LeadershipNow 140: March 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from March 2013 that you might have missed: 6 Distractions Leaders Need To Resist by John Bossong. Leading from Character Strength from the Graziadio Business Report.

LeadershipNow 140: February 2013 Compilation

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Here are a selection of tweets from February 2013 that you might have missed: From @GECoachingGroup: Do organisations limit leadership development to 'hi-potentials'? Closing the Nation’s Skills Gap : Making Higher Education Achievable - PDF report.

Ethics 307

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DISC Behavior Report

Chart Your Course

Our DISC Personalized Report Delivers Important Information. Action Plan – The individual creates a customized plan based on the results of the report and discussion.

Report 185

Measurement and Reporting Drives Improvement

Modern Servant Leader

Last weekend, it hit me: “Measurement and Reporting Drive Improvement.” Therefore, if we measure something and report it, we drive improvement from our natural tendencies. There will also be those who say, numbers reported may be adequate for many. You bother, because the other numbers reported state your competitor achieved 85% and increases 5% each month. Instead, I think it’s measurement, combined with reporting, that helps us improve.

Report 183

The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to The January 2013 Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2012 Edition! I chose this post not just because it elicited strong interest from readers in many countries, but because it may help foster personal reflection and inquiry at the start of 2013.

8 Posts (And a Trend Report) On Global Thinking

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Using globally-informed thinking helps us succeed in a connected economy and a global society. This week, I decided to corral a collection of posts that help us understand ethical leadership in a global context. Context Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking complexity in leadership ethical leadership ethical leadership in a global society ethical thinking global leadership

Discard and Replenish: What Will You Stop Doing in 2013?

Let's Grow Leaders

2013 will bring new challenges, exciting initiatives and inspiring ideas. With that will come more work, new project plans, and of course new metrics and reporting. The new initiatives will come [.] The post Discard and Replenish: What Will You Stop Doing in 2013? listening performance planning Questions Vision 2013 planning discard goal setting letting go visionYou had a great year… you worked hard, you achieved results, and learned along the way.

100 Trends to Watch For 2013

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton 100 Trends to Watch For 2013 As we head into 2013, the trend reports at the links below will give you a “business leader’s preview” of what to expect in sectors that range from consumer trends, human resources, leadership and marketing to color, food, and technology.

Trends 220

Complimentary Resource – Summer 2013 Mood Tracker Report: Empowering Employees to Improve Performance

Strategy Driven

Summer 2013 Mood Tracker Report: Empowering Employees to Improve Performance. In our new Summer 2013 Workforce Mood Tracker Report : Empowering Employees to Improve Performance , we asked employees what they thought of reviews and what would make them better.

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD.,

Trends 238

Tips For Writing An Effective Nonprofit Annual Report

Eric Jacobson

Here are some tips for leaders responsible for writing an effective annual report for their nonprofit organization. Consider making these objectives for your report: To demonstrate accomplishments ( not activities ) ( results and how you did it). What will be our annual report''s theme?

New Gallup Study: Most Americans unhappy at work

First Friday Book Synopsis

Business Leaders report highlights findings from Gallup’s ongoing study of the American workplace from 2010 through 2012. This is a continuation of Gallup’s previous report on the U.S. This latest report provides insights into what leaders can do to […]. The State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. workplace covering 2008 through 2010.

Report 107

SHRM Top 20 Indian HR Influencers Active on Social Media 2013


As per SHRM , The new report, in addition to gauging the influence of dominant HR voices on Twitter, goes a step further by zeroing in on the content of the Twittersations. Download the 2013 Report Here. Download the 2012 Report Here.

Complimentary Resource – New SHRM/Globoforce Report: Driving Stronger Performance through Employee Recognition

Strategy Driven

New SHRM/Globoforce Report: Driving Stronger Performance through Employee Recognition. Report reveals key insights into managing employee performance. Download the report for insights on talent strategies!

