What I Learned from Jack Welch

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The picture that accompanies this post is me in that moment from 2013.). As a young manager and executive, I (like millions of other corporate leaders back then) used to consume everything I could about Welch and how he led GE. For Welch, the police at GE were the corporate audit staff.

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Leadership Profile: Jack Welch

Nathan Magnuson

I first heard Jack Welch speak at the Leadercast Seminar in 2013. Even though he was over a decade into retirement and in his upper 70s, Welch’s rich enthusiasm for business and leadership took the audience (and the moderator) by storm.

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Jack Welch on the Cruelest Environments

Leadership Freak

Image source: me Jack Welch and candor come together. It didn’t take long for the topic of candor to come up at the dinner I attended after the Chick-fil-A Leadercast. In his usual no-nonsense fashion, Jack said, “If your employees don’t know where they stand, you have no right to call yourself a manager.” Here’s […].

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12 Takeaways from Chick-fil-A Leadercast 2013

Nathan Magnuson

Influence Leadership Learning Personal Effectiveness Andy Stanley Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A Leadercast clarity complexity Condoleezza Rice David Allen Henry Cloud Jack Welch John Maxwell Mike Krzyzewski Roark Denver seminars teamwork trust

Wanted: Optimists!

Nathan Magnuson

Character Expectations Influence Inspiration Leadership Personal Effectiveness attitude Condoleezza Rice expectations Jack Welch Mark Miller optimism positive attitude uncertainty vision Is the glass half empty or half full? You’ve undoubtedly been asked this rhetorical question before.

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7.5 New Year’s Leadership Resolutions

Nathan Magnuson

Character decision-making Expectations Influence Inspiration Learning Networking Chip Heath Dale Carnegie Dan Heath Decisive experiment extrovert flossing How to Win Friends and Influence People introvert Jack Welch learn Mark Miller networking New Years resolutions optimism pessimism resolutions smile winning This year has just about come to a close. The Type As among us are probably wrapping up their goals and planning for the new year (if they aren’t finished already).

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What? More terrific quotations? You betcha!

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries George Bernard Shaw Jack Welch More Terrific Quotations! I am an incurable collector of quotations and now share another group, most of which are new to me. o “I can’t recall a time that was as volatile, complex, ambiguous, and tumultuous. As one successful executive put it, ‘If you’re not confused, you don’t know what’s going on.’” ’” Warren Bennis o “The most serious […].

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The UnStoppables: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power Bill Schley John Wiley & Sons (2013) “We take good care of our people, they take good care of our customers, and our customers take good care of our shareholders.” Former chairman and CEO of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher, provided the title for this review and Bill Schley fully […].

How to Discover Your What

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Incorporate Jack Welch’s successful business practices into your behavior. Your WHAT is the “single most crucial element of your life that needs to be identified, defined, and fulfilled,” says Steve Olsher in What is Your What? Here’s why: Your unfulfilled WHAT will absolutely affect you in a variety of unexpected ways. It could be the source of your high blood pressure, the reason you don’t feel “good enough.”

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The Architecture of Innovation: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries A short list of potential steps than can improve the health of entrepreneurial firms GE Harvard Business Review Press How to combine two traditional models "within a powerful system that consistently and efficiently produces new ideas" Jack Welch Joshua Lerner The Architecture of Innovation: The Economics of Creative Organizations The Boom-Bust Venture Cycle The Case for Corporate Venturing and What Can Go Wrong

Pat Lencioni’s Latest Point of View: “The Lost Art of Simplicity”

First Friday Book Synopsis

magazine Jack Welch Leonardo Da Vinci Make-A-Wish Foundation New York Times Newell Rubbermaid Oracle Corporation Pat Lencioni''s Latest Point of View: The Lost Art of Simplicity Rudy Guiliani SAP Southwest Airlines Sybase The Five Dysfunctions of a Team The Table Group Inc The Three Signs of a Miserable Job the US Military Academy at West Point. Here is a brief excerpt from Pat Lencioni‘s latest Point of View.

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Win-Win Partnerships: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries "Vision without execution is hallucination" Albert Einstein Aristotle John Wooden CMOE Press (1996) Erika Andersen General Electric Growing Great Employees Jack Welch Jeff Immelt Matt M. Win-Win Partnerships: Be on the Cutting Edge with Synergistic Coaching Steven J. Stowell and Matt M. Starcevich CMOE Press (1996) “Vision without execution is hallucination.” ” Thomas Edison Do not be deterred by the fact that this book was first published in 1996.

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 9/2/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Small Giants Community Interview of Jamie Gerdsen Jamie Gerdsen Jefferson and the Virtues of a Good Long Walk" Jennifer Jacquet John Brockman LinkedIn Maria Popover Paul Macmillan Phil Stutz Ramon Nunez (chief executive of LiveHive) in “The Corner Office” Raul Candeloro Sources of Innovation Squirrels Suzy and Jack Welch TED The Genius in All of Us The New York Times The Solution Revolution The Tools Thoreau Why you need to know about Edge.org William D.

