Leaders Who Follow Rules

Lead on Purpose

Leaders who follow rules have subordinates who do – Guest post by Jack Meyer. Periodically, a revamp of the rules may be necessary to encompass technologies, living environments, and anything else that can cause contradictions within them. Jack Meyer is a freelance writer and regular contributor at www.nannybackgroundcheck.com/. He has a passion for various subjects like education, career and technology, Parenting etc.

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33 HBR Blog Posts You Should Read Before 2013

Harvard Business Review

We hope you'll find some insights here you may have missed the first time around, and that they'll help you make 2013 a productive and innovative year for your company and yourself. Chris Meyer & Julia Kirby.

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The Problem with Price Gouging Laws

Harvard Business Review

In fact, I paraphrased these arguments from papers written by two economists associated with the Federal Trade Commission (a government agency whose mission includes preventing business practices that are unfair to consumers), David Meyer and Michael Salinger. When I meet people at parties, I''m often asked, "What do you do for a living?" After sharing that I help companies improve their pricing strategies, many smirk and flippantly retort, "Oh, ripping off the consumer."

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Liberate Your Employees and Recharge your Business Model

Harvard Business Review

It finally seems that the uproar over Marissa Meyer's diktat banning flexible work policies at Yahoo is dying down. Today over 200 companies use LiveOps technology to support their multi-channel customer contact efforts. While good arguments were made on both sides of the issue, what got lost in the charged debate was the potential for evolving traditional business models through changing the employee-employer relationship.

Apple: Luxury Brand or Mass Marketer?

Harvard Business Review

It’s easy to make a case that Apple is now positioning itself to become more of a provider of luxury-level technology. Tech blogger John Gruber and The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer both expressed concern recently about Apple abandoning middle class roots.