Supervisory Leadership Development Workshop

Mike Cardus

Steps to create “buy in” for the team projects from people who are outside the team. Within organizations the role of a Supervisor exists between the first line manager and the front line employees. This role is sometimes referred as ‘Lead’ or ‘Crew Leader’.

Favorites of 2013–Team Building and Leadership Images Used in Presentations & Workshops

Mike Cardus

With the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2013. 12/27/13 – Images Used in Presentations & Workshops. Favorite Images Used in Workshops and Presentations 2013.

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Design and Influence Irresistible Change – Learn How in this Special Workshop

Change Starts Here

If you answered yes, then I’d like to invite you to attend a unique workshop that will be held in Atlanta, Georgia later this year. Now, for the first time, the workshop is available to the public. You can use the Irresistible Change approach no matter your role or project.

Favorites of 2013–Team Building and Leadership Articles

Mike Cardus

With the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2013. 12/27/13 – Images Used in Presentations & Workshops. Favorite Team Building & Leadership Articles 2013. Some good, some OK, some crap…Below are my favorite articles from 2013.

10 Tips To Be A Presentation GOD.

Rich Gee Group

I do workshops, seminars and keynotes all the time and have been for over 25 years. But for screen projection – Less is More. There are good presenters and there are bad presenters — it really comes down to a few key tips to guide any great speaker: 1.

Tips 292

Motivate with a Memorable “Vision Phrase” that Matters

Michael Lee Stallard

Recently I was helping run workshops on leadership at Texas Christian University (TCU), a university of just under 10,000 students based in Fort Worth, Texas. The foundation is projected to touch the lives of 50,000 children by 2014.

How to Create a Culture Where People Can Grow

Great Results Team Building

Your people will thrive more when… they are encouraged to learn new skills by attending workshops, or allowed to take on new roles that expand their comfort zones.

How To 261

Your career will soar if you avoid leaders’ #1 blind spot

Michael Lee Stallard

Armed with this knowledge, the best leaders find jobs, ongoing responsibilities or temporary projects that help their employees progress toward their career goals. Michael Lee Stallard speaks and teaches workshops on leadership and employee engagement. Many leaders unknowingly sabotage their careers by wrongly assuming their employees are actively engaged in their work.

Career 292

Great Team Building Activities Have the Lessons Learned Built Into the Activity

Mike Cardus

It was our 4th full day workshop focusing on; Developing & Sustaining High Performance Teams. Project Rollerball immediately came to mind!

Interview: How to Implement Change With Smooth Transitions

Change Starts Here

Returning guest Brian Horgan, Project Director at United Illuminating, an electric utility in Connecticut, visits the show to share a story of a successful enterprise-wide project, and how he and his team focused on facilitating smooth transitions to implement change.

Guest Blogger Nathan Zeldes: Why and How to Communicate Across Company Lines


Better yet, in some cases this allowed me to strike alliances and mount joint projects with like-minded engineers and managers – to the benefit of all our organizations. Have you tried to communicate with your peers in other organizations lately?

Expectations Mislead Us

Lead from Within

Her expectation was that this new position would give her the recognition she deserved for all the hard work she had put into the leadership of her team and project. For coaching, consulting, workshops and speaking. 2013 Lolly Daskal. Life is leadership and leadership is life.

Question What You Know Is True

The Recovering Engineer

Your Now Step: Identify a project you have wanted to complete that continues to loom over you. Look carefully at your schedule and identify two fifteen to thirty minute blocks of time in the next week when you can focus intently on only that project. Conflict Confidence Workshop.

The Honest Truth About Teams

Lead from Within

Every organization in every industry pursues ambitious projects, works hard to get and serve clients and customers, and tackles new markets, new ideas, and new innovation. For coaching, consulting, workshops and speaking. There’s a good reason we spend so much time thinking about teams.

Team 136

Long Term Implementation of Quality Teams Within Organizations

Mike Cardus

Slides from a workshop and consultation program on creating an organizational culture that focuses of quality improvement and quality teams. In the workshop and consultation we cover, in depth: Team Roles & Responsibilities. Select and Define the Project. After the Project.

