When Projects Fail

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We had a project fail. Team members who don’t care about losing are losers. Let it sting. Soothing pain is for babies, not big boys and girls. Don’t sooth discomfort by minimizing failure, but don’t overreact, either. Expect responsibility. Blamers are covering for something they should have done. Finger-pointing is the loser’s way of getting […].

The June 3rd, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the June 3rd, 2013 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! In this post I’ll share 3 misconceptions entrepreneurs and business leaders should be aware when starting a company but also when starting a bigger project.

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Managing projects effectively

Lead on Purpose

In general, a project is defined as an activity or endeavor that has a definite start and end date, and is done to achieve certain goals or objectives. The common stages of a project include Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Completion. A project is also run by a project manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day execution of tasks, and is often appointed by the project owner or sponsor. Define Project Scale and Scope.

Top 10 Posts from 2013

Nathan Magnuson

2013 featured a Leadership Profiles series and Powerful Questions series in addition to everyday leadership content. Here are the top 10 posts from 2013. Isn’t there a way to manage a project without micro managing each person?

Favorites of 2013–Team Building and Leadership Articles

Mike Cardus

With the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2013. Here is the schedule it may change; 12/26/13 – Team Building & Leadership Articles. 12/30/13 – Team Building & Leadership Photos. Steps to High Performance Teams.

Projects and Team Goals. Are we done yet?

Mike Cardus

One challenge of project and and team work is deciding when we are done. How will we know that we are done with this project and can move on? Within the ‘7 Steps to High Performance Teams’ we spend time on this area.

Starting a Successful Team Project. Tips for the initial team meeting

Mike Cardus

The team building I offer focuses on the team completing their work on time, within budget and quality specifications. Everything returns to the work and developing a team that wants to stay together and continue to work together. Team projects succeed of purpose.

Favorites of 2013–Team Building and Leadership Images Used in Presentations & Workshops

Mike Cardus

With the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2013. Here is the schedule it may change; 12/26/13 – Team Building & Leadership Articles. 12/30/13 – Team Building & Leadership Photos. What makes high performance teams?

Leadership Caffeine: 4 Common Project Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Management Excellence

The team or project leader’s responsibility is not to find a way to squash the variance in personalities, but rather to foster the right environment for people who are different to come together and perform.

4 Design Thinking Tools for Engaging Your Team

Leading Blog

Applying the tools of design thinking to help your team conquer its goals doesn''t mean hunkering down on your own with an org chart in a dimly lit office to devise the perfect execution strategy. Design thinking is about engaging with your team at its most fundamental levels.

Tools 312

2 Ways to Instantly Lose Credibility with Your New Team

Let's Grow Leaders

You’ve got a new job, a new team, or a new project. The post 2 Ways to Instantly Lose Credibility with Your New Team appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Authenticity confidence credibility new job new leader new team on boarding

Team 263

How to Encourage Team Members to Lead

Lead on Purpose

To have a successful business, it is important that every team member is prepared to step up and lead when necessary. Use the following strategies to encourage your team members to lead. Ease your staff into leadership positions by first allowing them to share the role with yourself or other team members. Allowing people to co-lead projects reduces anxiety and creates a more positive leadership experience by giving team members someone to lean on for assistance.

Team 219

The 6 Benchmarks of High Performance Teams

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

In 1996 , 51% of US employees were reported to be members of team. As our world becomes more complex, the need for teams will continue to grow. Our research* revealed six Benchmarks of Team Excellence: 1) Alignment: Alignment around a shared vision. How Is Your Team Doing?

Creating employee engagement through culture and job design

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Career Development Change Management Leadership Coaching Team Dynamics Workplace Issues In a refreshing interview, CEO Jim Franklin shares his company’s views on employee engagement.

CEO 428

Conversation 2: What Is This Project or Team Really About?

Steve Farber

–all those things we learned back in Project Management 101. And if you can tap into that need and help to fill it for your team members, they’ll put much more energy and creativity into their work. Watch what happens to the energy of the team.

5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to Sean’s Team Building Newsletter

Great Results Team Building

Everyone is part of a team. Whether you are in a family, attend a church, work in an office environment, are part of a project group, or participate in athletics, you are likely always looking for ideas and tips on how your team can become more productive.

The Paradoxical Benefits of Juggling Teams


Beyond just being a part of one team, however, many have found themselves members of multiple teams at the same time. This presents a challenge for both team members and leaders: how do we allocate time to all those teams and how do leaders find the right people from the right team?

Team 154

Why Can’t You See The Big Picture?

Let's Grow Leaders

fear and courage performance planning big picture how to readjust your project leadership trust project management projects teamsI was doing my normal juggling of “leader” and “mom” roles. I was feeling pretty good about the “mom” part as I drove to the stadium that night. Sure I was on a conference call the whole way there, but I pulled into the parking lot well before halftime. The marching band had not yet [.]

2013 – Top Change Posts of the Year at Enclaria

Change Starts Here

Here’s a list of the most popular posts at Enclaria for 2013. When Does a Project Justify Using Change Management Tools? How to Host Team Meetings So Real Change Happens – with Molly Breazeale. Who Does What on Change Projects? Thank you for reading my blog this year! Have you read them all? The top 5 Enclaria blog posts from this year are: Three Ways to Frustrate Employees Going Through Change. Four Reasons Leaders Need Change Agents.

Current Method / Better Way Matrix Team Building Activity

Mike Cardus

Current Method / Better Way Matrix Team Building Activity. Team Project tool to create shared language of progress & regress. Every company, team and person has established patters of What, Where, When, Who and How something gets done.

