Succession Planning: Not Just for Older Leaders

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He is highly intelligent and incredibly successful with a net worth of $15.3 billion as of March 2013 (per Forbes Magazine.) It is clear once again that planned CEO succession is necessary. By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

A Look Back At My Top 10 Leadership Insights From 2013

Tanveer Naseer

As we welcome the arrival of a New Year, many of us are naturally filled with hope and excitement about the possibilities and opportunities for growth, change and success over the upcoming 12 months.

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Understanding How Organizations Can Measure Digital Success

Tanveer Naseer

Success comes in many forms. including digital marketing success. Delivering on this promise has been a challenging activity that many leaders grapple with when measuring digital marketing benchmarks for success. Measurement creates a context of success and progress.

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD.,

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What Does Success Really Look Like?

Tanveer Naseer

A few weeks ago, I shared with my various networks an article from Forbes on the ten resolutions successful people not only make but carry out. While the list provided some valuable points, what was more noteworthy was the discussions this piece generated with a few of my colleagues about the nature of success. And yet, how many of us have a clear definition or vision of what a successful version of our team/organization would look like? Why will this success matter?

30 Outdated Leadership Practices Holding Your Company Back

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What makes a leader successful? Leadership Operations & Strategy Success how to lead how to lead well leadership and success Mike Myatt roadmap to leadership successful leadership By Mike Myatt , Chief Executive Officer, N2growth .

Complimentary Resource – Operational Risk Management: How Best-in-Class Manufacturers Improve Operating Performance with Proactive Risk Reduction

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Operational Risk Management : How Best-in-Class Manufacturers Improve Operating Performance with Proactive Risk Reduction. Click here for more information on Operational Risk Management : How Best-in-Class Manufacturers Improve Operating Performance with Proactive Risk Reduction.

Complimentary Resource – Improving Business Operation Performance With Innovations

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Improving Business Operation Performance With Innovations. Learn how using analytics to guide a business operations function is the path to continuous improvement and achieving higher operational performance. Complimentary Resource – The Road to BI Success.

Are You too Busy to Say Thanks?

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Communications Leadership Miscellaneous Operations & Strategy Success Talent Management appreciating your employees Brian Layer general brial layer how to show gratitude leadership and communication leadership and gratitude leading well N2growth

It’s Not Impossible – It Just Hasn’t Been Done Yet

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Innovation Leadership Operations & Strategy Success Innovation and leadership Leadership and Impossibility Leading Change leading innovation leading new projects Leading something new leading the impossibleBy Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

StrategyDriven Advisory Services helps businesses become more operationally effective

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As such, StrategyDriven Advisory Services was created to provide executives and managers with the insights of highly experienced peers who are themselves successful business leaders. Operations and operational risk management.

The Big Question: What does it takes to lead?

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Leadership Operations & Strategy Success how to be a leader how to be the best leader how to lead how to lead well John Baldoni what it takes to lead By John Baldoni , Chair, Leadership Development, N2growth. People often ask me, “What are the essential attributes of leadership?”.

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When in Doubt, Rehearse!

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Communications Crisis Management Leadership Operations & Strategy Success Brian Layer General Brian Layer leaderhing and crisis leadership and preparation leadership and preparing for the worst leadership and rehearsing leadership development N2growth

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9 Steps For Creating The Best Odds For Success

Tanveer Naseer

You should also know that this year brings with it new taxation and new regulations that may add expenses and affect the way you operate your business. Below are 9 steps that can help you to increase your odds for success this year: 1. Start with a post-mortem of how your business operated last year. Are they well trained, and do they know what success looks like? — is the best way to be successful.

What Stands Between your Organization and a Perfect World?

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Leadership Miscellaneous Operations & Strategy Success Brian Layer Good Leadership leadership and perfection leading towards perfection making right decisions N2growth perfection By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth.

Advice: Manage Well by Leading Better

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One could say the same forMicrosoft when Bill Gates viewed himself as the visionary and Steve Ballmer was the operator. More recently Larry Page has shifted his role from co-creator at Google to CEO displacing Eric Schmidt in day-to-day operations.

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100% Of Companies Have This Problem

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Leadership Miscellaneous Operations & Strategy Productivity business process Change Mike Myatt N2growth Process Design Process Engineering Simple Process Simplicity The Value of ProcessBy Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Don’t Leave a Dead Bird on your Doorstep!

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This context explains where the enterprise competes and is the foundation for success. You must describe the relationships that contribute to your success and set expectations for the tone of those relationships. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth.

The Secret To Making Better Hires

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Leadership Miscellaneous Operations & Strategy Success Forbes Hiring the Right Person Hiring the Right Talent Hiring Well Making Better Hires Making the right hires Mike MyattQ: Why do so many companies struggle when it comes to making great hires? A: They overlook the obvious.

Where J.C. Penney And Ron Johnson Went Wrong

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This describes Ron Johnson’s role as head of Apple’s retail operation prior to assuming the CEO role at J.C. Succession matters – especially CEO successions. CEO Profiles Leadership Miscellaneous Rants Apple CEO CEO Failure CEO Successions Culture J.C.

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5 Must-Read Books For Business Leaders For Summer 2013

Eric Jacobson

AMA Business Boot Camp -- Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career. The Facts Of Business Life -- What Every Successful Business Owner Knows That You Don''t. Author Bill McBean has spent nearly 40 years as a successful business owner.

