What I learned from attending New Media Expo 2013 in Las Vegas!

Bernd Geropp

New Media Expo 2013/ Blogworld. 45 things new media content creators can outsource to virtual assistants to help grow their business”. He is the guy you need to talk to when it comes to outsourcing and to build your brand online. The Great Business Project by Ralph Quintero.

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On leadership: My video interview with serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker!

Bernd Geropp

In 2010 he started his project to become a “Virtual CEO”: During 12 months he developed from a 14 h/day workaholic CEO into a full time virtual CEO working only a few hours per week on his companies. Today he is known as the guy to go to if it comes to outsourcing to the Philippines.

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What you might really be saying when you say you are super busy…

Rajesh Setty

I have no clue on how to automate and outsource. So it takes me longer to complete the projects and hence i am very busy. I under-estimate the time it takes to complete my projects.

Get Your Passion Project Moving Without Quitting Your Day Job

Harvard Business Review

What’s the best way to get your passion project moving? ” Next, make a timeline based on what you think you can reasonably accomplish toward your project in the time you have. As you chip away on your project, continue to give your job the attention it needs.

Good News, Bad News: An HBR Management Puzzle on Innovation Execution

Harvard Business Review

It shouldn’t happen, but it does: You realize much too late that your innovation project is in deep trouble. The following highly condensed fictional case study draws on their paper “Anatomy of a Decision Trap in Complex New Product Development Projects” in Academy of Management Journal.

Keeping Work Organized when Your Team Is Fragmented

Harvard Business Review

Almost anything can be outsourced to specialists and reconnected. While companies have outsourced low-value work such as payroll processing and call centers for decades, today they farm out critical activities. Leading teams Operations Project management

Emerging-Market Engineers Power Global Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Offshore Outsourced Product Development. In fact, these six Indian engineers were not employees of Otis at all, but rather on the payroll of an outsourced product development company headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Change Management Needs to Change

Harvard Business Review

Yet despite the huge investment that companies have made in tools, training, and thousands of books ( over 83,000 on Amazon ), most studies still show a 60-70% failure rate for organizational change projects — a statistic that has stayed constant from the 1970''s to the present.

Don't Let Your Best-Connected People Become Bottlenecks

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Consider the situation faced by a leading provider of outsourcing and information technology consulting services with approximately $1.5 By now, most HBR readers should understand the informal influence that stems from being central to an organization''s network.

Four Lean Advertising Campaigns That Went Viral

Harvard Business Review

The ways of doing this are via a DIY approach or an outsourcing approach. Many companies have turned to Tongal, a four-year-old firm that, for a fee, posts specs for a project and matches it with freelance creative talent willing to work for relatively low pay.

IT Cannot Be Only the CIO's Responsibility

Harvard Business Review

It would also mean that outsourcing to a proven tech provider would be a legitimate response to perceived problems with IT (get someone with more experience and knowledge to run it for you). IT is not something that can be managed from a box on the organizational chart.

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The Most Overlooked Part of Your Data Security

Harvard Business Review

During a recent IT asset disposal project for a large New York bank, a chain-of-custody audit revealed three computers were untracked. Detailed tracking data, however, reveals a troubling fact: four out of five corporate IT asset disposal projects had at least one missing asset.

How to Reward Your Stellar Team

Harvard Business Review

Teams like to be seen as part of a project that contributes at a high level," Ancona says. Instead, praise the behaviors that contribute to the team''s overall success such as chipping in on others'' projects and giving candid peer feedback.

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Before You Innovate, Ask the Right Questions

Harvard Business Review

Large organizations tend to be very good at this type of innovation, because conventional R&D labs and outsourcing are well suited for it. Albert Einstein is often quoted (perhaps apocryphally) as saying, "If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days to define it."

The Graduation Advice We Wish We'd Been Given

Harvard Business Review

In a world of layoffs, outsourcing, and industry disruption, the only "career insurance" you can get is through figuring out the answer to one particular question: how can you make yourself truly valuable professionally?

Meeting deadlines! Here is how to do it!

Bernd Geropp

We all know it and we are all annoyed by it: I am talking about missed deadlines, unkept promises or delayed projects. ” but agree on a specific date for the meeting, e.g. August 24, 2013. When larger projects are involved, it is best to partition the project at the start.

