Are you ready to kick butt in 2013?

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Right now, the idea of kicking butt in 2013 is probably the last thing on your mind. Business Development Career Development Female Entrepreneurs Job Satisfaction Marketing Personal Development Public Relations Social Media

Big Thinking for Small Business

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Granted, pretty packaging isn’t going to close a deal, but being up on graphic/design trends in print and online let perspective customers know that you’re in year 2013, and paying attention. Until you can afford to partner with an outside firm, YOU are a 24/7 publicity machine.

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3 Digital PR Tools Every Business Owner Should Use

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Brand journalism 101: Tell a Better Story

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Otherwise, be prepared to take a lot of heat from its critics who would be elated to escort “brand journalism” out of 2013 STAT. Communications Customer Service Marketing Online Business Public Relations Sales Social Media Strategy

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Build your Brand by Building Relationships

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Business Development Career Development Customer Service Management Personal Development Public Relations build better business relationships building business relationships business relationship advice dawn warden dawn warden-reeder Glen Gilmore the warden ettinger group

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Social Media Made Worthwhile

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I knew I’d turned the corner when upon noticing Sunday morning that my Twitter followers dropped by 7, I shrugged it off, and later that night, when I couldn’t even muster up even one Girls- or Skyfall- related tweet.

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PR 101: Customer Service Counts

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Customer Satisfaction: Results vs. Effort

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Capturing (positive) attention for your brand

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People relate better to a face most often. Career Development Communications Female Entrepreneurs Marketing Networking Online Business Public Relations Social Media StrategyWhen you’re trying to grow your business, it’s your job, 24/7, to capture attention, and when you have it, to make a meaningful connection. You do this by being clear about what you do, who you do it for and why your product or service is useful.

(20 Steps to) Effective Media Relations

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The first step to effective media relations is shaking off the notion that editors and reporters are the enemy. Long-lead publications work several months in advance, and even bloggers keep content schedules. The post (20 Steps to) Effective Media Relations appeared first on Women on Business. Communications Public Relations Strategy

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Target’s Fall Guy: Is Your Board Prepared?

N2Growth Blog

The primary reason stated was because of the continued fall-out from the 2013 massive data breach. Someone who understands enterprise technology systems and has managed decisions relating to them. Crisis Management Leadership Public Relations Talent Management Gregg Steinhafel Target Target Hack Target Hacking News Target Security Breach By Patricia Lenkov. Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

5 Reasons to Share Your Unique Strength

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“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”. Rowling. On a hot and hazy morning in August 1984, Bill Shore’s life changed. He was a senior political advisor to Senator Gary Hart in his Washington office.

Nextsensing: Aspire and Ye Shall Find

Mills Scofield

As a result, few, if any, business leaders speak with rock-hard confidence about the probability of success for their own firms (other than on some public relations platform). I am so thrilled my friend, Joseph Pistrui , agreed to post on my site.

GC21: Gamifying Consumerism at Healthcare University | with Clayton Nicholas

Engaging Leader

After honing his expertise in general management, marketing, strategy and sales techniques across healthcare and information technology sectors, Nicholas now leads marketing and public relations functions while helping to drive strategy and […]. Clayton Nicholas brings nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Fortune 50 executive, and Army Officer to his role with Change Healthcare.

The Death of Veneer Identities

Modern Servant Leader

Organizations masked the realities inside by plastering Public Relations material that claimed outstanding ethics, morals and interests in their people and consumers. Leaders pretended to be exemplary people champions, speaking proudly of how they treat others in the public square. Amy-Jo Martin coined the term and analogy of Veneer Identities in her recent book, “ Renegades Write the Rules “ What is a Veneer Identity?

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Johnny Manziel - How Will Johnny Football Handle Celebrity in 2013?

Building Personal Strength

I hope it's not just his handlers, because I know he's getting great public relations coaching. Johnny Manziel When the Texas A&M freshman quarterback's name was called as the 2012 winner of the Heisman Trophy, I felt a thrill of delight.

