The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition! I chose this post not just because it elicited strong interest from readers in many countries, but because it may help foster personal reflection and inquiry at the start of 2013.

Lessons Learned from Messy Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development In a meeting to review a proposal over 20 years ago, I (as the youngest and by far the lowest level person in the room) spoke up about a concern I had about the proposal.

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Write a Book, Give it Away and Get Paid #New Rules (My SXSW Interactive 2014 Proposal)

Managing Communities

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An Argument for Conflict

Lead Change Blog

You leave feeling confident that your proposal will be unanimously adopted. Posted in Leadership Development We’ve all experienced it. The meeting goes well. Everyone nods, smiles, and quickly agrees. There are no objections or even questions to answer.

Everything I Learned About Collaborative Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Partnerships Over the last few weeks, I have been working together with a team to prepare a proposal in response to The Children’s Trust (TCT) Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) “Safe and Supportive Communities: Place-Based Service Partnerships for At-Risk Populations.”

Making 2013 a great working year

Chartered Management Institute

Want to make 2013 a great working year? You may not need any ideas about making the most of the year to come in your career. If you’re anything like me, you’ll constantly be coming up with possible improvements! Related Content: Happy with your A-level results?

Scaling the Management of Your Online Community (SXSW Interactive 2013 Proposal)

Managing Communities

I have had the good fortune of speaking at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive for the last 5 years. Only a small percentage of people who apply to speak are accepted, so I am very grateful for the opportunity and have worked hard to offer solid programming for attendees to the event. For the next [.]. Managing the Community

A Christmas Battlefield Miracle

General Leadership

Even Pope Benedict XV intervened, proposing a Christmas cease-fire. Yet his proposal was rejected by both sides as ‘impossible.’. Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James.

Bringing Out the Best in People and Organizations (Through Ethical Leadership)

Leading in Context

7 Lenses proposes a framework for learning the kind of ethical leadership that brings out the best in people and organizations. After 4 years of researching and writing, I am proud to announce that my new book, 7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership is in print! It is written for leaders who want to build ethical companies and cultures, stronger communities and a better world.

Ethics 253

4 Design Thinking Tools for Engaging Your Team

Leading Blog

Until then, your proposed solutions are just hypotheses. This is a post by Andrew King co-author of Solving Problems with Design Thinking : Ten Stories of What Works.

Tools 312

The No-Boss Workplace: Can Great Leadership Be Crowdsourced?

Terry Starbucker

Here’s how Rogoway describes how project decisions get made: Any Treehouse employee can propose a project by submitting it on an internal company website. There’s an interesting leadership experiment going on right now here in Portland.

2 secrets of achievement: make 2014 bigger AND better

Jason Womack

I spent 60 days – that was the plan I had made – to research how to, and then write up a book proposal. There’s a long story I can tell… here are the highlights: The proposal was complete in mid-February. A book publisher in NYC received the proposal. How To Achieve More….

5 things you need to do to sell your ideas


I’d prepare my reasoning in a way that felt right to me; I often found myself thinking as I put the finishing touches on my proposals, “This is good. was a bit of a renegade in my years in the corporate world.

15 Nuggets of Wisdom From 15 Entrepreneurs

Terry Starbucker

What are the secrets to entrepreneurial success?

Lisa Bodell on “The Most Lethal Culture Killers”

First Friday Book Synopsis

In her recently published book, Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution (Bibliomotion 2013), Lisa Bodell suggests there are three kinds of culture: robust (“zombie-free”), negative, and complacent. She also identifies five especially lethal “culture killers”: 1. Empowering with permission — but without action: It’s not empowering when people are given […].

The conversation behind the conversation


. Susan, a sales leader, is checking in with a team member on progress with a proposal he’s preparing. Susan’s words: “How are you coming on that proposal?”

Are you stuck in a sheep cyclone?

Survive Your Promotion

You propose a ridiculous idea as a joke and at least 1 person says “great idea” Your results don’t change even though everyone is “working hard” What do you do to break out of the cycle?

A 236-Year-Old Lesson in Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

To encourage discussion and contributions from the team, leaders must be clear that they are looking for solutions – without prejudicing the process by offering their own proposal at the start. Washington did not propose a course of action, according to participants.

How to Overcome the 3 Organizational Barriers to Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

Just because you’ve done your homework and come up with a great proposal, you still have to convince key stakeholders that your plan is solid.

This Explains Everything: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

This Explains Everything: Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works John Brockman, Editor Harper Perennial (2013) How and why “deep, beautiful, and elegant theories of how the world works” can nourish and enlighten our lives Many of those who purchase and then begin to read this book will learn, for the first [.].

50 Ways to be Happy #6 – The Value of Time

Survive Your Promotion

And just a few weeks ago Elon Musk unveiled his new great idea about travel – the hyperloop – an idea that proposes we could rocket for miles in pods, compressing travel time to just a few minutes. We don’t travel much by train anymore.

Travel 193

Leading through Long Term Influence

Great Leadership By Dan

From my experience with leaders, those who are highly influential use these two tactics more than others: • Inspirational appeal - a request or proposal that arouses emotions and enthusiasm by appealing to other’s values and ideals, or by increasing their confidence in being successful.

Why Sports Builds Leadership

Lead on Purpose

There are many institutions that propose to teach leadership in different areas, with varying success rates. Guest post by Jordan Spindler. Leadership is a personal trait that often proves elusive to many people, however is intimately related to personal success. Leaders are at the forefront of their fields; they are respected and quite often wealthy. Leaders also foster social change, and most of our cultural, social and economic progress is the result of leadership.