Building Enduring Engagement

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Value Creation Workplace Issues [link] Most organizations and their leaders now accept that simple worker compliance is insufficient for achieving operational excellence and long-term success.

Complimentary Resource – Summer 2013 Mood Tracker Report: Empowering Employees to Improve Performance

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Summer 2013 Mood Tracker Report: Empowering Employees to Improve Performance. In our new Summer 2013 Workforce Mood Tracker Report : Empowering Employees to Improve Performance , we asked employees what they thought of reviews and what would make them better.

Doing the Most Important Things

Kevin Eikenberry

For most of my growing up, our hog operation was pretty small, and feeding was done somewhat automatically. Achievement Leadership Learning Responsibility SuccessI grew up on a farm. We raised a variety of crops, had a fertilizer and seed business, and we raised hogs.

Management of the Absurd: Paradoxes in Leadership

Kevin Eikenberry

I operate as a consultant […]. Books Change Leadership Learning Success By Richard Farson According to, paradox is defined as: a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

4 Ways To End Destructive Pride

Tanveer Naseer

The kind of pride that prevents them from experiencing lasting success. Their pride causes them to blame others (or their circumstances) for their lack of success. Remember: Work Pays in Dividends of Success Pride causes people to experience feelings of entitlement.

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The Secret to Successful Recruiting

Strategy Driven

Despite the realization that computer software greatly enhances the efficiency with which businesses operates, the use of recruitment software is not widespread. You just finished reading The Secret to Successful Recruiting ! Recruitment has always been a tricky business.

Team Decision Making-Case Study and Success Story

Mike Cardus

Below is a case study / success story of coaching and consulting with a manager and a team to improve their decision making process and output as a team. Working on teams and reaching agreement on anything can be a challenge.

Lessons On Effective Leadership From A Nobel Laureate

Tanveer Naseer

Since writing about the nature of success and failure , I’ve had a number of colleagues express interest in discussing the process of experimentation with me, given my background in the sciences field.

Values: Live Them And Others Will Follow

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Marine Tom Draude who served three tours in Vietnam as well as in Operation Desert Storm. Leadership Success leadership and the marines leadership and values leading by values Military leadership the marines on leadership By John Baldoni , Chair, Leadership Development, N2growth.

What Organizations Really Need To Succeed And Thrive

Tanveer Naseer

And this is what lies at the very heart of success and failure – how much we’ve reached or moved away from our shared purpose. That it has to change or challenge the status quo of how people operate or do things.

The No-Boss Workplace: Can Great Leadership Be Crowdsourced?

Terry Starbucker

Is it a factor of how many projects the worker successfully pitches? There’s an interesting leadership experiment going on right now here in Portland.

Collaboration is the Key to Providing Consistent Brand Value

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The most successful brands - the ones I call Mindshare Brands - are those that deliver or over-deliver on that value promise consistently over the long haul. Lead by example and let people know that you don''t operate in silos.

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Ensure Smooth Transitions for Successful Change

Change Starts Here

For more than 100 years, United Illuminating provided electricity to its customers in Connecticut through distributed operations. And the final audit report listed the change management workshop as one of the pivotal events that led to the project’s ultimate success.

Leadership and Memorial Day

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The more I reflect on the courage and heroism of our military (past and present), the more I realize the same characteristics present in the heart of a warrior are nothing short of a blueprint for success with respect to the leadership traits that should also be present in our business leaders.

The Coming of the Clairvoyant Computer

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Acting on these predictions was shown to successfully convince more voters to choose Obama than traditional campaign targeting. Predictions drive how organizations treat and serve an individual, across the operations that define a functional society.

Determining Your Top 5 Priorities for 2014

Michael Lee Stallard

One extremely successful leader who understands the importance of this best practice is Admiral Vern Clark, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) from 2000 until his retirement in 2005. A mistake many leaders make is they are overly ambitious in setting annual priorities.

Goal 396

Six Ways to See the World through New Lenses—and Lead More Effectively

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What do you need to "unlearn and let go of" so that increased focus on what you have could make you very effective and successful? In their book From Smart to Wise , Prasad Kaipa and Navi Radjou state that wise leadership succeeds where smart leadership cannot.

Rebooting Work: How to Make Work— Work for You

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We may move from frame to frame but we tend to operate in one. Success was the result of self-direction, self-motivation, and self determination.

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Washington's Lessons: 30 Surprising Facts About George Washington

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Washington ran his own spy network during the war and was often the only one privy to the full scope of secret operations against the British. For all his success as president, Washington frequently felt trapped in the office.

6 Keys to Game-Changing Leadership

Terry Starbucker

Once the “new way” to success is in place, all the revised rules and processes are established, and exectution begins, the leader needs to have a steady hand on the wheel, changing course only when necessary. Be a success.

Decoding The Truth Of Leading Multi-Generational Workforces

Tanveer Naseer

In some ways it’s only natural that we see an increase in discussions on potential challenges for organizations in operating under a multi-generational workforce. 1) Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project Spring Tracking Survey 2013.

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7 Things A Master Sushi Chef Can Teach Us About Leadership

Terry Starbucker

But as I watched more closely as the film traced the origins of his success and his methods to keep the restaurant at at 3-star level, there were many valuable leadership lessons revealed that are well worth sharing here (but I would recommend that you rent the film too).

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