Social Media Jobs, Roles & Responsibilities with Infographic

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Public Relations. In the old world, Public Relations served to present the best image of the organization to the public. As a result, Public Relations now focuses more on a frank dialogue about the reality of a given situation. Instead of presenting a veneer identity , Public Relations ensures a candid and balanced story is presented to the public.

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To Help Others Develop, Start With Yourself

Marshall Goldsmith

Leading by example can mean a lot more than leading by public-relations hype. Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves. by Marshall Goldsmith. Listen to what General Mills CEO Steve Sanger once told 90 of his colleagues: “As you all know, last year my team told me that I needed to do a better job of coaching my direct reports. I just reviewed my 360-degree feedback. I have been working on becoming a better coach for the past year or so.

5 Core Values For The Workplace

Tim Milburn

Dilenschneider is the founder and Chairman of The Dilenschneider Group, a global public relations and communications consulting firm head­quartered in New York City. Related posts: Purpose: The Soul Of Leadership. This is a guest post by Robert L.

The Science of Sharing (and Oversharing)

Harvard Business Review

Marketing Public relations Sales An interview with Jonah Berger , Wharton School professor and author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On. Download this podcast. A written transcript will be available by June 6.

A Leader's Guide To Crisis Management

Eric Jacobson

If the junior executive makes some progress, I suggest she/he offer to contact some law firms and crisis and public relations firms that can describe the basic features of a plan and help draft one.

The Flawed Art of Lance Armstrong's Confession

Harvard Business Review

A tough but gentle interview could have been just the right format for Armstrong to win the public back to his side. Crisis management Public relations

Guest Post: Dilenschneider on Workplace Core Values

Eric Jacobson

Dilenschneider is the founder and Chairman of The Dilenschneider Group, a global public relations and communications consulting firm head­quartered in New York City. Today, I welcome the following guest post: 5 Core Values for the Workplace By Robert L.

The Perils of Perfection

Leading Blog

Dilenschneider is the founder and Chairman of The Dilenschneider Group , a global public relations and communications consulting firm head¬quartered in New York City. This is a post by Robert L. Dilenschneider, author of Power and Influence.

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How the Voice of the People Is Driving Corporate Social Responsibility

Harvard Business Review

But perhaps most importantly the general public is clamoring for companies to enact good, fair business practices — and most of that public pressure comes through social media. Feedback through social media is immediate, permanent, and extremely public. It also includes traditional advertising tactics and public awareness campaigns from Dove''s Real Beauty Sketches to a Lifebuoy hand-washing campaign delivered by roti in India.

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How Forgiveness Can Set You Free

The Idolbuster

Guest poster Anda Tudor Anda Tudor is the Public Relations Manager of, the first open network for coaches, consultants and advisors. Steve by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr CC. Today a guest post from Anda Tudor from

Does Your Company Come Across as Too Male?

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The first, from 2013, is a classic, masculine vocabulary of rational, humanless machinery, steely-edged and high-performing. Gender Marketing Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Articlejennifer maravillas FOR HBR. “Oh no!”

6 Reasons Marketing Is Moving In-House

Harvard Business Review

This continues a trend The Association of National Advertisers first reported in 2013. Marketing Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Article

Narrowing the Chasm Between PR Professionals and Wikipedia

Harvard Business Review

Public relations and communications professionals—and the academic programs that train them—find themselves operating in a radically new environment. As Emily Yellin describes in her book Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us , “public relations” was the phrase initially used to describe customer service. One of the most important of these publics is the Wikipedia editor community. Communication Public relations

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Get Your Pitch Noticed by a Major Publisher

Harvard Business Review

Today, editorial voices are outnumbered by public relations professionals by almost 5:1 – something most publishers lament. Public relations professionals need to keep these factors in mind when trying to get a pitch noticed by a major publisher. Media Public relations

The Job Market for MBAs is About to Take a Hit

Harvard Business Review

“Strong demand for accounting, marketing, computer science, engineering, human resources, public relations, and the inclusive ‘all majors’ group will increase hiring for Bachelor’s degrees by seven percent,” writes lead economist Phil Gardner.

