A Sample Size of One


by Gary Cohen Sometimes the sample size needed to make the best or right decision is one. The only sample size that matters is one. (By Again it really is a sample size of one. Sometimes the sample size needed is just one.

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Wild West Days of Social Media Are Over: Time For Some Discipline, Communicators


Project management skills particular to social media ; such as search engine optimization (SEO), blogger influencer outreach, media buying and more. For sample competencies, feel free to read our white paper at www.sme-squared.com.

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Complimentary Resource – Iteration Planning Guide

Strategy Driven

This guide includes tips for success, pre-agenda planning, a recommended iteration schedule for new teams, and a sample agenda to follow. Iteration Planning Guide. by Rally Software.

Not Adhering to the Rule of 150

Coaching Tip

Office cliques can affect workplace culture in a variety of ways.according to nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder from May 14 to June 5, 2013, among a representative sample of nearly 3,000 full-time, private sector U.S.

Team Building Without Time Wasting

Marshall Goldsmith

of the project. The mini-surveys are simple enough to be put on a postcard and might look like the sample in Figure 9.1. by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan. Teams are becoming more and more common and important.

Unconditional Love Can Change the World

Ron Edmondson

His latest project with former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey will be released by NavPress in October 2013. Read a sample chapter of the book HERE. This is a guest post by my good friend Ben Stroup. Ben is a writer and consultant.

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Give An Experience, Not A Report!

My Own Coach

He then had a sample of each glove collected and tagged with the name of the factory it was used in and its price, and sorted the gloves by type and by division in the organisation. Have you come across aspects of work which seem ridiculous to you?

Integrating Maintenance of Board Certification and Health Systems’ Quality-Improvement Programs

Harvard Business Review

Most physicians complete quality-improvement projects individually by completing modules provided by the specialty certification boards to collect, analyze, and improve quality on subsets of 25 to 50 patients.

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New Research Suggests Start-Up Experience Doesn't Help Social Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

In fact, several of my current research projects are not producing evidence that individuals with prior entrepreneurial experience have superior social performance, more commercial success, or larger online followings.

"Feminine" Values Can Give Tomorrow's Leaders an Edge

Harvard Business Review

Big-time scientists were supposed to project an image of supreme competence. A Pew Center study released in May revealed that working mothers are the sole or primary provider in a record 40 percent of U.S. households.

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Research: Most Large Companies Can’t Maintain Their Revenue Streams

Harvard Business Review

My “growth outliers” project looked at publicly traded firms with market capitalizations of greater than US 1 Billion as of 2009, using data from Capital IQ. I found that in the period from 2000 to 2009, over half of the firms in the sample shrunk their revenue by 10% or more in at least one of those years, clear evidence of eroding competitive advantage. In the 2004 sample, roughly 20% of the firms came from emerging markets.

Embrace Change, But Still Stand for Something

Harvard Business Review

In a recent study , the Bureau of Labor statistics found that the average person in their sample held eleven jobs between the ages of 18 and 46 — meaning a job-switch once every 2.5 Be wary of "hockey-stick" projections that use facts from the past to predict fast-growing sales or profits far in the future. Those projections rarely take into account factors such as diminishing returns or potential competitors.

How Nonprofits Prove Their Worth

Harvard Business Review

The data make the case that the program significantly increased immunizations rates in the province in which it worked, where childhood immunization rates increased from less than 70% to more than 90% during the course of the project. It then performs post-distribution surveys every six months from a sample of recipients to monitor net usage rates. Everyone agrees that social enterprises need to use data to assess their effectiveness.

Who Dares Bake Cookies for the Office?

Harvard Business Review

When I asked Thad why we''ve never sampled his creations, he sheepishly mumbled that they weren''t really that good and that he didn''t want to ride the subway carrying a pink Tupperware container.

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7 Policy Changes America Needs So People Can Work and Have Kids

Harvard Business Review

I recently published research from the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project , comparing Wharton’s Classes of 1992 and 2012. In our sample, we found that career paths have narrowed because students believe that they must earn money quickly and that only a few options offer this.

How P&G Presents Data to Decision-Makers

Harvard Business Review

For a sampling of some new and cool tools, see the popular Hans Rosling TED talk.) Step into a Business Sphere in Cincinnati, Singapore, or Geneva and you''ll see the same charts and graphs projected.

How Nonprofits Prove Their Worth

Harvard Business Review

The data make the case that the program significantly increased immunizations rates in the province in which it worked, where childhood immunization rates increased from less than 70% to more than 90% during the course of the project.

How Google Flu Trends Is Getting to the Bottom of Messy Data

Harvard Business Review

Big data vigilantism can help your company cope with two of big data''s main issues: messiness and sampling bias , and ultimately help contribute to growing your confidence in wielding big data in your decision process. Sampling Bias. Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford points out another pitfall of working with big data: sampling bias. So with a little bit of investigation to understand the bias of a sample, we can often correct for it downstream with better algorithms.

Making #GivingTuesday a Movement

Harvard Business Review

With every project, they are spreading the word through their networks, and the connection to #GivingTuesday becomes more valuable. Everyone connected with #GivingTuesday is happy to see excitement growing as our next big day –December 3, 2013 – grows near. This year, there are training and workshop opportunities, online tools and kits, compelling videos, and sample Tweets. The second #GivingTuesday will happen on December 3, 2013.

