6 Leadership Behaviors That Crush Motivation

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Employee motivation is essential to a team’s and organization’s success. From increased productivity and team performance to decreased turnover and absenteeism, the power of a motivated workforce cannot be denied.

11 Quotes to Inspire You to Communicate with Compassion in The Workplace


Research shows that better communication leads to higher engagement, which is linked to increased employee motivation, productivity, sales, and – on the flip side – less absenteeism, turnover and injuries in the workplace.


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For the L of It: Leadership and Love

The Practical Leader

” A stronger indicator of management’s ability to energize or enervate team members is absenteeism. Uncategorized leadership development management leadership inspiration employee engagement inspirational leadership employee empowerment employee motivation disengagement Psychology Today Samuel Ullman absenteeismI once asked a manager how many people work for his company. He said, “About half.”

The Four Vs of Employee Motivation: Velocity, Visibility, Value, and Valor

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According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report, “engagement makes a difference to the bottom line,” which can have an impact on productivity, profitability, customer service, turnover, and absenteeism. Try sticking with the 4 Vs of employee engagement when you implement an employee recognition and motivation program. For companies that want to remain on the forefront of innovation, employees must remain engaged and motivated to work hard.

Six Resolutions for a Winning Corporate Culture

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A 2012 survey by human resource firm LRN Corporation found that bosses who genuinely trusted their workers and gave them more autonomy saw these benefits: less misconduct and absenteeism, as well as greater engagement, innovation, customer service and financial growth. The start of a new year is a great time for companies to assess their corporate environment. Consider it your corporate culture resolutions list. Here are six steps to get you started in the right direction. Be the leader.

5 Tips for Raising Morale at the Office

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Greet each morning with a productive, optimistic workforce or a huge absenteeism rate — as an employer, the choice is yours. If you’re guilty of requiring employees to participate in goofy skits or ridiculous, lengthy motivational speeches, it’s time to upgrade your morning meeting. Communication Articles Employee appreciation Employee Engagement Employee engagement speaker Employee Motivation Articles Employee Recognition employee motivation raise morale

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Conflict Without Casualties

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Drama costs the US workforce over $350 billion per year in lost productivity, absenteeism, passive-aggressive behavior, and wasted energy. Susan has shared her message on optimal motivation and thriving together in all 50 states and over 40 countries. You can join Becky Robinson live on May 7, 2019 at 12 PM ET as she talks with Susan about why the ways we typically motivate ourselves don’t work.

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Humorous Speaker for Your Next Event

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One way to encourage humor and fun in your workplace is to hire humorous motivational speakers for your corporate events and conferences. Reduce absenteeism. Improve employee motivation. A humorous talk from a funny motivational speaker gives your employees something to gossip about in the break room and can help with team building even among those employees who are normally shy and introverted. How many boring meetings have you attended?

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Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

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Employees are no longer just motivated by a paycheck. A common reason for absenteeism is poor health. The investment will pay for itself, however, since you will eventually decrease cases of absenteeism, depression, or lack of motivation. Those who are there just for the money will usually work inefficiently. To improve employee morale and health, you can consider implementing these tips. Encourage Employees to Work Out.

Employees are a company’s greatest Asset!

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According to research conducted by Gallup, disengaged employees cost companies $450-to-$550 billion in lost productivity each year as a result of poor performance and high absenteeism. Additionally, developing staff is one of the most effective motivator for retaining them.

The Key to Sustainable Performance

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Sustainable performance means your organization efficiently and effectively provides quality products and services, is blessed with low absenteeism and low staff-turnover. If, in your selection process, you’ve gone further than only hiring capable personnel, and choose those with learning and development possibilities and intrinsic motivation to work for you, your next (and possibly most important) priority is to keep excellent coworkers on board.

Do You Suffer from a Neglected Organization?

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The work environment is characterized by complaining (especially amongst one another), general negativity, high absenteeism, and a large brain-drain of valuable employees who seek better opportunities elsewhere. By fulfilling these needs, you tap into your coworker’s intrinsic motivation. By sending, your focus is on extrinsic motivation (nice events, for example). You have a problem. Coworkers come to work, aren’t really involved, and generally feel themselves unappreciated.

Four Kinds of Feedback in an Excellent Organization

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You limit the cost side of the equation by ensuring a low staff turnover, low absenteeism, and stimulating (organizationally) proactive behaviors. And you improve performance by focusing on motivation, especially intrinsic motivation. Why does an organization exist? In essence, to produce something, whether that is a product or a service. And in order to exist in the future, this production needs to be sustainable.

Team Engagement Brings Competitive Advantage

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There is a lack of employee engagement and productivity as accuracy levels decrease, absenteeism increases, motivation is lacking and an unhealthy degree of competitiveness exists. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Michael Jordan. Team dynamics is one of the overlooked parts of a business. Yet it affects so much of a how a business operates, from the individual in the team to the company as a collection of teams to the entire market place.

