Personal Business Maturity

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Jim DuBreuil: If you Google the term, “business maturity,” you will find lots of discussions about the emergence of social networks to drive new business. Personal business maturity cannot actually be taught, but it can certainly be learned.

LeadershipNow 140: December 2013 Compilation

Leading Blog

Here are a selection of tweets from December 2013 that you might have missed: Top Themes to Pull Forward from 2013 by Jon Mertz @ThinDifference. Noonan: The Most Memorable Words of 2013. Maturing as a leader includes shedding your mask of certainty by @recoveringleadr.

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Becoming More Authentic: A Practical Guide

Let's Grow Leaders

Authenticity authentic courage growing maturity transparency You are born authentic. Life happens. You slowly start to hide bits of yourself from yourself and others. Not deliberately. It’s a gradual mutation, hard to see– let alone feel.

If it’s Stupid, It’s not our Policy!

N2Growth Blog

Maturity: It is not our nature to follow children. With the exception of entertainment and sports where youth is over served, we defer to age, experience, and maturity in most facets of our life. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth.

Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries "Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal" a good poet will usually borrow from authors remote in time authors alien in language authors diverse in interest “Imitators and Plagiarists” bad poets deface what they take Garson O''Toole good poets make it into something better or at least something different Igor Stravinsky immature poets imitate mature poets steal Pablo Picasso Quote Investigator Steve Jobs T.S.

Judith Sills on “The Power of “No”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Excess Baggage: Getting Out of Your Own Way Judith Sills on "The Power of "No" New York Times Psychology Today "No" is an instrument of integrity and a shield against exploitation The No that is an affirmation of self implicitly acknowledges personal responsibility The strength we draw from saying No is that it underscores this hard truth of maturity: The buck stops here

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Leadership Begins With Humility

Tanveer Naseer

They concluded that in the Cherokee language, you would describe that person as “mature.” For many people and institutions, Point B – or where they want to go can be described as maturing.

Leading Beyond Success Towards Creating Significance

Tanveer Naseer

It is my opinion that when you start to define your personal success by the value you add to the lives of others you have arrived as a mature human being who possesses true influence and has become a person of significance. The following is a guest piece by Mike Myatt.

How to Stay Focused and Flexible

Leadership Freak

Navigating the tension between two contrasting qualities takes maturity. Leaders tend to be tenacious or kind, for example, but not both. Either/or is easier than both/and. The ability to be two things at the same time creates opportunity and extends influence. The Ten Tensions of Leadership: Tenacity and kindness. Vision and openness. Kindness and candor. Passion and […].

Why Marissa Mayer Will Fail At Yahoo

N2Growth Blog

However, if she’s to have any chance of success over the long haul, she’ll need to understand her company, the people who work for her, and most of all, she’ll need to mature as a leader. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

CEO 420

1 in 3 People Report Stress Levels Have Risen in Past Year

Women on Business

According to the study, Millenials (age 18-33) are the most stressed, followed by Gen Xers (age 34-47), Boomers (age 48-66), and Matures (age 67 and older), respectively. How stressed are you?

Stress 224

Mike Myatt on Hacking Leadership


Mature leaders understand they must spend a significant portion of their time in thought about the future, about what’s next, about what if, and about what lies beyond the outcome.

Why Great Leaders Should Also Be Good Writers

Terry Starbucker

The act of writing down and summarizing my experiences, opinions and lessons was a catalyst for my maturity and development. In 2006 I started blogging about leadership.

Leadership Lessons from the Banking Upheaval

Great Leadership By Dan

In mature markets, banks are rushing to play catch up with this kind of mobile service before smart new competitors outwit them. Guest post from Jean-Marc Laouchez , Hay Group: “Banking is no longer somewhere that you go, it’s something that you do.” - Brett King, Banking 3.0.

Three Management Styles

Great Leadership By Dan

Employees gain the most maturity and confidence when they are able to critique their own performance. Such independence promotes maturity and increases motivation.

Fast Change: The co-organization of Business

Great Leadership By Dan

And by the way, all of this happens in public companies, private companies, new and maturing start-up organizations, not-for profit companies – no organization is immune. Guest post By Russell Raath : There are many descriptors for the world we live in.

Sustainable and effective leadership

Lead on Purpose

Acceptance is the mature and reasoned embrace of our current realities. “Removing what does not matter is the first step in figuring out what does.”

The Ties that Bind

Women on Business

I agree with that to a point and as you mature in business, you understand that you don’t have to show up to every fight you’re invited to. As I had a conversation today with a colleague about the benefits of releasing negative company, I wondered does the same theory apply to entrepreneurs?

Slaying the Politics Dragon

Great Leadership By Dan

Talented, highly educated, supposedly mature adults doing their most evil best to further themselves at someone else’s expense.

5 Tips for Raising Morale at the Office

Chart Your Course

Pep rallies are for high school kids, not mature, responsible adults. Greet each morning with a productive, optimistic workforce or a huge absenteeism rate — as an employer, the choice is yours.

Morale 179

Debriefing Questions are the Magic of Team Building Events

Great Results Team Building

A more mature group will often begin to lead their own discussion with relatively little prompting from the facilitator, and can find many insightful connections or meaning from an experience. Have you ever seen a magician pull a rabbit out of his or her hat?

Life Cycle of Social Media Development

Modern Servant Leader

As with human nature, some individuals will mature faster than others. However, few will mature without first hitting every stage. A good friend and leader in her own field, asked advice on starting her social media engagement. I quickly found myself overwhelming her with new ideas.

