Twitter Weekly Highlights for 2011-03-18

Tanveer Naseer

Listening Is Critical in Today’s Multicultural Workplace [link] # leadership #communication # diversity #. RT @ smaxbrown : Author Jennifer @ Aaker of The Dragonfly Effect reveals how to get results by harnessing power of SM [link] #. Minority Entrepreneurs Still Face Bias, Prof Says [link] # entrepreneurship #diversity #. Here’s a compliation of some of the articles/tweets I shared on Twitter this week: Leaders, Are You Developing Your Employee’s Super Powers?

Personal Needs vs. Customer Relationships

Strategy Driven

Marketing scholars Jennifer Aaker and Susan Fournier reveal how closely business relationships and interpersonal relationships mirrored each other in an Internet-based psychology test. Aaker and Fournier found that relationships with the ‘exciting’ company had the trajectory of a short-term fling, while those involved with the ‘sincere’ company developed a relationship that deepened over time.

Aaker 59