Get More Value Out of Social Media Brand-Chatter

Harvard Business Review

Ask the same kinds of tough questions you’d ask about any research project. Is the sampling of comments statistically sound? It’s becoming commonplace for consumer companies to listen to what their customers are saying on social media, but the big question is: What do they do with the results? In a lot of cases, managers merely circulate them within the marketing department—after marking them with a prominent “FWIW.”.

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Use the Office Holiday Party to Advance Your Career

Harvard Business Review

It’s not about sampling each appetizer. Build personal connections rather than talking only about work: The speed at which you can complete projects often depends greatly on responsiveness from another department, such as sales, accounting, or legal. Will there be an open bar? Do I have to go? Can I bring my significant other? A few of the above questions may be dancing in your head when you receive the invite to your organization’s holiday party.

The Future Is Scary. Creative Thinking Can Help.

Harvard Business Review

These are only sample questions — you should develop others based on the current needs of your organization. Only when they challenged their long-held assumption that “We are a search engine company” could they then come up with the “We want to know everything” notion which sparked projects such as Google Earth, Google Book Search, and Google Labs, along with further improvements to their fabled search engine.

Is Your Next Great CEO a Management Consultant?

Harvard Business Review

Having been in project settings where the clock is ticking on delivering value, consultants are often able to analyze the situation and quickly focus on the levers that matter most. There are some early indications that that could be the case, but we don’t yet have the sample size to prove that. There are a variety of places where corporations and boards look for potential CEOs, but the leagues of management consulting generally isn’t one of them.

Reinhart, Rogoff, and How the Macroeconomic Sausage Is Made

Harvard Business Review

In the words attributed to economist Paul Samuelson, "We have but one sample of history." And it''s just not a very big sample. This, to a certain extent, is what the Reinhart-Rogoff project of the past few years (most notably their book This Time is Different ) has been all about. After watching a presentation by Kaggle founder and CEO Anthony Goldbloom at a conference last year , I went up to the front of the room to ask him a question about macroeconomics.

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Stop Assuming Your Data Will Bring You Riches

Harvard Business Review

These are just a sample of thoughts from clients in recent months who were excited about the prospect of creating new businesses and new sources of revenue in what seems to be a lucrative new area. At this point, many companies get to work and prepare detailed financial projections that show how many new sales they can achieve every year, what their proposed pricing is, what the year-on-year percentage increase will be. “We have a treasure trove of data, it’s highly valuable”. “If

Learning The Keys To Exceptional Execution

Tanveer Naseer

Amar told me in 2013 that some factors have changed since he first published his findings, for example, access to capital is more widespread through crowd-funding, along with a mainstream popularization of entrepreneurship and rise of a global startup ecosystem.

How to Complete an Individual Development Plan | Thoughts for the.

Nathan Magnuson

Some examples from all three could include leading a new project, supporting a project on another team (or a joint team), doing a rotational assignment, attending a seminar, joining a professional association or networking group, completing a new certification, becoming a board member for a non-profit in your industry, or reading a book. If one of your activities is to work on a special project, that project (or your involvement with it) should have an end date.

Our Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition

Harvard Business Review

Countless other study sample groups, from pop musicians to Millennials , prove that we are in the middle of a “ narcissism epidemic.” At the end of the day, people who tap into their deep intrinsic motivations are much more (PDF) likely to succeed on long-term projects and hit loftier goals than those who are powered by the praise of others. Rebecca, a tech entrepreneur, would love you to equate her company’s expansive press coverage with real value creation.

How Google Has Changed Management, 10 Years After its IPO

Harvard Business Review

If you only read one piece, make it this one by David Garvin in 2013 , on how Google sold its engineers on management. Both Gmail and AdSense, the company’s ad software for publishers, started out as 20% time projects. That’s just a sampling.

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Proof That Women Get Less Credit for Teamwork

Harvard Business Review

“We thought that bias might hurt people when it’s not really clear who did what on a project.” Seventy percent of her full sample received tenure at the first school where they were eligible. And in 2013, another series of studies by Heilman and Michelle C.

Research: Having a Black Doctor Led Black Men to Receive More-Effective Care

Harvard Business Review

doctors in 2013 , 48.9% But in the second stage, after talking to their doctor, men who met with black doctors elected to receive more preventive services — especially more invasive services that required a blood sample or injection — than men who met with nonblack doctors.

To Succeed in Tech, Women Need More Visibility

Harvard Business Review

A study by Jennifer Glass and coauthors in 2013 found that women leave STEM fields at dramatically higher rates than women in other occupations. In 2007 and 2008 the Clayman Institute for Gender Research and the Anita Borg Institute conducted research on approximately 1,800 tech workers in seven high-tech companies, finding that women reported being less likely than their male counterparts to be assigned to high-visibility projects. Marion Barraud for HBR.

Research: The Digitization of Banks Disproportionately Hurts Women Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

since 2013 , and shrank by more than 1,700 in 2017 alone. In 2017, we launched a research project in order to learn more about the effects of banks’ lending model transformations. We targeted a random sample of Swedish entrepreneurs (both men and women) who were applying for bank financing. Veronica Grech/Getty Images.

The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

Harvard Business Review

billion in mining projects since 2010. In 2013, GE had reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 32% and water use by 45% compared to 2004 and 2006 baselines, respectively, resulting in $300 million in savings. Another study found that revenues from sustainable products and services grew at six times the rate of overall company revenues between 2010 and 2013, among the 12 members of the S&P Global 100 sampled (Singer, 2015).