Ensure Smooth Transitions for Successful Change

Change Starts Here

Although construction was moving along smoothly, it became apparent to the project’s director, Brian Horgan, that moving people would not be as easy. In December 2010, the project team met for a one-day workshop to take stock of the potential “people issues” created by the move.

Seven Interviews to Help You Implement Change in Your Organization

Change Starts Here

Guest: Brian Horgan, Project Director at United Illuminating. My guest shares how his project team realized they needed to use change management. I share the high-level process we used in a change management workshop that paved the way for successful implementation.

7 Steps to Solve Team Problems. Moving From Stuck to Flow

Mike Cardus

In all my team building workshops we work to identify where the team is, what is working, and 2 or 3 solution ideas to move the team forward. Choose one project (preferable that involves a team you are leading or involved in) that is new or stuck or that could just use some improvement.

Team 146

10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating and Leading Teams

Mike Cardus

Originally this was written for a workshop called ‘Long Term Implementation of Lean Six Sigma within Organizations’ … and with some changes the content is applicable and valuable to anyone who manages, works on, and puts work teams together. Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating and Leading Teams.

Shifting, optimizing & changing culture…it doesn’t have to be hard

Anese Cavanaugh

“I’ve attended other meetings, I’ve attended other workshops where you are really just sitting in the audience and you are being talked at. ” “I’ve been to many ‘leadership’ workshops and none have been as authentic or honest as this one.

6 Questions to Define a Teams Purpose

Mike Cardus

In almost all of the Team Building workshops and talks I give three themes emerge: Trust, Commitment, Accountability. Choose a current team project, can you answer all the above questions? A team can be effective only if the teams purpose is important to the organization.

Team 131

Goals and do you know what you are supposed to do?

Mike Cardus

Facilitating Team Building and Managerial Leadership workshops , people ask, “ Mike this is great stuff and where do we start?”. Goals and do you know what you are supposed to do ?

Goal 132

Steps to Move Your Team to High Performance

Mike Cardus

While facilitating a 3 day ‘ Quality Tools for Quality Teams ’ workshop the participants came up with action steps for managers to follow whether the team is Settled or Unsettled in the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams. Create a project plan (for the what + when ) task, start date, end date.

Team 123

Team Building and Leadership in Buffalo, NY

Mike Cardus

For two years I have been leading training, workshops and consulting with the University at Buffalo. Additionally, the project planning materials have given me practical tools to help plan initiatives into small, practical steps.

New Film by AthenaOnline – Auntie Claus

Marshall Goldsmith

He turned to his background as a designer and model maker and put together a team to create a wonderful new stop-motion feature film project, “Auntie Claus”, based on the award-winning children’s Christmas book by Elise Primavera.

Film 111

Steps to Move Your Team to High Performance

Mike Cardus

While facilitating a 3 day ‘ Quality Tools for Quality Teams ’ workshop the participants came up with action steps for managers to follow whether the team is Settled or Unsettled in the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams. Create a project plan (for the what + when ) task, start date, end date.

Team 114

MindSpin: Team Building Activity for Brainstorming and Solution-Finding

Mike Cardus

Need experiential and hands-on ways to create lasting memories and content in your programs / workshops / and lessons. Working with a corporate team to identify new product and service ideas , we quickly found the team falling victim to group-think.

Keeping Work Organized when Your Team Is Fragmented

Harvard Business Review

The best way to get the team in synch is to assemble the key stakeholders of a process in a multi-day workshop to map the current and future process, identify areas of improvement, and define an implementation plan. Leading teams Operations Project management

Small Businesses Need Big Data, Too

Harvard Business Review

Our three-year project was designed to build awareness among small firms about the value that data could have for their businesses. Our project is an example of a fruitful collaboration—among the University of Kent, the University of Ulster, dunnhumby, and the government funding body.

Memo to the Boss: Don't Do My Job For Me

Harvard Business Review

I was running a workshop with the executive team running the R&D function of a highly successful Danish company. These documents define what R&D projects they want to carry out, assign responsibility for them, and give direction to the next level down: the project managers. They gave full reasons for embarking on the project, the user need, the value created, the fit with the portfolio, and a technical specification of the product, all on one page.

What Social Entrepreneurs Can Teach Your Company's Future Leaders

Harvard Business Review

Allianz employees are paired with social entrepreneurs for a five-day intensive workshop following a mandatory training session that prepares employees for their assigned projects. Achieving the project goal within five days requires them to balance results and trust.

