The Trouble with Control

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Jen Shirkani : I write about the damage done when, as leaders, we don’t fully allow employees to have control over their tasks, projects or budgets. It plagues leaders from the top to the bottom of an organization: new leaders, old leaders, promoted from within, hired from the outside. I am just being a servant leader.” One common issue is the senior leader who wants to approve every new hire.

Paradigm Flip – New Book Releases Tuesday December 10th

Modern Servant Leader

Greetings Modern Servant Leader readers. I’ve been working on a big project for you, that I’m excited to say is finally ready to share: Paradigm Fl i p : Leading People, Teams, and Organizations Beyond the Social Media Revolution. In it, I explain the timeless concepts of both social media and servant leadership. Here are some examples: Aspiring Leaders. Advance Praise for Aspiring Leaders. Current Leaders.

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Why Your Employees Count as Much as Your Clients

Strategy Driven

What effective managers and leaders must recognize is that it begins with caring about the people who drive your business. Managers and leaders are not made equal. But what separates managers from leaders is not power or control. It’s the ability to influence and inspire because while both types possess subordinates, managers focus on creating a circle of power while leaders design circles of influence. Empowering Employees Empowers Leaders.

Leader Profile: Clayton Daniels

Eric Jacobson

He''s also one of the Kansas City area''s most inspiring leaders. Engineering in November 2013. Daniels recently shared his insights on leadership with me : Question : As you move from Project Manager to Vice President, what do you plan to do the same, and do differently, from a management standpoint? Daniels : Several project management skills translate to skills indicative of a Vice President. In both positions, you are a servant leader.