Culture Counts

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Michigan), is president of Eich Associated , a marketing and public relations consulting firm. He is the author of numerous publications in the field of leadership, organizational behavior and management.

Yes, Marketers, You Should Pay Your Influencers

Harvard Business Review

Since Nestlé had sponsored the conference, it was seen as a manipulative and disingenuous public relations move. A consumer advocate can be your brand''s best friend.

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Beware Africa's "Middle Class"

Harvard Business Review

If you have considered investing in Africa, you have no doubt been influenced by frequent recent reports on the continent''s apparently large, burgeoning middle class. These rising Africans are said to be increasingly armed with the hard currency, and the taste, to pay for your goods and services.

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Why Is Resilience So Hard?

Harvard Business Review

This began to happen with one newly emergent public relations leader I interviewed. She sought accreditation in public relations, which improved her skills, boosted her self-confidence, and improved her credibility with her boss, setting her on a path leading to greater career growth and fulfillment. Resilience has long been touted as an essential capability for bouncing back from leadership setbacks.

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Why Walmart’s Senior Execs Need to Be on Twitter

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About an hour after the exchange, Kutcher tweeted , “Walmart should be the leaders not the low water mark” along with a link to an article about UC Berkeley’s Institute for Industrial Relations study, “The Hidden Cost of Wal-Mart Jobs”, detailing how low wages for California’s Walmart employees cost state taxpayers $86 million each year in healthcare and welfare programs like SNAP. It’s been a rough month in the media for Walmart.

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Being an Entrepreneur When You're Not Extroverted

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As someone who started her own digital public relations company, it can feel hard to compete with those who have no trouble going out every night, who attend a constant stream of conferences or Instagram every industry party. Many in media, many in public relations, it''s all about developing the skills to function.". "You really hate people," said an ex to me during intermission at the theater, as we discussed our weekend plans.

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Help Your Intern Get a Full-Time Job

Harvard Business Review

Alex, a summer intern in public relations, found herself facing the end of a successful summer internship without the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Alex was smart, talented and well regarded by her colleagues. Her agency, however, simply didn''t have a full time job to offer her at the end of her internship. So Alex''s manager took it upon herself to help Alex find a full-time job. Unfortunately, she''s the exception, not the rule.

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Case Study: When the Twitterverse Turns on You

Harvard Business Review

If you’d like your comment to be considered for publication, please be sure to include your full name, company or university affiliation, and e-mail address.). Charlene was the head of public relations for Canadian Jet. There had also been some negative press about the airline’s approach to labor relations following a threatened strike by the ground crews. It may be better to ignore the bashes and focus on the good publicity you’re getting.”.

What Small Business Can Learn from Emerging Markets

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Of course, there are other areas where you should pinpoint exactly where your efforts should go: R&D: Just as Apple chooses to focus on consumer-delighting innovation with its relatively meager annual R&D spending (only 2.2% Can you use the 'earned media' of public relations as much as HTC and Lenovo do, and the 'co-branding quality rub-off' from highly-respected brand alliance partners, as Haier and WIPRO do?

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The Ethics of Using Paid Content in Journalism

Harvard Business Review

The public relations and communications company Edelman definitely has a horse in this race, but it has issued a useful paper on the relationship of paid content and journalism, which ends with "An Ethical Framework" that makes some unexpected points. button to explain what " sponsored link " means, because we can be pretty certain that the public doesn''t intuitively understand this jumbalaya of lingo.

A Couple Reasons to Smile About

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Review your investment portfolio to identify certain appreciated positions to sell now before taxes potentially increase in 2013. Medicare tax that will be imposed on certain investment income for higher income Americans beginning in 2013.

Social Media Is Too Important to Be Left to the Marketing Department

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Since 2013 the number of customers who expect a response through social media has doubled, according to research from Sprout Social , yet seven out of eight messages to companies go unanswered for 72 hours.