Sports 204

Slaying the Politics Dragon

Great Leadership By Dan

If there is a budget crunch going on and you propose a new, huge training program that is going to significantly improve revenue, you may be hit with surprise resistance from people that are getting their programs cancelled.

4 Ways to Change the Energy Conversation!

Great Leadership By Dan

Without reading or hearing their pitches to the panel, without any inkling at all of what the executives would actually propose, Pentland and Olguin forecast who would present the winning plan. Guest post from Achim Nowak : We love to run personality profiles on our leaders.

Energy 264

Becoming a decisive leader

Lead on Purpose

Some companies have a formal process to prepare a case against a high-stakes proposal. “Decisiveness is a way of behaving, not an inherited trait. It allows us to make brave and confident choices, not because we know we’ll be right but because it’s better to try and fail than to delay and regret.”.

15 Timeless Work Habits for Career Success

Great Leadership By Dan

Be a proposer, not an order-taker. Let’s say one of your kids just graduated college and they are about to start their first real job. If they ask you how to be successful at work - what would you tell them? Or, you’re asked to be a mentor to a high potential up and comer. They ask you for your best advice on how to get ahead. You’ve only got 30 minutes. What advice would you give them? Here’s my list.

Career 263

Book Review – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

Survive Your Promotion

I found myself stopping to ponder various points, and even putting the book down and considering myself and all my friends in light of some of the ideas that Susan proposes. I’ve taken quite a few communication style surveys over the last 10 years, and every one pegs me as an extrovert.

Review 165

Life Cycle of Social Media Development

Modern Servant Leader

Here are the stages I proposed for her: Infancy. A good friend and leader in her own field, asked advice on starting her social media engagement. I quickly found myself overwhelming her with new ideas.

Media 226

Why Sleepy Leaders Are Bad Leaders


The explanation the authors propose is that sleep deprivation does not affect the brain equally. It’s a tempting thought: the more we work, the more productive we are. For those in senior leadership, it can be irresistible. The organization needs their senior leaders to lead.

Lessons in Cambodian Silk Supply Chains

Mills Scofield

My boyfriend Brian and I were backpacking in Washington State when he proposed. The engagement caught me off guard, but I didn’t know then just how many more surprises that proposal would lead to--in my professional life.

A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Everyone practiced ‘constructive confrontation’ to express opinions bluntly to subject proposals to aggressive, desk thumping, red-faced criticism. [Editor's Note: This post is adapted from Max's book The Truth About Innovation.].

Crisis 167

HR Innovation is Best Achieved Internally


This brings us to the posture that I propose for HR innovation. This in fact was readily proposed and accepted by the larger majority whenever the doubt arose in all hands meetings where the issue was surfaced by some of the nurses.

Leaders Get The Innovation They Deserve


He led by example by proposing off-the-wall ideas, and encouraging his team to give him the ideas that might embarrass them, to give ideas that went too far. [Editor's Note: This piece is adapted from Max's book The Truth About Innovation.].

Good Leaders TALK the Talk Too


Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind propose just that in their book, Talk, Inc.: Trust is an essential element of leadership, but how exactly do we build that trust as leaders? How Trusted Leaders use Conversation to Power their Organizations.

Managing projects effectively

Lead on Purpose

Once a project proposal hits the desk of the project manager, most of the terms and information inside it can still be too broad or undefined. Once the project plan or proposal passes the viability and feasibility tests, the next phase would be to identify and designate all the individual tasks associated with the project. Guest post by Joel Parkinson.

6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Ideas


Provide a forum for employees to propose, discuss, and vote on ideas (yours and theirs) before they’re implemented. Regulating the Idea Machine (Entrepreneur). Entrepreneurs are Idea Machines. They produce a terrific volume of ideas–some that are pure gold, some that aren’t.

Forecasting Talent Trends


The HR Department could also propose over-hiring those professionals now before a bidding war drives the market value of their salaries upwards. What will the workforce look like in ten years?

Trends 129

Should You Back That Innovation Proposal?

Harvard Business Review

Imagine you were choosing between two investment proposals. Yet, we decided to invest our own money into the first proposal, and advised a senior executive team to not invest their money in the second. The proposal dramatically underestimated how unique the value proposition was compared with offerings from start-ups. The first comes from a team of young entrepreneurs hoping to bring word-of-mouth marketing to China.

How Good Are You in Managing Office Politics?

Coaching Tip

Sometimes these ideas fall flat because the individuals who propose them cannot gain support from key people; they failed to build a coalition that could transform an idea into something concrete. “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” Plato (paraphrased). Politics are about power, the acquisition of power, the distribution of power, the uses and abuses of power.

The Danger of “YES” and How to avoid it

Dave Bratcher

Books have been written about this and one titled Getting to Yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in by Fisher, Ury, and Patton, all hinges on getting a “Yes” If you are married, think about your marriage proposal.

Rewiring the Brain about Food

Your Voice of Encouragement

In reality, those who repudiate a theory that they had once proposed, or a theory that they had accepted enthusiastically and with which they had identified themselves, are very rare. When people set New Year’s resolutions, many include a weight loss goal.

Mission Accomplished

Deep Imprints

I proposed that we look at the church in a new way – a way that would make sense and allow every member to live up to their full potential – not only inside the church, but in their every day world. Almost six years ago, I drew a diagram on a napkin. You might. Read More » Leadership