Why Your Employee Survey Is a Waste of Time

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” I was talking with Joan, an employee of a large medical service provider and this…this was her ultimate response to the last round of employee surveys designed to improve morale and motivation.

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2013 Women on Boards Survey Finds the Gender Gap Closed 1.7% Since 2009

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The June 3rd, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the June 3rd, 2013 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Dye from Lead Change Group presents Why Your Employee Survey is a Waste of Time. You''ve heard of "speed dating"? Well, here''s your monthly dose of "speed leadership development".

Global survey reveals staggering results on job satisfaction

Chart Your Course

According to staffing agency Kelly Services’ annual survey covering 120,000 respondents globally, a staggering 48 percent of employees are unhappy in their current jobs, up from 47 percent the previous year. via Global survey reveals staggering results on job satisfaction.

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Survey Reveals 6 Important Truths About Men, Women, and Success

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is a brief article by Nina Bahadur for The Huffington Post. To check out an abundance of other superb articles, please click here. * * * Success can mean anything from securing a corner office at a major corporation to making a small, positive impact on another person’s life, to spending a significant amount […].

The Impact Habit Survey

Rajesh Setty

Most importantly, we have a survey that will take less than 4-minutes to complete and I would love your help. More people take the survey, better are the results. There are more than 200 people who have taken the survey and we need a few hundred more. link] (4-minute survey).

No Joke: The April 1st, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the April 1st, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival! And then… the employee survey results come in. I’ve never been a fan of practical jokes, so April fool’s Day is one of my least favorite days of the year.

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends. But many of the trends are picking up speed now and should become even more pronounced in 2013. Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD.,

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Three Unique, Effective (and Free) Ways to Get Better Results

Kevin Eikenberry

Communication Leadership Learning survey One way to become more effective at anything is to reflect on your progress, your results and your approaches. Another key to building your skills (but also your confidence and awareness), is to see how your results and experiences compare to others.

March 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Welcome to the March 2013 Leadership Development Carnival! As a bonus, Jennifer includes an infographic of a 2013 survey by The Institute for Corporate Productivity that demonstrates how critical of an issue change is for today’s organizations.

Fox Five Interview: Greg says Vacations Make Better Employees

Chart Your Course

Posted: Jun 11, 2013 5:50 PM EST Updated: Jun 12, 2013 9:01 AM EST. By Tacoma Perry, FOX 5 reporter – bio | email. ” A recent survey showed that the average American has at least two vacation days leftover at the end of the year.

Why People Quit Their Jobs | Top Ten Reasons People Quit

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Employee Retention Employee Satisfaction Surveys Employee Turnover Job Satisfaction Leadership Leadership Keynote Speaker Leadership Speaker why people quit their jobsFrom my years of experience as a business consultant, I have identified a “Top Ten” list of reasons why people quit.

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Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 9/30/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries "McKinsey Quarterly: Top Ten Newsletter (Third Quarter 2013)" "Six Lessons for Managing CEO transitions" "The Corner Office" "The luck factor in all human experience" Adam Bryant Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Had His Top Execs Read These Three Books Are you a Diminisher or a Multiplier? I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS Out Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes G.

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Complimentary Resource – 2013 Sales Compensation & Performance Management Key Trends Analysis

Strategy Driven

2013 Sales Compensation & Performance Management Key Trends Analysis. The latest Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Insights Survey data has been collected and analyzed. This report shares the results of the survey, as well as insights based on company size, industry, and annual revenue.

7 Big Mistakes Businesses Make that Increases Employee Turnover

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Employee appreciation Employee engagement speaker Employee Recognition Employee Retention Employee Satisfaction Surveys Employee Selection Employee Turnover Human Resource Management

Help Your Employees to Manage Up

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I followed up with an anonymous survey to get really specific as to [.]. Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Workplace Issues I finished a training series recently. On the evaluation forms I suggested a variety of topics that we could do next.

Leaders’ Poll: What State Are You In?