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The Score Takes Care of Itself: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

His Standard of Performance" Bill McPherson Bill Walsh Brian Billick Chuck Noll Craig Walsh Don Shula Erika Andersen George Hallas George Seifert Gregory Peck Growing Great Employees Jack Welch devoted Jeff Immelt Joe Montana John McVay Mike White Jon Gruden Mike Holmgren Mike Shanahan NFL’s Hall of Fame coaches Portfolio/Penguin Group Randy Cross Steve Jamison such as Paul Brown the San Francisco 49ers The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership Tom Landry Twelve O'clock High U.

World Changers: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob''s blog entries Apple Arthur Blank as well as independence and control Bernie Marcus C-Change Media Inc Chainsaw Exemplars of an opportunistic mindset and acceptance of risk and potential failure General Electric Chairman Jack Welch Harpo Herb Kelleher How They Lead.and Other Essential Advice from a Self-Made Leader Howard Schultz Informed Consent It’s All About Who You Hire John A. World Changers: 25 Entrepreneurs Who Changed Business as We Knew It John A.

21st Century Communicator: Principle #2 – There is no ONE leadership style


The days of the cookie cutter, charismatic CEOs like Ray Kroc, Walt Disney and Jack Welch are gone. Business leaders frequently ask me, “What one leadership style is most effective?”. If only life were that simple.

It's Just Good Business

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EG - "Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states" Carol Welch For fun, last night, I went to the Melrose games (as a spectator). It is a long weekend so I get more time to read.

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Eighth Annual Hay Group Study Identifies Best Companies for Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Could Mark Zuckerberg be the next Jack Welch when it comes to talent development? Hollywood has the Oscars, Television the Emmys, publishing has the Pulitzer prizes, and leadership development has its own annual awards. There are a few of these annual leader rankings, and quite frankly, it’s difficult to keep them straight.

12 “Out-of-the-Box” Ways to Use a 9 Box Matrix

Great Leadership By Dan

A long, long time ago, back in the days when Jack Welch was leading GE, organizations starting using a “9 box” performance and potential matrix for succession planning and leadership development. Despite its critics, the 9 box lives on. And it should – in its purest, simplest form, it works. It’s an effective and efficient way for a leadership team to assess and differentiate its talent pool, diagnose individual and organizational development needs, and identify high potentials.

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Maybe We Need “No Employee Left Behind” – reflecting on some Unintended Consequences re. Differentiation and Microsoft

First Friday Book Synopsis

Jack Welch, Winning ——————– I think that if we ask only one question: ”how can my company win?” There have been literally thousands of questions. But most of them come down to this: What does it take to win? And that is what this book is about – winning. ” – then we are too myopic, […]. Randy''s blog entries

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The Personal Power of Your Voice

Coaching Tip

Source: The Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2013. Bill Lane: Jacked Up: The Inside Story of How Jack Welch Talked GE into Becoming the Worlds Greatest Company.

Doing What You Do Best Away from the Office

Coaching Tip

And, of course, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric has said, "If you don''t have a competitive advantage, don''t compete."

Compelling Quotes From The New Book, Out Think

Eric Jacobson

Shawn Hunter: When the rate of change inside an organization is slower than the rate of change outside an organization, the end is in sight -- Jack Welch The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers.

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Four Tips for Getting Other People to Lead

Change Starts Here

Last week, I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast, a day-long event with speakers such as John Maxwell, Coach K, Jack Welch, Condoleeza Rice and others. The event was held live in Atlanta and broadcast to 120,000 viewers gathered at hundreds of locations in North America. The location I attended had a photo booth with the Chick-Fil-A cows. It had been a while since I had immersed myself in an event solely focused on leadership (and not organizational change).

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Nice Guys Can Finish First

Marshall Goldsmith

And not many people remember that Jack Welch has a PhD in chemical engineering. The higher up you go – the more important your people skills become! by Marshall Goldsmith. Imagine a world where technical skills, educational pedigrees, even professional achievements and track records no longer matter. Everyone is blessed with equal brains and talent.

What Leadership Book Will Be On Your 2014 Reading List?

Eric Jacobson

Not surprisingly, many well-known leadership book authors made the list, such as authors: Drucker Kotter Maxwell Welch Interestingly, the discussion thread, particularly within the Linked 2 Leadership group of LinkedIn, generated debate about the value and quality of some of the book recommendations.

English Football (Soccer) and Executive Development

N2Growth Blog

A rare exception to the “go outside for talent” mantra was General Electric under the reign of CEO Jack Welch. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too.” ~Jack Welch. By John R. Childress. Chair, Cultural Transformation – President, N2Growth Europe, N2Growth.

When HR Decisions Become Social Media Scandals

Harvard Business Review

First, Applebee's waitress Chelsea Welch was fired for posting a photo on Reddit that showed a customer receipt inscribed with a anti-tipping (but pro-religion) message: "I give God 10%.

