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LeadershipNow 140: September 2016 Compilation

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Bridging the Manager/Millennial Disconnect by @DanNegroni. Business Book Classic: The Abilene Paradox by @WallyBock. The Key to Being Resilient by @SusanMazza. How NOT to Screw Up Organizational Change by @macdarling. From @JohnBaldoni How Arnold Palmer Mastered Golf And Fame By Being Himself.

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The #1 Killer of Change

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Senior managers follow, apparently slavishly, structural change, without a clear vision to underpin it. That phenomenon, first described by Jerry B Harvey in his article ‘The Abilene Paradox’, highlighted his views on consensus inertia. That issue has some typical outcomes. They seem unclear about purpose.

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So, We All Agree?… Really? | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

It’s called The Abilene Paradox The Abilene Paradox was introduced by Jerry B. You can share the “Abilene Paradox&# anecdote with meeting participants before a meeting actually starts. You make a really great point about managing agreement being as important as managing disagreement.