Next Level Blog

General Leadership leader''s poll survey Interested in seeing how you compare with other leader''s self assessment of their typical state of mind? If you are, take a second to click on the option that best describes your typical state of mind (or add one of your own at the end). Click headline to continue.

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Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 3/18/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries "Findings of Harvard Business School’s 2012 Survey on U.S. Competitiveness" "International Women’s Day 2013: Defining Success" "Some Things You Might Not Know About Sheryl Sandberg…But Lucky Us "Stop Reinventing Disruption" "The New Aesthetic Resonates in Ferruccio Laviani’s Good Vibrations” "Why Persuasion Doesn’t Require Manipulation" Accenture Global Research Results Adam Bryant Amazon.com ARTINFO.com “The second step to brain mastery” Baratunde Thurston Bernie D.

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Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 11//13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS Out-Executing the Competition: Building and Growing a Financial Services Company in Any Economy Irv Rothman The Birkman Method: Your Personality at Work Sharon Birkman Fink and Stephanie Capparell Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers […]. Bob''s blog entries "Lest we forget on this Veterans’ Day…." "The

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82 Reasons to at Least Try Giving Feedback Better

Engaging Leader

The folks over at the Ken Blanchard Companies recently created an info-graphic called “The Dysfunctionally Connected Workplace,” based on their research regarding leadership and communication for the Employee Work Passion Survey 2013.

360 Survey On the Wall…I Hardly See Myself at All

You're Not the Boss of Me

I’m not a big fan of surveys. That includes, ( dare I say it?), the 360 degree performance assessment type survey. Bob would like his colleagues to complete their survey about him favourably so he completes their surveys favourably too.

Why Doesn’t My Team Feel Recognized?

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And then… the employee survey results come [.]. Posted in Leadership Development You’ve served up regular recognition cocktails of programs, plaques, bonuses, and fun. In fact, you would consider a few of your creative recognition programs to be “best practices.” ” Perhaps you’ve even written a blog post or two about them. You’ve spent lots of money… you’ve put in heartfelt effort.

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Get Prepared for 2013?s Unpredictable Changes and Chances

The Practical Leader

Scholar surveys of American presidents since the 1940s consistently rank Lincoln in the top three and often in first place. And what better way to prepare for 2013 than “giving your team the gift of becoming a better boss?”

Developing Your Happiness

Coaching Tip

The richest data available to social scientists is the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey , a survey of Americans conducted since 1972. The numbers on happiness from the survey are surprisingly consistent. Source: The New York Times, December 15, 2013.

Management Trends to Watch in 2013

Survive Your Promotion

A new survey from Glassdoor is out and what your employees and team members want for the new year might surprise you! What ideas do you have to keep it fresh in 2013? Let’s start with what’s not a surprise: 32% list a raise as at the top of their work-related resolutions list (I’m only surprised that number isn’t higher!). Nearly 3 in 4 (73%) put cash bonuses at the top of their wish list for employer holiday perks.

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Tough or Nice? Be Both, And Be Great

Terry Starbucker

They did a survey of nearly 161,000 employees working for 31,000 leaders, and asked them to rate their engagement, AND their leaders.

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2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Data Released [Infographic]

Women on Business

Optimism prevails among women business owners in 2013 according to the data from the 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses report from Web.com and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Furthermore, 54% expect to keep hiring at the same level in 2013.

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Diversity of a Different Persuasion

N2Growth Blog

In the 2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers Annual Corporate Directors Survey it was reported that the average age of board directors is 68 and mandatory retirement has risen to 72-75. By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

The Ultimate Leadership Tip (From a Trend Too Compelling to Ignore)

Terry Starbucker

Though their managers, according to the study, continue to think that millennials are primarily motivated by money, nearly three-quarters of the young adults surveyed said that “meaningful work was among the three most important factors defining career success.”.

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So you think you want an executive coach?


