How to Turn Group Work into Teamwork

Great Results Team Building

Well, here is a short description of the five-part recipe you may want to follow on your next attempt at teamwork: First, you will want to ensure that there is a clear goal and adequate gear (resources) for the activity or project they will be working on.

Why Creativity Thrives Under Constraints

Tanveer Naseer

There’s always excitement around a new project. Just about every influence on our once new and exciting project also brings a constraint. We can lose interest or become frustrated by our once shiny new project. The following is a guest piece by David Burkus.

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Making Feedback A Gift For Your Employees

Tanveer Naseer

Feedback should clarify roles and purpose within the organization A few years back, I had a boss who used my annual performance review to criticize the completed efforts of a team project I was assigned to, months after it had wrapped up.

What Managers Are Looking For In Tomorrow’s Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

The top three most important skills that managers are looking for when promoting employees is the ability to prioritize work (87%), a positive attitude (86%) and teamwork skills (86%). Teamwork skills will only become more important in the workplace.

4 Reasons Execution Breaks Down: and How to Fix It

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fuzzy vision lack of buy-in hidden agendas competing priorities confusion chaos apathy broken teamwork ? Listening change management execution project management When execution is broken, so is leadership. Teams that don’t execute are starving. They crave vision and direction. Carrots don’t improve vision. Execution breaks down when there’s. Don’t blame, punish, or make excuses. Lead better. 4 Reasons Execution Breaks Down [.]

Using The Power Of Acknowledgment To Engage Your Employees

Tanveer Naseer

What incredible value and contribution Shelly brings to our team – we couldn’t achieve the same project success without her insights and actions.” business communication Guest Posts leadership Recent Posts acknowledgment employee engagement perception productivity success teamwork

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How To Embrace Change In Today’s Organizations

Tanveer Naseer

That’s why Taylor also had boards placed throughout the plant that showcased projects put forth by his employees that improved the plant’s productivity/cost-effectiveness thanks to the lessons his employees learned while working on the plant floor.

The 6 Benchmarks of High Performance Teams

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

About the Research: The Benchmarks of Team Excellence were identified as part of a research project conducted by Jesse Stoner that investigated the relationship between visionary leadership behaviors and good management practices and the performance of their team.

This Year, Be Ready

Tanveer Naseer

As leaders, what we can take from his message is how our primary function is not simply tackling the various tasks on our To-Do lists or addressing whatever urgencies catch our attention and focus in the hopes that this will ensure our organization meets the projected targets for a given quarter or year. business communication culture leadership Recent Posts change failure growth relationships success teamwork trust values

The Paradoxical Benefits of Juggling Teams


Knowledge work is teamwork. If another team has a more important project, but has an equally qualified member, that should be your indication that you can spend time elsewhere. Leadership burkus evidence-based management networks team-building teams teamwork

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Leading for a Higher Purpose

General Leadership

Karen is the CEO of the New York-based strategic technology, staffing and project management company Sharp Decisions. “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” ” Albert Schweitzer.

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Boston Strong

General Leadership

Take, for example, even some of the more mundane practices, such as parade-ground drills, formation runs, and training projects geared to collective problem solving. “Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived from unity.”

Make a list of “to becomes”


How you conduct yourself is essential to influencing, managing change, fostering teamwork, and developing others. How might better listening help you to assure the success of that project? . Leaders need to constantly develop themselves as human beings.

Are you stuck in a sheep cyclone?

Survive Your Promotion

This is what teamwork and collaboration looks like at its best: This is what it looks like at it’s worst: Here are three signs you are stuck in a collaboration sheep cyclone: You have a recurring meeting and the agenda items haven’t changed in over a month.

What Invisible Dragons are Your Teammates Fighting?

Great Results Team Building

The likelihood is that you have very little idea what invisible dragons they are fighting to slay outside of your team project or workplace. And I would be honored if you chose to follow me on twitter or to connect on LinkedIn to receive additional information and teamwork resources

Complimentary Resource – Iteration Planning Guide

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Complimentary Resources business management complimentary resource complimentary whitepaper Project Management project planning Rally Software strategydriven teamwork Iteration Planning Guide. by Rally Software.