Data is Worthless if You Don't Communicate It

Harvard Business Review

The lesson: if you''re going to spend the better part of a decade on a research project, also put some time and effort into disseminating your results. For his projects, he recommends a simple framework for communicating about each analysis: My understanding of the business problem.

The Innovation Mindset in Action: Sir Peter Jackson

Harvard Business Review

The result was Weta Workshop —a group of organizations, co-founded by Jackson, and dedicated to special effects for movie and television. Jackson also expanded the pie by extending LOR''s success to others'' projects.

Film 16

Making #GivingTuesday a Movement

Harvard Business Review

With every project, they are spreading the word through their networks, and the connection to #GivingTuesday becomes more valuable. Everyone connected with #GivingTuesday is happy to see excitement growing as our next big day –December 3, 2013 – grows near. This year, there are training and workshop opportunities, online tools and kits, compelling videos, and sample Tweets. The second #GivingTuesday will happen on December 3, 2013.

The Two Questions to Ask Before You Innovate

Harvard Business Review

The project team had certainly prepared for the workshop. I stopped the meeting and asked the project leader and lead executive sponsor to write on a piece of paper what each thought the project''s primary strategic intent was. Create a business that generates attractive profits and has margins that are at or above corporate levels," read the project leader''s note.

A New Model for Innovation in Big Companies

Harvard Business Review

According to my current research at Harvard on innovation models in global companies across diverse sectors, these types of projects fail between 70% and 90% of the time.This should be a deeply troubling, motivating statistic. So nobody was shocked when, for a recent strategy project, Masala passed over many well-known consultancies that he viewed as having already “made a science out of their way of thinking of restructuring.” It seems we’re all racing to get more entrepreneurial.

The CEO Who Led a Turnaround Wearing a Helmet

Harvard Business Review

The company had been without a CEO for nine months, the earnings and stock price were in the tank, good people were running for the exits, and multiple projects in recent years had failed. And more systematic efforts were made to instill a safety culture throughout the organization, most notably a new workshop that started with Paul’s senior team and that was cascaded down and around BHP. And the workshops taught employees new ways to reduce accidents and injuries.

Boosting Creativity Through Constraints

Harvard Business Review

Don''t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of constraints; it''s not always easy to tell ahead of time what the right mix will be for a particular project or circumstance. In the workshops I occasionally run with companies, many activities focus on getting teams to challenge their habitual assumptions and apply a different set of constraints to how they think about the problems they face.

Idea Entrepreneur: The New 21st Century Career

Harvard Business Review

Jim Collins has created a long-lasting enterprise supported by the sale of books and media, as well as fees for consulting, speaking engagements, and workshops. Al Gore created the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps to bring his ideas about environmental sustainability to people around the world. There is a new player emerging on the cultural and business scene today: the idea entrepreneur. Perhaps you are one yourself — or would like to be.

Do Your Business Process Metrics Measure Up?

Strategy Driven

Peter Fingar, co-author of Business Process Management : The Third Wave , then asks these measurement corollaries in his 2013 article “How Do Your BPM Metrics Measure Up?”. Set Clear, Specific Goals – Starting a BPM Project successfully means creating a Project Charter with the Process Owner, Executive Sponsor, Project Lead and Team Facilitator. Are we doing things right? Are we doing the right things?

Your Leadership Development Program Needs an Overhaul

Harvard Business Review

Participants work full-time on their day-jobs, but over a 6-month period they attend workshops and get expert coaching on how to develop their proposition. Mark Thain, Director of Social Innovation at Barclays, said: “Barclays has run such programs since 2013 and committed several million dollars to new products, services, and even a new line of business, surfacing hundreds of intrapreneurs in the process.”

Scaling Up is a Problem of Both More and Less

Harvard Business Review

After a brief opening with perhaps some news about the company, a self-deprecating story about himself, or a bit of indiscreet but juicy gossip, Kelley, a skilled facilitator, spent the rest of the meeting calling on people to describe new projects, introducing newcomers, recognizing birthdays, and asking if anyone had seen a good movie or discovered a new technology. Sales doubled in 2013. Until 2013, the rocks were reevaluated every 90 days.