The Most Popular Reasons Posts Are Reported on My Community

Managing Communities

Please Update Your ManagingCommunities.com RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Interacting with Members Managing the Community

From Exponential Technologies to Exponential Innovation

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an introduction to Report 2 in the 2013 Shift Index series, published by Deloitte University Press. Bob''s blog entries Deloitte University Press From Exponential Technologies to Exponential Innovation John Hagel III John Seely Brown (JSB) Michael Lui Report 2 in the 2013 Shift Index series Tamara Samoylova Its co-authors are John Hagel III, John Seely Brown (JSB), Tamara Samoylova, & Michael Lui.

Complimentary Resource – 2013 Sales Compensation & Performance Management Key Trends Analysis

Strategy Driven

2013 Sales Compensation & Performance Management Key Trends Analysis. This report shares the results of the survey, as well as insights based on company size, industry, and annual revenue. In this report you will find: Incentive & sales compensation key insights.

Complimentary Resource – Forrester Research Report: The Business Impact of Mobile Engagement

Strategy Driven

Forrester Research Report : The Business Impact of Mobile Engagement. Click here for more information on Forrester Research Report : The Business Impact of Mobile Engagement. Relate Articles: Complimentary Resource – Forrester Report: E-Signatures Q&A.

New report on crowdsourcing in government

Chartered Management Institute

The growing interest in “ engaging the crowd ” to identify or develop innovative solutions to public problems has been inspired by similar efforts in the commercial world. There, crowdsourcing has been successfully used to design innovative consumer products or solve complex scientific problems, ranging from custom-designed T-shirts to mapping genetic DNA strands. You are not watching this post, click to start watching read more

Three Red Flags that Signal Your Leadership Interactions are Floundering

Lead Change Blog

Let’s say one of your direct reports says something to you, but the vibe of the exchange makes you wonder if there really is something else going on. Posted in Leadership Development Team Dynamics Workplace Issues You know those nagging little thoughts or feelings you have sometimes?

OCD: The Unexpected Trait that Employees Want (and Organizations Need ) Most in a Leader

Lead Change Blog

According to a recent study by Lee Hecht Harrison, 91% of employees polled report that career development is among their top priorities.

Complimentary Resource – The Top 10 Reports for Managing Vulnerabilities

Strategy Driven

The Top 10 Reports for Managing Vulnerabilities. This free guide covers the key aspects of the vulnerability management lifecycle and shows you what reports today’s best-in-class organizations are using to reduce risks on their network infrastructure.

The ‘Engagement Ring’

Lead Change Blog

Read the reports. Posted in Leadership Development You’ve seen the research. Talked to leaders and employees alike. You know that despite our quantifiable understanding of the bottom-line impact of employee engagement, it continues to elude most organizations.

Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?

Lead Change Blog

He has to be reminded about the same report… again. Posted in Self Leadership “It’s unbelievable. I’ve explained this to her twice in the last year. Why am I dealing with the same challenges and issues this year with my team that I was last year? AAAAAAGH!”

Report 374

Are You an Input Junkie?

Lead Change Blog

That is 3 seconds less than reported in 2000 – a 25% decline. Posted in Self Leadership [link] In 2012 the average attention span was 8 seconds according to the Associated Press. It is now official that our attention span is LESS than the attention span of a goldfish!

Report 340

Stephen Colbert Teaches Daft Punk and MTV’s Van Toffler Leadership Lesson

Modern Servant Leader

On the latest episode of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert revealed the highly anticipated guest, Daft Punk, would not appear. At one point, he even displayed an email from Toffler, dated, August 5th, that reads: From : “Toffler, Van” Date : August 5, 2013. Servant Leadership Colbert Report Daft Punk Leadership Lessons Stephen Colbert Van Toffler

Film 200

A Christmas Battlefield Miracle

General Leadership

It was reported the Germans won with a score of 3-2. Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James. In the early months of the First World War millions of servicemen, believing this would be a quick war, rushed from all over the continent to join in the fight.