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Britain’s Patient-Safety Crisis Holds Lessons for All

Harvard Business Review

Earlier in my career, I had the chance to visit leaders such as Jack Welch (GE), Paul O’Neill (Alcoa), and Ralph Larsen (Johnson & Johnson). In August, Dr. Donald M.

CEOs Should Get Out of the Saddle Before They’re Pushed Out

Harvard Business Review

And a 2013 study by Xueming Luo, Vamsi K. Yes there are exceptions — Steve Jobs and Jack Welch leap to mind. Under her reign, on 1 November 2013, it closed at £1,498.00. When is the best time for a CEO to leave the top spot? I can’t help but think of the Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles — a satirical comedy of what happens when a new sheriff comes to town. In those days, it usually meant the old sheriff failed or was fired – or worse!

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Research: What CEOs Really Want from Coaching

Harvard Business Review

But Jack Welch is another prominent example of a top business leader who worked with an advisor — Ram Charan — for many years. Two-thirds of CEOs don''t receive any outside advice on their leadership skills, and yet almost all would be receptive to suggestions from a coach.

What Capitalism Can't Fix

Harvard Business Review

Former GE CEO Jack Welch, writing in Business Week , characterized the nonprofit sector as a "foreign land" in which performance is not a priority and employees are guaranteed "lifetime employment."

Is Your Company Ready for the Circular Economy?

Harvard Business Review

Then I met three people — a Dutch CEO, a Welch education expert and a German scientist — who saw things in a very different way. There's nothing like being alone on a highly experimental 75-foot boat five days from anywhere to make you realize some pretty profound things.

Is It OK to Yell at Your Employees?

Harvard Business Review

Jack Welch. Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Martha Stewart. Bill Gates. Larry Ellison. Successful. Visionary. Competitive. Demanding. And each with a well-deserved reputation for raising their voices. They yelled. Yelling was an integral part of their leadership and management styles. Is that bad? Is that a flaw?

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Land an Interview with a Cold Call

Harvard Business Review

Says Elizabeth, "If they have a book, read it, because no one writes these people and says ''I read your book.''" (It''s an understatement to say most CEOs'' tomes don''t get the same reception as Jack Welch''s.) I''m a consultant — an expensive, trust-based business.

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Understanding the Game Being Played in Washington

Harvard Business Review

They got the White House to agree to a bunch of automatic spending cuts (the sequester) in 2011, and then in early 2013 they were able, from what seemed to be an exceptionally weak bargaining position after President Obama’s reelection, to keep most of the Bush-era tax cuts from expiring and to force yet another debt-ceiling battle only a few months later. Some portray it as a Manichean struggle between good and evil. Warren Buffett says it’s “extreme idiocy.”

The Problem with Executive Isolation

Harvard Business Review

When Jack Welch was CEO of GE, he intentionally created "listening posts," or meetings with managers from other parts of the company where he could get unvarnished views and engage in more spontaneous dialogue. A client of mine recently experienced a jarring moment akin to a scene straight out of the old Broadway musical " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." She was getting ready for a meeting with her CEO.

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Performance Management and the Pony Express

Harvard Business Review

Earlier this month, in a spirited defense of the forced curve, Jack Welch advocated rating people on lists of competencies so that you can, in his words, “let them know where they stand.” Microsoft has decided to dump the practice of rating individuals’ performance on a numerical scale – a decision I applauded in a recent post. I argued that such rating systems don’t accomplish the task managers expect from them, which is to accelerate the performance of their people.

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Mary Barra Brings Teaming to General Motors

Harvard Business Review

GM’s bankruptcy and bailout four years ago earned it the nickname “Government Motors,” a reference to both the $80 billion lent by the US government (repaid in full in December, 2013) and to the bureaucratic, top-down management GM executives had used to try to reverse the company’s tailspin. This is far removed from the old Jack Welch model of taking charge and keeping the spotlight squarely on the boss.

A Way to Gauge How Well Your Company Is Really Performing

Harvard Business Review

When Jack Welch was CEO of GE, he famously tasked each business with achieving number 1 or number 2 status in its industry, a goal-setting principle that echoes across the decades. Do you have an accurate sense of how your company stacks up?

What GE’s Board Could Have Done Differently

Harvard Business Review

in 2013 to 3.7 When Jack Welch stepped down as CEO in 2001, GE’s defined benefit (DB) plan was sitting on a surplus of $14.6 While Welch bequeathed a strong pension plan to GE, he also left the company with a dubious legacy of what is now called earnings management. Welch reportedly accomplished that feat by engaging in last-minute transactions at GE Capital to make sure the company’s overall earnings consistently met Wall Street’s expectations.

Alibaba Looks More Like GE than Google

Harvard Business Review

As the 2010 case describes: By his own admission, Ma was a fan of Jack Welch, so it was only natural that his organization came to resemble that of GE in some regards. Alibaba, the Chinese internet titan that filed for an IPO in the U.S. last week, could be the largest tech IPO in history.

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