A Model Mission Statement


by Gary Cohen Our Mission Statement. Credits go to ACI Telecentric for this exquisite mission statement and to Harry Beckwith for publishing it in his compelling 2003 book (What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business). We’ll always take the extra step.

Mission Statement Video


by Gary Cohen In order to help clients understand what a mission statement is and how to create one, CO2 Partners has put together this Mission Statement Video. The mission statement is our statement of purpose. The mission also acts as a guide.

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How To Write a Mission Statement in 5 Steps

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

A mission statement is a brief statement that explains your reason for existence – what you want to accomplish. Step 1: Determine why you want to write a mission statement. Purpose Mary Parker Follett mission

The Three Things Every Mission Statement Must Reflect

Eric Jacobson

A lot of companies struggle when creating their mission statement. How well does your mission statement meet Drucker''s recommended three requirements? Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Mission Statements Peter F.

Mission Versus Vision

Eric Jacobson

Here''s a good definition of the difference between a mission and a vision by leadership book authors George Bradt, Jayme A. Check and Jorge Pedraza: Mission - A mission guides what people do every day.

The Difference Between A Mission And A Vision

Eric Jacobson

Here's a good definition of the difference between a mission and a vision by leadership book authors George Bradt, Jayme A. Check and Jorge Pedraza: Mission - A mission guides what people do every day.

Fuel Your Business with Simple Truths

Coaching Tip

When everyone engaged in the business can agree that their personal beliefs fit well with the company''s intangibles (of assumptions/beliefs, vision, values and guiding principles) , they will understand and contribute to a meaningful corporate mission statement. That corporate mission statement then becomes the foundation for every business plan that will be developed, understood and supported by all employees.

Three Common Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid

Eric Jacobson

Those are: Thinking That a Mission is Developed by a Single Leader -- Spiro explains that in order to have buy-in from across the organization, the creation of a mission requires negotiation and genuine input from across the organization.

Wasting Time on Mission and Vision

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“I think there’s so much time and effort wasted on setting forth mission statements and vision statements…” Karen Martin, author of, The Outstanding Organization.” Pointless vision: Compelling vision doesn’t cure sick organizations. Martin said, “Many organizations have these lofty visions and they can’t even deliver product to customers…” Forget about it: Martin said, “I’m a little [.]. Author Book Notes Leading Managing Vision Leadership organizational success

Give the Gift of Time

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Give guidance like a mission statement, clarifying who is responsible, what is required, when it is due, where it should be done and why it matters. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth. Marissa Mayer is in trouble.

Leadership and the Art of Struggle: 5 Things You Can Do

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Choosing the right option requires that we examine ourselves and determine which choice is most consistent with our personal values or mission statement. Struggle is a part of any human endeavor and leadership is no different. The problem is we view struggle as a negative. But struggle is how we grow. Without them we can’t reach our full potential as leaders. We like to think of our leaders as flawless.

6 Ways to Create an Innovative Culture


Get symbolic – understand that mission statements, awards, stories of successes and failures, posters in the hallways, catch phrases, and acronyms all shape culture. Last week FastCompany published an article called 6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation. Yes, I wrote it.

The Shocking Costs of Hiring Mistakes … And The Secrets to Avoiding Them

The Empowered Buisness

Secret #4: Develop a mission statement, results-oriented job description and list of non-negotiable traits before you start the hiring process.

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The Leader's Role in Vision Development

Coaching Tip

Vision, along with the other intangibles , is a part of the creation of a mission statement. When everyone engaged in the business can agree that their personal beliefs fit well with the company''s intangibles (of assumptions/beliefs, vision, values and guiding principles) , they understand and will contribute to a meaningful corporate mission statement.

Looking for Vision? She’s Out Walking the Streets in Stilettos

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

By mission statements that are no more than meaningless marketing messages – We have covered her in gaudy makeup and dressed her in stilettos …. Considering the compelling case for the value of vision, it’s strikingly absent these days.

How to Select a CEO for the Collaboration Economy


My view leads me to emphasize actions and investments that further Seventh Generation’s mission.”. Most corporate mission statements fail a critical 21st-century leadership test: the purpose test. [Editor''s Note: This is a guest post from Eric Lowitt.

CEO 151

Re-Imagining New Leadership Possibilities in 2014:

The Empowered Buisness

Yet, in my 30 years experience of working with leadership teams and companies, the terms “vision,” “mission” and “values” are THE most overused, misunderstood and abused words in the business community today. Why a story, not a statement?

3 Reasons Vision is Important and How to Create One

Dave Bratcher

This is not just an article about business, mission statements, or goals. Have you ever seen the roof added to a house prior to the foundation? Of course you cannot put on the roof prior to many steps being completed first.

Embrace Struggle as an Art to be Mastered

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

As conflict escalates it can undermine the very organizational mission we intend to serve. To choose the best path for you, search inward and ask yourself: which path is most consistent with your personal vision or mission statement? Guest post by Steven Snyder.

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Leaders as Map Makers


As a leader, you use words (mission statement, vision, strategic plans, and models) to help members of your organization negotiate the territory in front of them—to get where you want them and the organization to go. by Gary Cohen.

A different kind of thanks. Yours.

Strategy Driven

My bet is your ‘thank you’ is somewhat like your mission statement. Most employees, even executives, can’t recite their own mission statement, even under penalty of death.).

Todd Durkin on Leadership & People

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On this one particular evening in 2013, I had the opportunity to hear him speak to a few hundred fitness trainers/pros at a Perform Better conference in Providence, Rhode Island. Think about what Ford says in its MISSION statement: “Our PEOPLE are the source of our strength.”

Organization Culture is a Reflection


Trying to change an organization’s culture only through narratives (tall mission statements, values on the wall and lip service) is like trying to change the reflection in the mirror.

