaningful connection. You do this by being clear about what you do, who you do it for and why your product or service is useful.

21st Century Communications – Employees Really Are the Greatest Asset


In today’s business world, the greatest asset of any organization is not the steel, cable, real estate or technology at its disposal. Companies that are good at building their brands know their real task is managing things people in the company do to help fulfill the brand promise.

12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence: A book review by Bob Morris

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12 Disciplines of Leadership Excellence: How Leaders Achieve Sustainable High Performance Brian Tracy and Peter Chee McGraw-Hill (2013) No so much “disciplines” as they are dimensions of a mindset The last time I checked, Amazon US sells 45,249 books that focus on business leadership. Because, just as in residential real estate for every […].

Salespeople have questions. Jeffrey has answers.

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The second time I was in the market to buy. How would you approach the market of sales professionals and sales management? Jeffrey, I’m an independent commercial real estate lender and commercial real estate mortgage broker.

The Big Picture of Business – Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 2 of 4

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Along the way, many defective tires hit the market, subsequently causing SUV rollovers, damage and, in some cases, deaths. Real estate consultants are not business strategists, but the retail system gives them the say-so in establishing community presence.

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – The Government has Created a Monster

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Nonetheless, the failure and resolution of Texas-based First RepublicBank, reminds us that the hand of government can harm as well as help when it wrestles the invisible hand of the market.

Interview with Sunil Kanderi on launching Mokriya’s Craigslist App

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We are working on redesigning the app to use all the real estate on an iPad. Innovation Main Page Marketing craigslist iphone app Mokriya sunil kanderi

The “Four P’s” of Marketing a Law Firm Online

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In the course of my years partnering with web developer and SEO specialist Sagapixel, I’ve learned a lot about how to market my firm. I am a busy Philadelphia appeals attorney and had to learn the hard way that running and marketing a law practice has nothing to do with the practice of law.

Make These Changes to Help Digital Marketing Fulfill Its Potential

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The promise of digital marketing continues to grow as big data gets bigger and is turbo charged with mobile and social. In theory, digital marketing should be more precise and better than traditional analog marketing. So why is digital marketing still so ineffective?

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The Problems With Incubators, and How to Solve Them

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There is a very real knowledge gap in the early stage start-up game, on both sides of the table. Adding Real Value. The only incubators I consider "real" are the ones that help entrepreneurs achieve these two goals.

Who’s Hiring (and Who Isn’t) in Five Charts

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labor market since the Great Depression, we learned Friday that 203,000 new jobs were created in November and the unemployment rate dropped to 7%. One sector that was booming up until the crisis and then tanked spectacularly was of course the financial-real-estate complex.

New Research: Where the Talent Wars Are Hottest

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Given the forecasts of uncertain global economic growth, we might expect companies to hold off from hiring new employees and to limit whatever international hiring they do to emerging markets. banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g.,

What's to Be Learned from Ousted Leaders?

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A Jesuit friend of mine at neighboring Georgetown once told me, with admiration, how for years Trachtenberg outfoxed the rival school in everything from strategy to marketing to real estate acquisition, and in the process transformed underdog GW into a national powerhouse.

Joining Boards: It's Not Just Who You Know That Matters

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banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g., For many, a corporate directorship is a career capstone. But attaining one is far from easy.

Who's Really Responsible for P&G's Succession Problems?

Harvard Business Review

Is the problem that P&G produces outstanding specialists in marketing but not general managers who can run the business? banking & financial services, insurance, real estate); Health Care (e.g.,

Have a Real Impact; Keep Your Day Job

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The lure of establishing an organization that uses market mechanisms to achieve its mission is substantial. Matt Ellis at CBRE, a global leader in real estate services, is designing financing structures that will provide capital for clients' energy efficiency initiatives.

Don’t Build Your Startup Outside of Silicon Valley

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There are three pieces of data that are particularly shocking to internet, software, and biotech entrepreneurs who are on the verge of committing their firms to starting firms in secondary startup markets (and, in particular, outside of the San Francisco Bay).

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Corporations: Donate Your Skills, Not Just Your Money

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They need help with financial management, marketing, product development, service delivery, and technology. Corporations assume that employer-sponsored volunteerism programs keep employees engaged while also making a difference to the social organizations they serve.

Hire a Great Chinese Engineer by Impressing His Girlfriend's Mom

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While there was some interest in our plans for China's mobile market, their primary concerns were economic and reputational: how could I prove to them that they would become rich, and that our company would be famous?

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To Become More Adaptable, Take a Lesson from Biology

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Tech experts' sage predictions had convinced me that the Mac would never make a dent in the PC market. Remember when Apple's stock traded at $7 a share? I do, because that's when I sold my shares.

The Booming Business of Drones

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reauthorization law, envisions a $5 billion-plus industry of camera drones being used for all sorts of purposes from real estate advertising to crop dusting to environmental monitoring and police work." Drones are everywhere.

Enabling the Natural Act of Entrepreneurship

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Real entrepreneurs don''t mind paying taxes, so develop a clear, right-sized and strictly enforced tax system. Having startup policies without taking care of access to IPO markets is like having a fast new ramp onto a pot-holed dirt road.

