What Happens When Features Are Dropped To Make a Launch Date?

The Idolbuster

Sabina explained that she felt “pressured to show there is value in doing the project, a positive NPV. Chapter 9: Paint Your Environment Part 7. Ever been on a project that is under time pressure to make a launch date? One common solution is to drop features from the product. For example, when Apple launched the iPad mini in November 2012, it did not have the retina display.

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How Marketers Can Avoid Big Data Blind Spots

Harvard Business Review

These estimates can then help determine the Net Present Value (NPV) of the long term effect of marketing in terms of future sales. This NPV provides marketers with a reasonable understanding of the long-term implications of marketing in addition to the short term impact measured by Big Data and help make necessary trade-offs when it comes to making spend decisions.

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Reflecting on David Garvin’s Imprint on Management

Harvard Business Review

One of the many articles circling back to this topic of late revisited the still-common use of NPV hurdles in investment decisions.) When Garvin pitched the article that became “How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management” (2013), I laughed — how could anyone intelligent doubt that management matters?

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