Purpose Must be a Priority

Great Leadership By Dan

Communicating purpose will take more than requiring your team to memorize the company mission statement, however. What does this statement mean? He is the author of four books, his latest: Inspired People Produce Results – (McGraw Hill 2013).

Purpose is Good. Shared Purpose is Better

Harvard Business Review

To understand the power of shared purpose, it's useful to look at the mission statements of leading companies. To be clear, I'm not equating mission statements with company purpose. Notice how you respond to each statement.

How to Create a Culture of Innovation


It became one of the Magazine’s most popular articles of 2013. Get symbolic – Understand that mission statements, awards, stories of successes and failures, posters in the hallways, catch phrases, and acronyms all shape culture.

The Organization of Your Dreams

Harvard Business Review

Sadly, rather than rise to the challenge, in many organizations the task of building authenticity has collapsed into the industry of mission-statement writing. People we’ve interviewed despair as they tell us of mission statements rewritten for the fourth time in three years!

How “Dilbert” Practically Wrote Itself

Harvard Business Review

Sometimes he didn’t even have to write any text himself – the following slogan was taken verbatim from a company mission statement: In the book, Adams reports that “many of the suggestions I get from readers start with, ‘A coworker of mine has this annoying habit.’

Why Executive Teams Shouldn't Write "Culture Decks"

Harvard Business Review

Culture decks are becoming as mundane as missions statements. Culture is a rich term, used historically to describe civilizations and people, but in the business context it''s often reduced to "org structure," "mission statements," and "employee incentives." A company''s founders and executives know what they''re on a mission to accomplish. Culture is what keeps people at Nanigans—not our mission statement or how our teams are structured.

Design Your Top Jobs to Appeal to the Goals of Top Talent

Harvard Business Review

At the workshop, women create a personal mission statement and map it directly to their career goals and the company''s needs. A few leading-edge companies are making real progress in increasing the proportion of women in their executive ranks by turning the problem on its head.

Your Employees Are Not Mind Readers

Harvard Business Review

As George realized, the lofty slogan and mission statement posted on a company's wall isn't enough. This declaration is not just a nice statement; you actually have to live it. People lead complicated lives and aren't hanging on your every word or the company mission statement. As a leader, what do you want to accomplish? Do your employees know what needs to be done to reach that objective? Do they know how you expect them to behave?

If You're Out to Change the World, How Do You Know When to Move On?

Harvard Business Review

When your mission is social benefit, the "when" of the ideal exit is in a sense very simple. Every international NGO (INGO) and aid agency involved in water supply has a mission statement along the lines of "we envision a world where no one dies of a water-related disease."

Six Components of a Great Corporate Culture

Harvard Business Review

Vision: A great culture starts with a vision or mission statement. When they are deeply authentic and prominently displayed, good vision statements can even help orient customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

If Your Leader Departs, Preserve the Company's Story First

Harvard Business Review

This is not about creating a mission statement by committee and carving it in a wall somewhere. We''ve all heard some version of this story: a brash and charismatic leader creates a runaway business success. The press can''t get enough of him.

How to Manage Biased People

Harvard Business Review

Let’s be realistic: Having a mission statement too often means very little to low-seniority staff in many organizations. By now it’s generally accepted that if senior leaders suffer from cognitive biases their decisions can severely undermine company performance. Yet, leaders are not the only members of organizations that exercise poor judgment: Non-leaders are sometimes irrational too.

Morning Advantage: Take Your Work Solutions Home

Harvard Business Review

According to The Wall Street Journal's Saturday Essay Family Inc, it’s a growing trend among a new generation of parents who are taking workplace solutions — like accountability checklists, branding sessions, mission statements, core values statements, and conflict resolution techniques — home to their families.

How Ideal Is Your Company?

Harvard Business Review

I''ve been given too many mission statements and cards with corporate values on them. Is your company getting your best work? Do you come in every day energized, enthusiastic, creative, and engaged? If not, you''re not alone, at least in the U.S, according to the latest Gallup poll of employee engagement, which you can see if you scroll down through the wealth of data my HBR colleague Gretchen Gavett recently collated. If you''re among the less than enchanted, what are you missing?

The New Kind of Worker Every Business Needs

Harvard Business Review

Most of us think of biotech as the province of multinational pharmaceutical corporations and well-funded ventures, but the founders of BioCurious believe (as they say in their mission statement) "that innovations in biology should be accessible, affordable, and open to everyone." The value of self-organizing structures is that they can act quickly, responsively, and creatively from the edges," we explain in our vision statement.

Superman Was a Reporter. Now He Owns the Newspaper.

Harvard Business Review

So if you want to create a workplace that favors whistleblowing, your mission statement can emphasize fairness. Clark Kent''s Got His Work Cut Out for Him. Everyone has an opinion about Jeff Bezos’s purchase of The Washington Post.

How to Create Your Reason

Harvard Business Review

So, forgive me, beancounters, but (as Priya still thinks) a reason is not a corporate mission statement ("To leverage my educational assets and optimize my career path!!"): it is the very opposite: a radically simple statement of why your life matters enough to you to fully, dangerously live it.past the edge. Here''s a tiny question: what do you do when reach the edge of heartbreak? Consider the story of my good friend Priya.

How I Got My Team To Fail More

Harvard Business Review

We went radical by re-casting our team’s mission statement into two words: Reinvent PBS. In each of the first seven months of 2013, PBS.org topped ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox as the most-visited network TV site, according to comScore. Business-school literature has long stressed the importance of taking risks and encouraging rapid failure. In the real world of quarterly numbers, though, embracing failure mostly remains a throwaway line in CEO speeches.

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