Morning Advantage: The Death of the American Shopping Mall

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Even so, the downfall of malls could have a huge impact on the real-estate market. Faced with the recession, and the growing dominance of Amazon and other online retailers, many American malls are becoming ghost towns. Stores are closing — especially big ones — and new retailers aren’t stepping up to fill the empty spaces. The problem is simple, writes Jeff Jordan at the Atlantic Cities : “America has too many malls.”. The stats aren’t good.

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Behind China's Roaring Solar Industry

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Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that Chinese solar stocks had soared based on market expectations that demand in China for alternative energy will increase given the Chinese government's increasing solar capacity targets. Earlier this week, China's National Energy Administration announced its intention to add 10 gigawatts of solar power capacity in 2013 , more than twice its current level.

Case Study: The Ex-CEO Contemplates a Coup

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As speculators in Hong Kong real estate, they were feeling the pinch of lower dividends and were worried about defaulting. Our markets have taken a beating.

Prepare for the New Permanent Temp

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The fastest-growing segments of America''s job market — by far — are temporary and part-time employment. Just ask anyone working in the health care, financial services, automobile, retail, media, publishing, education, advertising, real estate or defense industries. Amazon has its below-the-radar " Mechanical Turk " workplace market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of US part-time employees hit a record high of 28 million.

What the Great Fama-Shiller Debate Has Taught Us

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This is, to a certain extent, further evidence that economics isn’t a science like physics is a science (and yeah, yeah, the economics Nobel isn’t a real Nobel prize ). At the annual meeting of the American Finance Association in 1969, Fama presented a paper (published the next year in the Journal of Finance ) summing up what he and others had learned about stock market behavior over the previous decade and sketching out a way forward.


Land an Interview with a Cold Call

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Instead, it was to get their imprimatur: "You can say, I know the COO is probably not the right person to talk to, but who is your best salesperson, or your rock star marketing person? Browsing the Forbes 500 , she read about a billionaire real estate mogul who lived in her city.

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Aggressive Talent Wars Are Good for Cities

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Unlike most other states in the United States, but more like innovative Western European countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, California has rules about allowing job mobility within markets. Think about it: human capital is not a static resource in the way real estate or building materials serve a construction company. California is often ranked among the world’s most inventive regions.

Revenge of the HourlyNerds

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These businesses have powerful disruptive potential because they can provide consulting at a fraction of the cost of traditional models, largely because they do not need to carry expensive fixed costs like recruiting, training, consultant “beach” time, and expensive real estate. Over time will HourlyNerd, like many other disruptors across industries, want to move up-market to bigger and bigger clients, attracted by the greater profits those relationships promise?

Why We Didn’t Learn Enough From the Financial Crisis

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“Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate real estate,” Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon may or may not have told Herbert Hoover in the early years of the Great Depression. “It The Federal Reserve’s subsequent (and continuing) support of asset markets has been somewhat more controversial, but still meets widespread approval among economists. But it ought to be clear by now that there are also real costs to doing something.

Where your company is headquartered makes a big difference to your bottom line

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Real estate is unaffordable for many, competition for talent and investment is fierce, and high state and local taxes and labor costs quickly consume whatever capital startups have secured.

When Best Practices Don't Travel

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Aaron had been a successful real estate developer in New York for years, but recently was feeling challenged finding clients to pay top dollar for his inventory. For the last three months, Aaron took his well-tested and highly successful marketing approach and tweaked it for the Chinese market. For instance, if you are an apparel brand whose marketing success depends on using famous movie stars to sell your clothes in the U.S.,

Get Your Budget Ready for the Upturn

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Most budgets for 2013 were made in 2012, when the prevailing economic outlook was grim. Position yourself in market segments that will grow. The recession eliminated some market segments and redefined others.

Rethinking the Function of Business Functions

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Business units come and go, but finance, HR, IT, marketing, legal, and R&D are forever. It has built impressive capabilities that include logistics, inventory processes, buying standards, real estate practices and labor models — most of which it created for itself. Similarly, Amazon doesn't succeed because its people apply broad marketing expertise.

Building a Better Bitcoin

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The only way you can avoid losing money on your investment is for a greater fool to come along — in the case of real estate, a greater fool backed by an even-greater-fool lender — and take the asset off your hands. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , a 2013 dollar has one-tenth the purchasing power of the 1950 version. How much is a bitcoin worth?

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Data-Driven Pinterest Tactics that Drive Sales

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If you''re in a business with high-value transactions (like real estate or car sales), it''s well worth following up on the indication of interest represented by a pin by using Pinterest''s own analytics or a third party tool to see who is pinning items from your site or pinboards.

Rising Sea Levels Won’t Doom U.S. Coastal Cities

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In the summer of 2013, Rolling Stone published a long article titled “Goodbye, Miami,” which claimed that climate change will submerge much of the titular city. Real estate investors will have strong incentives to respond to these forecasts.

Early Lessons from India’s Demonetization Experiment

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The original reason given for the drastic demonetization action was to expose the so-called “black” market, fueled by money that is illegally gained and undeclared for tax purposes. The existence of this parallel economy is a substantial drag on the Indian economy: According to recently released data , only about 1% of Indians paid taxes on their earnings in 2013. Emerging markets Policy Currency South Asia Digital Article

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