A Herd Mentality Helps Teams Crash Through Distractions

Great Results Team Building

Each group of animals offers a useful and interesting lesson for leaders in terms of the teamwork that their particular group exhibits.

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Leaders: Follow These 6 Steps to Build Trust with Employees & Improve How You're Perceived


If you say teamwork is important, reinforce the point by collaborating across teams and functions. A leader’s ability to inspire and motivate employees is based on trust. When people trust you, they have confidence in your decisions.

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Cowards, Heroes, Boxing, and Heart.

Great Results Team Building

What determines the outcome of our lives, and your season (or sales numbers, or project) is the response we choose. I would also be honored if you chose to follow me on twitter or to connect on LinkedIn to get additional information and teamwork resources.

Kayaking, Currents, and Reaching Your Team Destination

Great Results Team Building

It is easy to get distracted in the middle of your season, or in the middle of your project, if you allow your focus to shift away from your goal for too long. You can also follow me on twitter or take a moment to connect on LinkedIn to get additional information and teamwork resources!

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Has Your Team Size Become Too Big for the Campfire?

Great Results Team Building

Harvard’s Richard Hackman and Neil Vidmar concluded that the optimal size for a project team is five (they actually said 4.6, I would also be honored if you chose to follow me on twitter or to connect on LinkedIn to get additional information and teamwork resources!

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High Performance Teams; A Competitive Advantage

Coaching Tip

Consequently, effective teamwork and team leadership are integral components of an organization''s success. Anyone who has ever participated in any type of group project within an organization knows that success and morale are heightened when team members relate well with each other. High-performing teams are increasingly a competitive advantage. A good way to build teams is through self-assessments and exercises that provide deep self-reflection and relationship evaluation.

Bill Parcells on Cowards, Heroes, and Feelings

Great Results Team Building

What determines the outcome of our lives, and your season (or sales numbers, or project) is the response we choose. I would also be honored if you chose to follow me on twitter or to connect on LinkedIn to get additional information and teamwork resources.

Team Building Without Time Wasting

Marshall Goldsmith

A parallel approach to team building has been shown to help leaders build teamwork without wasting time. of the project. In most cases team members believe that improved teamwork is both important and needed. by Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan.

10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating and Leading Teams

Mike Cardus

It is important to differential between Teams and Teamwork. Groups may require teamwork even when they do not need to work as a team. They must be skilled at Project Management keeping the team on track through the team’s weekly meetings and updates.

Old Wisdom for New Teams?

Steve Farber

Way back in 1995, I had the great pleasure of seeing the legendary management sage, Peter Drucker , speak about teams and teamwork at a conference for training industry executives.

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Innovation High-Five

Mills Scofield

From this we developed an action plan for the year, starting with the development of a charter statement for our new innovation initiative: Innovation Charter: The innovation initiative is to foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and teamwork within Geneca.

It’s Not About the Coach

Marshall Goldsmith

Together, they established the most rigorous project-management process I’ve ever seen. They regularly reported on their efforts in reaching out to colleagues across the company to build teamwork. The best leaders may be the ones least noticed. by Marshall Goldsmith. A lot of what passes for leadership development in companies can be a waste of time. See if you recognize this process. Your company taps you as a future leader.

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Expand Your Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith

The project began when I met with Bruce Jones, CEO of Clarkson, and Mary Washington, EVP of Human Resources. Clarkson is trying to increase synergy and teamwork across divisions. Some believed that Joe and his team were so focused on achieving results for the Products division that he hadn’t achieved synergy and teamwork with other divisions. They shared information with each other to help improve cross-functional teamwork, synergy, and cooperation.

Learning The Keys To Exceptional Execution

Tanveer Naseer

Amar told me in 2013 that some factors have changed since he first published his findings, for example, access to capital is more widespread through crowd-funding, along with a mainstream popularization of entrepreneurship and rise of a global startup ecosystem.