Give An Experience, Not A Report!

My Own Coach

Rather than analysing all the costs and producing a huge report which potentially could be unread, Jon created an experience for the senior management team. Have you come across aspects of work which seem ridiculous to you?

Succession Planning: Not Just for Older Leaders

N2Growth Blog

billion as of March 2013 (per Forbes Magazine.) By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth. Dell Computer and the story of its potentially going private have occupied many a news column of late.

Nelson Mandela Dies Today at 95

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From the opening address at the debate on the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, February 1999). Former South African President Nelson Mandela, died today at the age of 95. He spent 27 years in prison for battling the apartheid government, but it transformed him.

Why Smart People Do Stupid Work

Let's Grow Leaders

Stupid work includes… reinforcing policies without thinking making decisions that lose customers generating reports no one uses focusing on trivial matters when the sky [.]

Lead Change Blog - Untitled Article

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development SmartBlog for Leadership [link] A Department of Labor report on the glass ceiling noted that “what’s important [in organizations] is comfort, chemistry, and collaboration.” Chris Argyris, business theorist and professor, says there’s a universal human tendency to organize our lives around remaining in control and winning. Might these hidden needs be the reason most companies have failed at incorporating diversity as a [.]

Who Will Tell the Emperor He Has No Clothes?

N2Growth Blog

It is critically important that amongst the CEO’s trusted partners and advisors are those that are willing and have the fortitude to inform, report, and impart the truth. By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

CEO 413

Nice Companies Finish First

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Shankman cites a study where 700 people from a variety of industries reported on the treatment they received from their managers: 31% reported that their supervisor gave them the "silent treatment" during the year. When you have the power usually associated with leadership.

Determining Your Top 5 Priorities for 2014

Michael Lee Stallard

As much as possible, let your direct reports establish their Top Five annual priorities after communicating that their priorities need to align with your Top Five. Provide your direct reports autonomy to set their Top Five, 4.

Goal 396

Winners Are Born In Difficult Times

Tanveer Naseer

And even though classroom training (live and virtual) is perceived to be the least effective (2) , over 50% of organizations report using it (3). 2013 Awards. 1) American Center for Training & Development 2012 State of the Industry Report, 2012.

2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Data Released [Infographic]

Women on Business

Optimism prevails among women business owners in 2013 according to the data from the 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses report from Web.com and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Furthermore, 54% expect to keep hiring at the same level in 2013.

Survey 285

The Ultimate Leadership Tip (From a Trend Too Compelling to Ignore)

Terry Starbucker

They report being less focused on financial success than they are on making a difference. A 2011 report commissioned by the Career Advisory Board and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that the No.

Trends 390

Booth Babes – The Dirty Side of Trade Shows

Women on Business

In 2012, BBC News put together a report about the excessive use of booth babes at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which you can view below. 2013 BBC Video – CES Booth Babes.

Video 254

Diversity of a Different Persuasion

N2Growth Blog

In the 2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers Annual Corporate Directors Survey it was reported that the average age of board directors is 68 and mandatory retirement has risen to 72-75. By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

5 Reasons to Share Your Unique Strength

General Leadership

Census Bureau reported the rate of poverty in America has climbed to its highest level in more than 20 years. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”. Rowling. On a hot and hazy morning in August 1984, Bill Shore’s life changed.

15 Big Differences Between Acting Like a Boss and BEING a Leader

Terry Starbucker

The staff reports to the boss, just like it says on the organizational chart. In fast paced, high stress business environments it can be all too easy sometimes for leaders to slip into what I call “ Boss Man ” mode.

Stress 429

10 Keys To Building a Culture Of Accountability

Terry Starbucker

My biggest pet peeve is wasting valuable time by creating reports that are never read. Two weeks ago I wrote about how leaders needed to be more human to achieve the “ success trifecta ” – a great company, happy employees, and a fulfilled leader.