In a recent survey*, when asked for advice for first time coachees, one leader said, “ Be honest with yourself and be willing to share where improvements can be made. Some methods of measuring progress are mini-surveys, mini-360s, and interviews with stakeholders.

How Ethical a Change Leader Are You?

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In November 2013, I participated in a national survey run by the CMI and MoralDNA to assess the personal ethical values of a range of professional leaders and managers. The survey enabled me to access my MoralDNA profile. The hyperlink – MoralDNA – gives you access to the free survey. Have a try at the survey. Try the survey at moraldna.org , and be prepared for some fascinating insights into your MoralDNA!

Ethics 201

Decoding The Truth Of Leading Multi-Generational Workforces

Tanveer Naseer

1) Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project Spring Tracking Survey 2013. 2013), La Gestion des ressources humaines, tendances, enjeux et pratiques actuelles, 5e édition, Montréal : ERPI-Pearson Education, à paraître. (8)

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The Latest Trends in the Executive Coaching Industry


In our most recent 2012 study, Executive Coaching for Results: Executive Coaching Industry Research, we surveyed over 600 people representing organizations, executives being coached, internal coaches and external coaches.

Employee Engagement Is Everyone’s Job

Tanveer Naseer

While individual survey results vary, most researchers agree that we have an employee engagement crisis around the world. The following is a guest piece by Kevin Kruse. Hey, why is it always up to the manager to increase engagement?”

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Behavior: is it really “just who you are”?


As if that weren’t enough, you get evaluated annually with 360 degree feedback, performance reviews, culture and employee surveys that all measure – directly or indirectly – how well you’re leading. . Being a leader is tough.

Research Shows Most Professionals Think They Can Have It All

Women on Business

The research surveyed 4,100 professionals in 33 countries, and found that work-life-balance is the number one indicator of career success (56%) above money (46%), recognition (42%), and autonomy (42%). Who says you can’t have it all? Not most professionals.

6 Types of Bosses

Great Leadership By Dan

A lack of respect for bosses will often show up in polls and surveys as well. So why are do many surveys should that 50% or more employees have an unfavorable view of their bosses? So many from the "Good Boss" category end up getting low marks in surveys.

Survey 343

Development Is Shortsighted: Interpersonal Skills #1 Reason Frontline Leaders Fail

Great Leadership By Dan

Year after year, surveys are released sharing the plight of the frontline leaders. Nearly 60 percent of survey respondents indicated poor frontline leadership resulted in turnover of leaders themselves or their team members.

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Making The Case For Creating Meaningful Work

Tanveer Naseer

Now, thanks to the recent study “Philips Work/Life Survey” conducted by Philips North America , we have additional insights into why organizations and their leaders need to address the issue of creating meaningful work in today’s workplaces.

5 Leadership Lessons: It’s Already Inside You

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Survey each person in your business, from the janitor and those in the mailroom to the accountant and HR person. Robert Murray believes that everything you need to be a great leader is already inside you. “It’s It’s in your DNA.” I also agree that many people graduating from our schools today do not have the ability to think critically. Problem finders are everywhere,” writes Murray. Innovative problem solvers are rare. Imagination and thinking outside the box is scarce.”

Mindful Mondays: Three Reasons to Consider Dialing It Back a Bit

Next Level Blog

When I run 360 degree feedback surveys for them, they tend to score low on behaviors like pacing themselves by building in breaks from work and differentiating between efforts that require perfection and those for which “good enough” is sufficient.

Cutting Costs/Curtailing Services Can Produce Crappy Customer Service

Chart Your Course

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Careerbuilder.com in 2012, 40 percent of companies said they lost upwards of $25,000 per bad hire in 2011, and 25 percent estimated the cost was more than $50,000.

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Understanding How Organizations Can Measure Digital Success

Tanveer Naseer

Social media followers, when surveyed, note that they will not recommend a social media channel to their trusted networks if the channel focuses solely on solicitation. The following is a guest piece by digital and business strategist Joe Wozny. Success comes in many forms.