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Why Kids — and Workers — Need to Get Their Hands Dirty

Harvard Business Review

Manufacturers are therefore faced with a daunting choice: outsource the design and testing to countries where tactile intelligence is still high, or fill the knowledge gap of new hires in the U.S. The “Opportunities for New Engineers” program’s most ambitious project, however, is to Build, Certify and Fly (BCnF) a Glasair Super II airplane. Let’s encourage schools to let students dirty their hands in projects and experiments. Children in the U.S.

Prepare for the New Permanent Temp

Harvard Business Review

Workflows and innovation initiatives have been artfully reorganized around "projects" to facilitate faster, cheaper and easier contingent participation. If they can get that value — or most of it — from contingency workers, outsourcing, automation, innovative processes or capital investment, why wouldn''t they? The fastest-growing segments of America''s job market — by far — are temporary and part-time employment.

Six Fundamentals Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

Harvard Business Review

Your projections for the business should not be wildly optimistic so you can manage your expectations and those of any partners. With Getaroom, I understood the lodging market is massive and knew a niche player could capture a large amount of revenue, but my initial projections were modest and I watched expenses closely. Others travel sites outsource their call centers overseas and really push all interactions to be electronic.

Case Study: The Costs and Benefits of a Strong Culture

Harvard Business Review

Sure, Parivar was growing — in revenue, profitability, and reputation — but it was still much smaller than companies like Infosys, HCL, and other leading global providers of low- to midrange business-process outsourcing services. She included a scenario: An employee is worried about his future with the company because he has been given a time-consuming project that will involve working late, compromising his ability to look after a sick mother in the evening.

What the Marketing Agency of the Future Will Do Differently

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An outsourced idea and creative team that could get the production done at a cost that was less than what it would cost the brand to have a permanent staff in place. From how we initiate a project by establishing metrics and outcomes from the beginning, to being more agile in building programs that can bend, move and iterate as we learn from what the market is telling us (marketing optimization anyone?).

Get Your Budget Ready for the Upturn

Harvard Business Review

Most budgets for 2013 were made in 2012, when the prevailing economic outlook was grim. Be sure you are investing enough in innovation and focusing on the right R&D projects, so you have interesting products to meet the rising consumer demand. Rethink outsourcing.

Myths of the Gig Economy, Corrected

Harvard Business Review

A fast-moving startup can secure talent as it needs it, outsource more quotidian tasks like payroll, and stay lean and mean; indeed, I see entrepreneurs employ this approach through my work at EY supporting creative, successful startups. Nattapol Poonpiriya/Getty Images.

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Stress Test Your Company’s Competitive Edge with These 4 Questions

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At that time, many consumers adopted a new level of frugality , such that they took on previously outsourced tasks and became more self-reliant. Despite being a leader in the mobile phone market with a market share of over 40%, Nokia experienced a dramatic decline that led to a sale of its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013. For instance, companies can have a project where they collaborate with users to develop or refine a specific product or feature.

Research: When the Economy Is Good, Employers Demand Fewer Credentials

Harvard Business Review

project management), specialized skills (e.g., Others have argued that the rise in skill requirements during this period was driven by changes in technology or outsourcing. Geri Lavrov/Getty Images.

How to Regain the Lost Art of Reflection

Harvard Business Review

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, among others, share Warren Buffett’s discipline to read extensively, safeguard time for personal development projects, and constantly seek new stimulus and perspectives. She comments, “Thinking is the one thing you can’t outsource as a leader. By the end of 2013, emails were reduced by 60%. A famous but possibly apocryphal tale about Albert Einstein is that he dreamed up the theory of relativity when riding his bicycle.

Universities Are Missing Out on an Explosive Growth Sector: Their Own

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The National Association of College and University Business Officers Study on Endowments reveals that endowments are performing enviably — with returns of near 12% in 2013. There’s a systemic Catch 22, one outsourced endowment manager told me. Education is on the brink of rapid change that will create a lot of value for innovators. But still sitting on the sidelines? Those who make the decisions and control the purse strings at legacy higher education institutions.