The Growing Importance of Employee Wellbeing at Work

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The global cost of employees experiencing mental distress through lost productivity, absenteeism and turnover is estimated to be around $2.5 Historically, companies have struggled to champion employee wellbeing at work. It took center stage last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Questions Most Leaders Have Never Asked

Great Leadership By Dan

When people feel judged, criticized, and blamed, they are not mentally engaged, motivated, happy, or healthy. When people are devastated, unappreciated, undervalued, or unrecognized for their contributions, productivity decreases while absenteeism and turnover increase. Guest post by Marcia Daszko : It’s essential for courageous leaders to ask the bold, imperative questions about performance appraisals! What’s our purpose and aim in using appraisals? What are our strategies?

How To Create A Positive Culture In The Workplace

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Employee disengagement is costly because it leads to higher absenteeism rates, more workplace-related accidents, and more errors and defects in their output.

This Week's Leadership Book To Read: The Leadership Challenge

Eric Jacobson

Enhance motivation and the willingness to work hard. Reduce absenteeism and turnover. There is good reason why, The Leadership Challenge , book is now in its sixth addition.

The Power of Presence

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Have you ever heard of an “absentee leader” or manager? A vacuum replaces culture, vision, and motivation. Be real in your purpose, which is to motivate and support your people. In this era of working remotely, having “commuting executives” who travel from city to city, and leadership that takes on added locations and broader areas, a growing trend has developed where employees don’t see their leaders as much, or hardly at all.

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Book Recommendation For Leaders: The Leadership Challenge

Eric Jacobson

Enhance motivation and the willingness to work hard. Reduce absenteeism and turnover. There is good reason why, The Leadership Challenge , book is now in its sixth addition.

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4 Benefits an Organizational Psychologist Brings to the Workforce

Strategy Driven

The results of high employee engagement are lower turnovers, less absenteeism, increased sales, and ultimately improving the company’s bottom line. A heightened awareness of natural behaviors and motivators can incite personal growth among both employers and employees.

November 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

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Steve writes, “ Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and culture. Marcella summarizes: “ Appreciative attention for people helped this client lower their absenteeism. The ‘why’ is essential to your quality of motivation, well-being and performance. Welcome to the November Leadership Development Carnival.

How to Use a Career Page to Positively Show off Culture to Candidates

Chart Your Course

The Harvard Business Review reports culture directly impacts employee satisfaction, job performance, business creativity, commitment and loyalty, retention and absenteeism, and — perhaps the most important quality to executives — the bottom line. Finding job candidates who align with your company’s culture increases their motivation to be productive at work and produces better results.

Compassion – A Cornerstone In Today’s Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

This is why compassion is vital in today’s leadership because it’s the key to the internal driving force found within each us to understand what motivates our employees, what matters to them, and how we can connect the work they do to the shared purpose that defines why we do what we do.

Leadership & the Super Committee

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The politician makes speeches and promises motivated by pride, ego, notoriety, power, position, stature, and personal success. Contrast this with a statesman who keeps commitments, is motivated by service above and beyond self, and by making a lasting positive difference. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

Employee Turnover Costs Millions of Dollars

Chart Your Course

They also keep employees engaged and productive, reduce absenteeism and human resources issues, limit the chances your top performers leave for a job with better benefits and even improve the company’s bottom line. That should be motivation enough to treat your workers right. The post Employee Turnover Costs Millions of Dollars appeared first on Business Motivational Speaker|Team Building |DISC Training.

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3 Reasons to Allow Pets in Your Workplace

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Increased workplace monotony contributes to low productivity, stress, and employee absenteeism. Your employees may be motivated to come in to work just to check on the little guy! Willing, motivated employees are the ones most likely to perform at their best. Stress-related physical illness is one of the greatest causes of absenteeism and one of the greatest contributors to rising healthcare costs in the workplace.

Leaders: How To Make Extraordinary Things Happen In Organizations

Eric Jacobson

Enhance motivation and the willingness to work hard. Reduce absenteeism and turnover. There is good reason why, The Leadership Challenge , book is now in it’s sixth addition. It expertly teaches you what to do as a leader to mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done in your organization. Revised to address current challenges, this sixth edition marks thirty years since the book was first published.

How to Cultivate Gratitude, Compassion, and Pride on Your Team

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And it was moral emotions like gratitude, compassion, and an authentic pride that motivated these actions. Managing people Motivating people Emotional intelligence Digital ArticleJoel Gerone/EyeEm/Getty Images. As a leader, what traits should you cultivate in your employees? Grit – the ability to persevere in the face of challenges? Sure. A willingness to accept some sacrifices and work hard toward a successful future are essential for the members of any team.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

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Flexibility defines things like working hours, collaborations, workload, deadlines, and rules about absenteeism and reporting to work. Employee turnover rate refers to the number or percentage of employees who leave an organization and have to be replaced by new workers.

