For 2013, Focus on Your Learning – and on Remembering to Remember What You Learned Earlier

First Friday Book Synopsis

” (Peter Senge) ————— For 2013, Focus on Your Learning – and on Remembering to Remember What You Learned Earlier (And, you know, don’t you, that until you can do something, and then you actually do [.]. “The only job security is found in your own ability to keep learning!” ” (Peter Drucker) “Through learning, we re-create ourselves.”

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For All the Danny Downers

Leadership Freak

Peter Senge said, “Your primary influence is the environment you create.” You want the people around you to feel up not down, hopeful not discouraged. All successful leaders energize others. But, what if you aren’t the energizing type? Leaders often neglect environments in favor of getting work done. Tending personal environments: Personal space has energy. [.]. Fear Influence Leading Marks of leaders Motivation Optimism Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

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Stop Waiting for Someone Else to Provide Leadership

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

” ~Peter Senge Begin within your own sphere of influence. The assumption that change has to start at the top is wrong. You don’t have to wait for senior leaders to make it a better place.

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LEADERSHIP: A Master Class

First Friday Book Synopsis

The video collection also includes a bonus interview with Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management. I have just learned about a new series of DVD programs, produced by More Than Sound, and hosted by Daniel Goleman. Leadership: A Master Class allows individuals and organizations alike access [.]. Bob's blog entries American Psychological Association's Lifetime Achievement Award Bill George Claudio Fernández-Aráoz Daniel J.

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Making Work Better. Small Changes in the Right Direction

Mike Cardus

Images Leadership Leadership Coaching Organization Development Solution-Focused Team Building making teams better michael cardus senge small changes into large results systems drive behavior systems theory

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The Fall of the Alphas

First Friday Book Synopsis

Martin’s Press (2013) This is another “time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” Tom Davenport (collective judgment) Lao Tzu Peter Senge (organizational learning) Robert Greenleaf (servant leadership) St. The Fall of the Alphas: The New Beta Way to Connect, Collaborate, Influence—and Lead Dana Ardi St.

Climbing the Ladder of Inference

You're Not the Boss of Me

It was developed by Chris Argyris and made known in Peter Senge ’s book The Fifth Discipline. building awareness communication Leadership Leadership Development Uncategorized Chris Argyris ladder of inference Peter Senge

In 100 words: Finding a Way Out of Forest


Story Reference: The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. A blind man, wandering lost in a jungle, tripped and fell over a cripple. The blind man said, “I have been wandering since long in this jungle and cannot find my way out!”.

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Fear of Learning

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Image credit: aaronamat / 123RF. Guest post by Chip R. Fear is as personal as a fingerprint. I have a daredevil friend whose idea of a fun Saturday afternoon is to ski off the top of a steep mountain after being transported to the peak by a helicopter.

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Ask, Learn, Follow Up and Grow

Marshall Goldsmith

Peter Senge has written extensively about the future importance of the learning organization. In a talk to the Drucker Foundation Advisory Board in 1993, Peter Drucker said, “The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell.

Great Quotes: Luc de Brabandere on Change, Innovation and Perceptions


This really boils down to what Peter Senge defines as a mental model – our thought process about how something works in real world. When we encounter a change, we first perceive ourselves in a changed situation.

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Our Self-Inflicted Complexity

Harvard Business Review

Of all the definitions, I like Peter Senge''s old but simple one best. This post is part of a series of perspectives leading up to the fifth annual Global Drucker Forum in November 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

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The Embarrassment of Complexity

Harvard Business Review

Martin, quoting Peter Senge, refers to the problem that in situations of dynamic complexity, the links between causes and effects are “subtle.” This post is part of a series of perspectives leading up to the fifth annual Global Drucker Forum in November 2013 in Vienna, Austria. Roger Martin recently diagnosed a kind of complexity that is manufactured by us and largely unaddressed: inter-domain complexity.

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The Rise of Compassionate Management (Finally)

Harvard Business Review

While the importance of compassion at work has long been touted by scholars like Peter Senge , Fred Kofman , Jane Dutton and others as a foundational precept of good management, managers of the traditional, critical, efficiency-at-all-costs stripe have scoffed. Don’t look now, but all of a sudden the topic of compassionate management is becoming trendy. A growing number of business conferences are focusing in on the topic of compassion at work.

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