Tactical Execution Best Practice 7b – Are You Thinking Lean? The ‘Wastes’ of Execution: Transportation

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Excess Transportation, the second of the 8 biggest wastes of Lean Operations, focuses on the additional transportation costs incurred by an organization when unnecessarily moving materials, parts, or finished goods within the operations cycle.

12 Leadership Qualities of an Often Overlooked President

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His writing has a way of transporting me back in time like few other authors can. By Mike Myatt , Chief Executive Officer, N2growth . I’m a big fan of author and historian David McCullough. Recently I have been immersing myself in his account of America’s second president John Adams.

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Impressive Achievements of Million-Dollar Women-Owned Businesses Revealed

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Taking a look at million-dollar women-owned firms by industry as reported by this research, wholesale trade is the industry with the largest share of women-owned $10 million+ firms (20%) followed by finance/insurance (12%), transportation/warehousing (11%), and arts/entertainment/recreation (10%).

Toward a Self-Employed Nation?

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Here is a brief excerpt from an article written by Wendell Cox for NewGeography.com, a joint venture of Joel Kotkin and Praxis Strategy Group. To read the complete article, check out others, and subscribe, please click here. * * * The United States labor market has been undergoing a substantial shift toward small-scale entrepreneurship. The […].

60 Work from Home Tax Deductions You Don’t Want to Miss

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Transportation for taxis, plane, train, and so on. It’s tax season, and that means it’s time to add up all of those business expenses you incurred during the year to ensure you receive all of the deductions you deserve.

How to Handle 3 Kinds of Conflict

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In this case, both parties needed transportation to run some important errands. Conflict is inevitable, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Learning how to handle, manage, deal with, and/or resolve conflict is a critical skill for any leader. A lot of leaders make the mistake of using the same conflict management strategy for all kinds of conflict. There are actually three types of conflict, each requiring a different approach: 1.

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Innovation Requires a Bias Towards Action


The railroad was initially seen as a feeder of good for canal transport and only later as a fully articulated system of transportation in its own right.

Don't Waste Your Failures

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  They transported me back in time, immediately got me interested in their characters, and also taught me much about the epochs in which they were set. 

The Value of Vision Series – Daniel Burrus

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Visit the airport in Beijing and ride the train that transports passengers from terminal to terminal. Futureview: A Roadmap for Growth and Prosperity. by Daniel Burrus.

Fear of Learning

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I have a daredevil friend whose idea of a fun Saturday afternoon is to ski off the top of a steep mountain after being transported to the peak by a helicopter. Image credit: aaronamat / 123RF. Guest post by Chip R. Fear is as personal as a fingerprint.

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What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

Your Voice of Encouragement

Dr. Perlmutter was the featured guest on the Dr. Oz show on October 21, 2013, in a segment called “Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s?” Sometimes you discover information that’s so important, you want to scream it from the rooftops to make sure everyone else finds out about it, too.

Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 1 of 4

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Among the workers laid off because of the terrorist attacks, 42 percent, or 44,756 workers, had been employed in the scheduled air transportation industry. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

What you listen to can determine your mood and your fate.

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I refer to it as the ‘music transportation department’ because the right song can transport you back to an exact place and time in an instant – and create a great feeling. Everyone has their own time machine. The only question is: how are you using it?

Tactical Execution Best Practice 7c – Are You Thinking Lean? The ‘Wastes’ of Execution: Inventory

Strategy Driven

The ‘Wastes’ of Execution: Transportation.

Team Building Agenda. MBA Orientation

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Transport your tennis ball from the PVC stand it is on to the corresponding PVC stand in the center of all the teams. Resources: Corona transport system. The Corona transport system must start on the ground with the metal ring around the PVC pipe.

Love It or Leave It: The Power of the Status Quo

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In the case of moving houses, packing up all your worldly belongings and transporting them to a new location only to unpack them again is one of the most dreaded activities known to man. I regularly watch a show on HGTV called “Love It or List It.” ” The home makeover show features a couple who are tired of their current house and want to make a change. The show pits two professionals against each other: Hilary, the interior designer, and David, the real estate agent.

