Brand Portfolio Strategy: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Aaker Free Press (2004) Note: I read this book when it was first published and recently re-read it. If anything, Aaker’s insights are even more valuable now than they were then. Aaker has earned and deserves his renown as an expert on branding. [.]. Brand Portfolio Strategy: Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity David A.

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Business is a Laughing Matter

Lead Change Blog

Other research indicates that people are willing to change vendors to do business with people who know how to develop good relationships. That’s what you’ll find from Stanford Graduate School of Business professors Jennifer Aaker and lecturer Naomi Bagdonas who teach a class “ Humor: Serious Business. ”. When I conducted a senior level management retreat, I asked managers to send me a picture of themselves as either a baby or a teenager.

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Personal Needs vs. Customer Relationships

Strategy Driven

Some compile complex Customer Relationship Management algorithms to develop and maintain these relationships. As in all interpersonal relationships, from friendships, to marriage, to company and client, trust and the promise of mutual benefits are the foundation for growth and development. Marketing scholars Jennifer Aaker and Susan Fournier reveal how closely business relationships and interpersonal relationships mirrored each other in an Internet-based psychology test.

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Twitter Weekly Highlights for 2011-03-18

Tanveer Naseer

Here’s a compliation of some of the articles/tweets I shared on Twitter this week: Leaders, Are You Developing Your Employee’s Super Powers? Want respect as a manager? RT @ smaxbrown : Author Jennifer @ Aaker of The Dragonfly Effect reveals how to get results by harnessing power of SM [link] #. Follow @ TanveerNaseer # FF #leadership # management #.

How CMOs Build Brands by Collaborating Across Silos

Harvard Business Review

They inhibit brilliant silo-spanning marketing, cross-silo offerings, brand consistency over products and markets, disciplined organization-wide marketing resource allocation, and the development of marketing excellence centers for capabilities such as social media or events. Chevron used a global brand team formed with top-level operating people representing country and product silos charged to sponsor a process that would lead to a coherent brand portfolio and brand management system.

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Just Adding a Chief Data Officer Isn’t Enough

Harvard Business Review

If you’ve decided to move ahead, then the next step is to effectively build that role into the rest of the top management team. To do so, you need clarity around how the CDO will work with the rest of the top management team as well as incentives that support collaboration across the top executives and senior managers — something that goes beyond equity compensation. David Aaker’s helps explain why in his book, Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative.

Why Do We Get So Emotional About Brands?

Harvard Business Review

Some of the pioneering work on applying this idea to brands and actually measuring their personalities was done in the 1990s by Jennifer Aaker, then at UCLA and now at Stanford. The changes in gender perceptions and attitudes have been pretty dramatic, not just in developed countries but worldwide. Dove Men+Care’s brand managers see themselves not as altering consumers’ attitudes but as just trying to keep up with changes that are already well underway.