Proof That Women Get Less Credit for Teamwork

Harvard Business Review

“We thought that bias might hurt people when it’s not really clear who did what on a project.” And in 2013, another series of studies by Heilman and Michelle C. Being able to work well with others is a standard requirement for most jobs today.

Winning Teammates Respect The Clock And The Calendar

Tanveer Naseer

Does that information impel you to invest more time at the office, on your project, focused on your sales goals? That statistic is up from 42% in 2013, according to a recent research report from the U.S. Travel Association’s “Project Time Off.”

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Keeping Work Organized when Your Team Is Fragmented

Harvard Business Review

government, has deployed a collaboration system ("Handshake") to build teamwork between its 7,600 employees and an external network of academics, former employees, vendors, industry, sponsors and front-line beneficiaries of its research (such as IRS workers, soldiers, and health care professionals).

How to Reward Your Stellar Team

Harvard Business Review

But it''s tough to do that, especially when most management systems are so focused on individual performance, undermining the very teamwork you''re hoping to encourage. Teams like to be seen as part of a project that contributes at a high level," Ancona says.

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Redefining the Patient Experience with Collaborative Care

Harvard Business Review

By 2013, all eight medical-surgical units in the two hospitals had been converted to the collaborative-care model. The progress to date of ThedaCare’s collaborative care model is evidence that patient-centered teamwork can improve the quality and lower the cost of care.

The Three Pillars of a Teaming Culture

Harvard Business Review

Building the right culture in an era of fast-paced teaming, when people work on a shifting mix of projects with a shifting mix of partners, might sound challenging – if not impossible. When you join an unfamiliar team or start a challenging new project, self-protection is a natural instinct.

When It’s Hard to Celebrate Your Colleague’s Success

Harvard Business Review

Or when a fellow manager is recognized for leading one of the best projects in the company? Organizationally, we’ve been schooled in the importance of teamwork, believing that when one of us succeeds, we all win. How do you feel when one of your sales colleagues closes a big deal? Or when a co-worker is selected for a special assignment or training program? The politically correct answer is that we’re supposed to feel pleased.

Integrating Maintenance of Board Certification and Health Systems’ Quality-Improvement Programs

Harvard Business Review

Most physicians complete quality-improvement projects individually by completing modules provided by the specialty certification boards to collect, analyze, and improve quality on subsets of 25 to 50 patients.

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IT Has To Deliver Great Tools — and Teach People to Use Them

Harvard Business Review

No wonder collaboration and analysis tools make up the single largest category of IT project spend. In a workplace that is increasingly collaborative and knowledge-intensive, many CIOs plan to create value by delivering these capabilities effectively.

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Leading Teams When Lives Are at Stake

Harvard Business Review

Still, I don't have to tell you that the stakes of successful teamwork are high when ascending the highest mountain in the world. In business, it is unexpected changes to a project, variable customer demands, or sudden shifts in the market. I am about to climb Mount Everest.

Order in the Strategy Court

Harvard Business Review

Staff expect their excom member to fight for their interests, to obtain funding for their projects and ensure cuts happen elsewhere. Given the lousy reputation of the legal profession, we would forgive you for thinking that the “strategy-as-law” analogy and its “excom as court” corollary could increase politicking and imperil teamwork. But the fact is that it can actually bolster teamwork and support a rational process for strategy development by promoting.

What Really Makes Tech Stars Shine

Harvard Business Review

What''s better than a really excellent engineer working on a project? Not just more engineers working on a project but more engineers who can collaborate effectively. They had expected the most successful to be the ones most technically competent, but what they found was that best were those most adept at teamwork, collaboration, and building relationships. I''ve been working on an engagement focused on increasing the productive output of teams of software engineers.

Leading Health Care Innovation: Editors’ Welcome

Harvard Business Review

To produce the best health outcomes at the lowest cost, virtually every aspect of the delivery system must be revamped — from leadership, organizational structures and culture, and processes, to teamwork, and incentives. As the pilot project progresses, we encourage you participate by adding your comments to the discussion thread and to propose articles by e-mailing us at