The Secret to Communicating with Executives

Let's Grow Leaders

Without executive support your project will fail. Your team’s counting on your to manage up well. Change Communication Execution communicating with executives communication executives leadership development project management

Team Decision Making-Case Study and Success Story

Mike Cardus

Working on teams and reaching agreement on anything can be a challenge. Team Leaders and Managers set the tone for team based decision making. Team & Management Problem. Team & Management Intervention. Team Results.

The Honest Truth About Teams

Lead from Within

There’s a good reason we spend so much time thinking about teams. Every organization in every industry pursues ambitious projects, works hard to get and serve clients and customers, and tackles new markets, new ideas, and new innovation.

Team 137

How to Build a Great Team and Culture? 60 Pointers


I recently delivered a talk at a local entrepreneurship forum on the topic “ How to Build a Great Team and Culture ”. It won’t be unfair to say that establishing a great culture and team is highest on priority of a business leader. People are at the heart of a great team.

Team 178

Debriefing Questions are the Magic of Team Building Events

Great Results Team Building

Team building activities are certainly entertaining and interactive, but they only become worthwhile and impactful if they are followed by debriefing questions. Debriefing questions are the part of your team building event where your facilitator helps your people to pull out their rabbits.

Build A Tower Build A Team. Corporate Team Building

Mike Cardus

Teambuilding has to be integrated into the existing team structure, culture and goals + objectives of your company. People must see the connection between the team building activity and their work. Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership specializes in just that.

How Does the Team Maintain Improved Performance?

Mike Cardus

Identify what the people on the team like about the new system and project management. Identify evidence of what’s working and highlights of success using the project management tools, models and job aids. Have the team identify where we are on the scale. Photo Credit.

Team 159

What makes high performance teams?

Mike Cardus

High Performance Teams come from systems-that-drive performance from the individuals on the team. To be effective on an ongoing basis, teams need to be integrated within the existing structure of an organization.

Team 152

5 Steps To Team Building. It is not team building activities, it is team structure and accountability

Mike Cardus

Below are 5 Steps to ensure that team-work gets accomplished and everyone knows what to-do. What is this team? The team knows why it is assembled. The team knows why specifically each person is on the team and the skills that they offer.

How Important is Employee Satisfaction?

Lead Change Blog

Almost everyone strives to become manager, team lead, or project leader. Posted in Leadership Development In the world of business, there’s no short supply of leadership. What really separates the great leaders and the common ones?

Kayaking, Currents, and Reaching Your Team Destination

Great Results Team Building

So why is this important to you and your team? It is usually somewhere around mid to late January that many basketball teams find their enthusiasm and intensity begin to slip. The only way to overcome those currents is to provide reminders and encouragements to yourself and your team.

Team 176

High Performance Team Building Certificate Program

Mike Cardus

Back by popular demand, we are very excited to offer the High Performance Team Building Certificate Program again! The 2013 program runs from March 6 to May 1. "I always thought I was a fabulous team player but wondered why my team struggled so much.

The First Thing Leaders Need to Do When Leading a Big Change

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Phil Buckley : Most leaders will lead their organizations through multiple big change projects. For each change, leaders must define it, create a vision of the post-change world, and mobilize their teams to make it.

10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating and Leading Teams

Mike Cardus

Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating and Leading Teams. Originally this was written for a workshop called ‘Long Term Implementation of Lean Six Sigma within Organizations’ … and with some changes the content is applicable and valuable to anyone who manages, works on, and puts work teams together.

If you consistently overload your best people with “important projects” three things might happen

Mike Cardus

If you consistently overload your best people with “important projects” three things might happen: They get promoted. Picture a work team and you the manager. On this work team you have one employee Jack who consistently turns his work in late.

Great Team Building Activities Have the Lessons Learned Built Into the Activity

Mike Cardus

When leading team building and leadership development programs I use a variety of teambuilding activities, simulations, lecture based, small group discussion, and sometimes I just make stuff up. Any team building facilitator knows the value and need to process or de-brief with the group.

Using Good Decision Making Procedures can have a Positive Effect on the Team

Mike Cardus

Making decisions as a team requires a shared understanding and procedure for accomplishment. The confusion and strife that occurs because the team cannot make a decision will ruin any progress made on the work. CONTACT Create-Learning to make this happen for your team.

A Herd Mentality Helps Teams Crash Through Distractions

Great Results Team Building

A team of horses. But one of the most important lessons for teams that animal group names offer us is provided by the rhinoceros. And the lesson for team leaders in any field it that I believe that is what we are supposed to be.

Team 181

How to Motivate the Team? How can I Stay Motivated?

Mike Cardus

Coaching and consulting teams people usually want to know. How to motivate the team? The quick answer is that you cannot motivate other people and teams. Then moving to the team. What is relevant to the team? 1:4:7 Relevant to Team.

An Army of One

General Leadership

Take, for example, even some of the more mundane practices, such as parade-ground drills, formation runs, and training projects geared to collective problem solving. Uncategorized Change Team

Bond 354

High Performance Teams; A Competitive Advantage

Coaching Tip

High-performing teams are increasingly a competitive advantage. A good way to build teams is through self-assessments and exercises that provide deep self-reflection and relationship evaluation. Actually, team building is not just about the team; it''s about looking inside ourselves to understand our default behavior. . On a strong team, everyone plays their position well, allowing the team to have "wins".

8 Guidelines for Leadership Coaching and Team Building Activities

Mike Cardus

Coaching individuals and teams working together to find the goal and what the solution will look like once that goal is achieved requires effort from the person and me. The effort is finding exceptions to the problem and determining how the team and person cooperate best.

What if the Miracle Question Worked with Corporate Teams?

Mike Cardus

A form of the Miracle Question: I tried a variation with a Project Team of Aircraft Engineers. The team and I had spent 3 days working through root-cause analysis and struggling to determine what was causing a certain screw to vibrate lose during flight.

Team 152