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The Problem with Good Ideas | Thoughts for the Everyday Leader

Nathan Magnuson

February 11, 2013. Bobb Biehl once said that a sign of maturity is putting process between opportunity and response. © 2013 Thoughts for the Everyday Leader — Standard by 8BIT. Home About Coaching Contact Guest Posts Archives. Thoughts for the Everyday Leader. by Nathan Magnuson. Home / Leadership / The Problem with Good Ideas. The Problem with Good Ideas. — 3 Comments. Are good ideas ruining the effectiveness of your team or organization?

What Fatherhood Can Teach Us About Leadership


These sentiments were strongest among the young, in more mature consumer economies such as Japan, Western Europe, and North America.

Guest Blogger Nathan Zeldes: Why and How to Communicate Across Company Lines


Needless to say, you want to get the full approval of your management, follow all applicable procedures, and steer clear of any IP hazards – in short, act like a mature, responsible professional. Have you tried to communicate with your peers in other organizations lately?

Why My “5 Around” Group is Important to Me and Why You Should Start One

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Pay attention to your group process so you can continue to mature as a group. 5 Around, January, 2000. I just arrived in Sarasota, Florida for my 5 Around Retreat.

Team Performance and the Three Levels of Mental Focus

Great Results Team Building

There are three distinct “mental focus” levels that people or in any competitive field go through as they mature. Team performance can be drastically affected by the mental focus that you or your teammates choose to adopt.

Team 151

Transforming Information to Satisfy People's Needs

Coaching Tip

Yet, firms have many apparent reasons to resist implementing a social business platform : there''s no compelling event to push you into taking this step; you want to wait until the technology matures; the time and expense costs are too high.

Don't Waste Your Failures

Chris Brady

  If we are not mature enough to use these shortfalls as steppingstones, they don’t find their way into our legacy and are spilled out as waste instead. 

You Can Not Train People to Think Bigger or With More Complexity Than They are Currently Capable

Mike Cardus

The only way that people grow into their potential is through; maturation (growing older). maturation of innate ability to handle complexity and make sense of longer time-spans of work. Have you seen your own maturation lead to greater knowledge in complexity of the work?

A Roadmap for Leaders

Coaching Tip

Mattone expands the Enneagram into " The Map of Leadership Maturity " to distinguish among the nine distinct leadership traits. The main advantage of the Enneagram is that it identifies the strengths relative to the maturity level associated with a leader's inner core attributes--thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, and behavioral tendencies.

Johnny Manziel - How Will Johnny Football Handle Celebrity in 2013?

Building Personal Strength

During all the preceremony interviews and on stage the night of the award, he conducted himself with grace, humility and maturity. But when asked about his son's maturity, Manziel's father said this in an interview: "He's not there yet."

Waiting to Go On


this constant maturing. by Gary Cohen This morning I woke up and went for a run with my wife Chris.

Education? Innovation? Do - Learn - Do - Learn

Mills Scofield

My hopes turned to action and my convictions matured and grew into values. Aron Solomon introduced me to Victor Saad and that was all it took. Victor has hacked his MBA and learned more than he would have in school.

Getting the Most Use Out of Business Analytics

Chartered Management Institute

Determine How Mature Your Analytics Are. Businesses now have more and easier access to vital information than ever before. One of the reasons for this is because of the advances being made in information technology (IT) and business intelligence (BI). Business owners can now reach new customers and business opportunities by managing, gathering and interpreting data and information.

7 Principles of Leadership Development: The Chance to Lead

Mike Cardus

This was partnered with the other 6 areas of leadership development and the talent pool assessment , focusing on the individual leaders maturation of complexity processing.

How a Start-Up Can Succeed in a Mature Category

Harvard Business Review

I think our data-based approach can help any small start-up achieve a greater chance of success, even in a mature category. There are a lot of reasons not to try to break into the soda industry right now. Soda, or Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD), is dominated by huge multinationals like Coca Cola — only the most recognized consumer brand in the world.

The Six Disciplines Organizational Performance Assessment

Six Disciplines

The Organizational Performance Assessment enables you to gauge the maturity and effectiveness of your leadership and management systems, and provides you with actionable insights and the clear results you need to make significant improvements in organizational performance excellence. .

Innovation High-Five

Mills Scofield

As the group matures, we hope to get more Genecians involved from all areas of the organization. This is a guest post by Tim Kippley , Geneca Vice President, Account Strategy and Growth.

Ten Pills That Are Tough To Swallow

Tim Milburn

Maturity requires change. I remember when I was little. I had the toughest time swallowing pills. I would put them in my mouth, drink some water, throw my head back, swallow the water…and the pills were still in my mouth. photo credit: Deborah Leigh (Migraine Chick) via photopin cc.

Kelly Clarkson - "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"

Building Personal Strength

Speaking with him, I realized he was wise and mature beyond his years - much more so than I was at that age. Because of the his wisdom and maturity, I predict that he'll deal with it successfully and end up in good shape. Copyright 2013.

Covey 98

Leadership and Breaking the Rules

You're Not the Boss of Me

It lacks maturity and I hazard to say, increases, rather than diminishes, the need for more rules. And yet, in my growing, (ahem), maturity I really see the need to continually question rules that make no sense to me. This post is a refreshed version of one I wrote in 2010.

The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances

Chartered Management Institute

Consequently, a longer sighted recognition that someone might not be as mature, or as experienced, now but already shows great promise for the future, is lost. It sometimes seems that leadership has become focused too much on relatively short-term outcomes.