6 Silent Productivity and Profitability Pitfalls, part 1 of 7

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The ‘Wastes’ of Execution: Transportation. The last decade ushered in an economic meltdown and technological breakthroughs that have forever changed the business world as we knew it.

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Farmer Super Bowl Commercial: Reflections

Ron Edmondson

Narrated by one of my all-time favorites, Paul Harvey, the ad immediately transported me back to my childhood, riding on the bench seat of the family roadster or huddled around the single, family radio in my grandparents’ house.

Six Social-Digital Trends for 2013

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In no particular order, here are six social-digital trends to watch in 2013: The Content Economy Content may become your company's most valuable asset in 2013. In 2013, content will not only be king, but queen, prince and jester, too.

Fixing the World's Infrastructure Problems

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Department of Transportation estimates that 15% of the country''s roads are in an unacceptable condition and says that road congestion costs the U.S. Global business Productivity Transportation PDF

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Which Is Worse: Airline Monopolies or Airline Competition?

Harvard Business Review

Competition Government Transportation Near the beginning of the complaint that the Justice Department, five states, and the District of Columbia filed this week in an attempt to halt the merger of US Airways and American Airlines is a sentence that cannot help but make a person stop and think.

New York’s Train Derailment is a Reminder of the Importance of Sleep Health Policy

Harvard Business Review

It will take months for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to examine all the evidence from Sunday’s fatal derailment on New York Metro North line in order to determine its cause. Whether or not sleep ends up implicated in this particular tragedy, its role in accidents more generally is beyond dispute, and not limited to railroads or to the transportation industry. Health Transportation

Uber’s “Price Gouging” Is the Future of Business

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Uber offers three primary transportation services: SUV, Black Car, and UberX (hybrids and mid-range cars). But that’s the value of convenience – customers always have the choice to fight crowds during peak times, take public transportation, or if feasible…perhaps even walk the 0.73 Strategy Tech industry Transportation Uber has quickly become one of the hottest startups in the technology sector.

Don't Draw the Wrong Lessons from Better Place's Bust

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The failure last month of green-tech start-up Better Place, which promised to free drivers and nations from oil dependence and revolutionize transportation, has generated both attention and derision. By May 2013 it had sold fewer than 3,000 vehicles. In February 2013, after a series of mismanaged leadership transitions including the firing of founder and CEO Shai Agassi, Better Place finally reversed course. Innovation Strategy Transportation

How the U.S. Airline Industry Found Its Edge

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In the case of airlines, many carriers had become trapped by thinking of themselves only in terms of their company’s core offering: transporting passengers by air from Point A to Point B. The breakthrough came when the airlines collectively realized that they should think of themselves not as pure transportation providers but as providers of travel solutions. Strategy Transportation

Airline Customers Just Want to Know What's Happening

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Communication Customers Transportation The confusion began with an ominous text message. Flight number 2339 is severely delayed. Please see gate agent. Less than thirty minutes earlier, I''d looked on the airline''s website to double check the departure time, since I knew that the East Coast was being pounded by late afternoon thunderstorms. Seeing no delay warning, I returned my rental car and headed to security.

The 787's Problems Run Deeper Than Outsourcing

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Innovation Manufacturing TransportationThe 787 Dreamliner was supposed to be a big jump forward for Boeing — notably, the first plane to be made entirely of composites rather than aluminum. It consumes 20% less fuel than an equivalent 767; which, given today's increasing fuel prices and airlines' diminishing profit margins, should make it an extremely desirable aircraft. Unfortunately, things haven't quite worked out as planned.

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The Escalating Cost of Software Malice

Harvard Business Review

The most recent data comes from a 2013 study by the Ponemon Institute and Symantec of 277 companies that experienced losses or thefts of protected personal data.

