Apple: Luxury Brand or Mass Marketer?

Harvard Business Review

Meyer writes: So far, Apple has been a company focused on the mainstream, on the mass consumer, in an era where the most reliable profits could be found in the luxury market. To understand the cost of Apple products that we associate with mass market success, we mapped the U.S.

How 'Aaron's Law' Is Good for Business

Harvard Business Review

Freedom of contract, however, proved inconvenient when mass markets arose, and companies needed to do business the same way with millions of customers at once. I knew Aaron Swartz since before he could shave, and I regard his loss as one beyond reckoning.

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Don't Draw the Wrong Lessons from Better Place's Bust

Harvard Business Review

Its approach was the first to align the key actors in the ecosystem in a way that addressed the critical shortcomings — range, resale value, grid capacity — that undermine the electric car as a mass-market proposition. Note to Tesla owners: you are not the mass market). Since resale value ranks high for mass market buyers, this has all the makings of a deal breaker. By May 2013 it had sold fewer than 3,000 vehicles.

To Spur Growth, Target Profitable "Prosumers"

Harvard Business Review

For example, UnderArmour provides athletic gear used by professional athletes to the masses. They also are finicky about marketing ("how you market it").sometimes sometimes the badge value comes from the product not being mass marketed, but rather endorsed by those in the know.

Price 16

From Zipcar to the Sharing Economy

Harvard Business Review

So the reengineered consumption models of the sharing economy are now well poised to go mass-market, and the battle cries of Hammer and Davenport won't be necessary this time around. In 2013, corporate America will need to pay very close attention to this new paradigm.

Morning Advantage: The Search for the Perfect Dating App

Harvard Business Review

There are a ton of dating apps on the market, but they all fail to please a pretty important demographic: women. This begs two questions: why are the most popular American brews so light in alcohol content, and why do they dominate the market? Brian Palmer at Slate provides us with some clues, and he says “corporate trickery” and “market manipulation” have nothing to do with Big Beer’s success.

10 TED Talks to Help You Reimagine Your Business

Harvard Business Review

Thousands of very lucky individuals are seated in the Long Beach Performing Arts Center are at TED 2013. In the spirit of TED 2013, here are 10 amazing TED Talks that have helped me think differently about what business can be, how to be a better leader, and how to become a better global citizen. Leading business and marketing practitioner Seth Godin imagines a world where the mass market dies, where mediocrity holds no economic value. It's happening right now.

Godin 11

J.C. Penney's Real Problem: The Shrinking Middle Class

Harvard Business Review

He approved marketing campaigns that told loyal Penney''s shoppers that "you deserve to look better," basically telling them that they looked less than glamorous wearing the brand they had trusted and been comfortable with for years. There''s one big reason JCP would never be "Bloomingdale''s for the mass market," as Johnson wanted it to be, and that''s because the mass market is gone.

Is the Drone's Potential Being Shot Down Too Fast?

Harvard Business Review

There is another reason, too, that the drone market is set to take off. Thus, mass-market drones clearly hold potential for what Paul Nunes and I call "big bang disruption." If you had a fleet of drones to call your own, what would you do with them?

Is Timex Suffering the Early Stages of Disruption?

Harvard Business Review

As we know, stories are fast becoming the new coin of the marketing realm. Marketing thinkers now urge us to establish a symmetry between producer and consumer. As HBS marketing professor Bob Dolan has written [ PDF ], "Marketing strategy can take very little for granted.

Brand 10

Does Your Company Come Across as Too Male?

Harvard Business Review

He had no idea that the ad they’d just run to launch their latest mass-market device was so completely male-oriented. After all, Red Bull and P&G were strategically going after a market segment they had chosen to focus on. jennifer maravillas FOR HBR. “Oh no!”