Ten Predictions for China’s Economy in 2014

Harvard Business Review

On November 15, 2013, China announced dramatic new social and economic policies contemplating much greater reliance on market forces than it has in the past and inviting private-sector participation and foreign competition in industries long previously controlled by the central government.

The Fallacy of the "China Defense"

Harvard Business Review

January 2013: Wind power is now the number 3 source of energy in China (passing nuclear). After all, we're reinventing the world's largest industries: energy, transportation, and buildings. For anyone who doesn't want to reduce carbon emissions, China seems like a great scapegoat.

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Research: Your Firm Probably Isn't an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Anyone who has hiring responsibilities in 2013 would like to think that the U.S. Santa Fe Transport and Regents of the University of California v. is tackling diversity head-on. But how far have American companies really come?

The Flow of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Now Goes Both Ways

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An example is Whirlpool, which is moving some of its washing-machine production to a plant in Clyde, Ohio, from one in Monterrey, Mexico, mainly to take advantage of lower energy and product-transportation costs. Over the past four years, companies have created more than 80,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by moving production to America from abroad, according to a Wall Street Journal report that cites figures from the nonprofit Reshoring Initiative. The U.S.

Why Emerging Markets Don't Need Elon Musk

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Elon Musk, the South Africa-born entrepreneur, recently unveiled his proposals for the Hyperloop , a groundbreaking high-speed transportation system.

IT Governance is Killing Innovation

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To address this challenge, a global transportation company we spoke with is using a strategic lens to expand the list of project ideas to find the ones with the highest potential corporate value, before filtering them.

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Emerging-Market Engineers Power Global Innovation

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The 161-year-old Connecticut company is the world''s largest designer and builder of vertical transportation systems such as escalators and elevators.

Why Brazilians Were So Quick to Protest Bus Fares

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A December 2012 survey shows declines since 2010 in the proportion of citizens who are satisfied with four types of services: availability of quality health care in their communities, 25% ( down 16 percentage points ); local schools, 48% ( down 9 points ); local roads, 44% ( down 9 points ); and public transportation, 48% ( down 8 points ). Recent protests in Brazil reflect not just opposition to higher bus fares but deep discontent with quality of life, according to Gallup.

What SpaceX Can Teach Us About Cost Innovation

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Earlier this week, the space-transport start-up SpaceX had its most successful launch test yet with Grasshopper, the first fully and rapidly reusable rocket. It was fundamentally different from the mindset of low-cost frequent and standardized transport that SpaceX embraces today.

The "Instant Referendum" That's Undermining Your Leadership

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The water cooler hasn''t vanished; it''s simply become virtual, transported into the cloud. Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows more than a thing or two about running huge, complicated organizations and digital media.

Why Governments Should Get Behind Ridesharing

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These companies allow ordinary motorists to turn their personal cars into a prearranged transportation service. For decades, governments have tried in vain to come up with solutions by adding high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) lanes to roads and spending billions on elaborate public transportation networks.

Getting Real About Health Care Value

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Investments in systems should focus on speeding the refinement of standards for defining and transporting critical data elements that must be shared by patients, providers, and insurers to create patient-centered outcome measures. Words can spearhead social transformation.

The Public/Private Cooperation We Need on Cyber Security

Harvard Business Review

Critical industry sectors from energy and banking to transportation and health care answer to different government agencies or regulators. Not that long ago, cybersecurity was an issue for the back room. Now, it''s made its way to the boardroom and the Situation Room.

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Ten Charts That Show We've All Got a Case of the Mondays

Harvard Business Review

Particularly troubling are the bottom three sectors — service, transportation, and manufacturing or production. If you''re in a workplace in America right now, chances are most of the people around you are pretty checked out.

Leading People in an Anxious World

Harvard Business Review

This is especially true when public transportation has been canceled, or when family dynamics factor into individual decision making. Safety is now Americans'' overriding concern.

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