7 Dangerous Leadership Practices

Ron Edmondson

And because he was mostly an absentee leader, even if he was working when he wasn’t around (and I personally knew he was often working out of the office), no one believed he was. I’ve seen it so many times. Most likely you have also. Dangerous leadership practices. .

The Insiders Guide to Communicating the Big Picture

Let's Grow Leaders

High Absenteeism. They just didn’t seem motivated to try. If your team is struggling with poor results, apathy, and feelings of being overwhelmed, stop and consider if they really understand the big picture. Can they grasp real meaning in their work beyond the growing daily to do list. As we continue our series on the biggest mistakes team leaders make , we focus on the perils of under communicating the big picture.

3 Practices to Protect Your People from Toxic Stress and Burnout

Michael Lee Stallard

Vision exists when people in an organization are motivated by the mission, united by the values, and proud of the reputation. greater revenue growth, 21% greater productivity, 22% greater profitability, 10% higher customer service metrics, 41% lower quality defects, and 37% lower absenteeism. Burnout is on the rise in healthcare. Increased stress and complexity, and the demands to achieve higher productivity are taking a toll.

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Possibility Maximizer: Maxim Health Systems' Flu and Wellness Podcast

Sales Wolf Blog

Successories Motivational Products Talent Managment Magazine Testing and Assessments - An Employers Guide to Good Practices Testing and Assessments - DOL The Rainmaker Group - Possibility Maximization An amazing group of people commited to making a difference in the world they live - one soul, one organization, one Customer Experience at a time.

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My Best Advice for Leaders When Things Are Going Wrong

Ron Edmondson

When you disappear: The people trying to follow you – your team – will have less motivation to work hard. Ultimately, you will never solve the problems as an absentee leader. In my pre-ministry business days, Cheryl and I owned a small manufacturing business. We owned another business prior to this one and it had been extremely successful. We were able to sell it and purchase this new venture.

7 Dangerous Mindsets for a Leader

Ron Edmondson

And, because he was mostly an absentee leader, even if he was working when he wasn’t around (and I personally knew he was often working out of the office), no one believed he was. If “I” did it – if it was all because of “me” – “they” may soon, even if in only in their motivation – let “me” do it on my own. I’ve seen it so many times. Most likely you have also. It is tragic.

7 of the Most Dangerous Leadership Mindsets I’ve Observed

Ron Edmondson

And, because he was mostly an absentee leader, even if he was working when he wasn’t around (and I personally knew he was often working out of the office), no one believed he was. If “I” did it – if it was all because of “me” – “they” may soon, even if in only in their motivation – let “me” do it on my own. I’ve seen it so many times.

How to Tell Your Boss That You’re Not Engaged at Work

Harvard Business

” He noticed that organizations tended to overlook the influence that everyday experiences have on people’s work motivation, focusing instead on their talents, skills, and expertise. Meanwhile, lower engagement has been linked to a range of problematic outcomes, such as increased turnover, absenteeism, and stress. When people are highly motivated, both are very similar. Camelia Dobrin/Getty Images.

Why do some persist and some quit? Because…

Strategy Driven

A strong motive forces one to surmount many difficulties. Give your prospect a list of things he or she can do to improve morale, productivity, absenteeism, or profit. Is there a secret to follow-up? Is there a best way to follow-up? Why do people quit too soon? Big question. Why do you quit too soon? Bigger question. Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich? Biggest question. Reason?

7 of the Most Dangerous Leadership Mindsets I’ve Observed

Ron Edmondson

And, because he was mostly an absentee leader, even if he was working when he wasn’t around (and I personally knew that he was often working out of the office), no one believed he was. If “I” did it – if it was all because of “me” – “they” may soon — even if in only in their motivation — let “me” do it on my own. I’ve seen it so many times.

Higher Wages Aren’t Enough to Turn Mediocre Jobs into Good Ones

Harvard Business

Drawing on the concept of “efficiency wages,” some economists argue that higher pay can by itself improve performance by enabling companies to attract and retain better people and by motivating employees to work harder. Last-minute promotion or delivery changes that require managers to spend their time on last-minute schedule changes, which then disrupt employees’ lives and drive absenteeism, turnover, and understaffing, all of which increases the likelihood of errors.

Why Dr. Deming’s Work is So Important to Me

Deming Institute

My co-workers and I didn’t understand why we had to be motivated to sell video game systems during the holiday shopping season, since that’s what we already enjoyed doing ( read more about it in this post from my blog ). It was one of my first experiences with teamwork and intrinsic motivation being squashed by extrinsic incentives and competition. Occasionally, a brother would get voted out of the chapter after a period of excessive absenteeism. Guest post by Mark Graban.

?47 Warnings & Ways to Improve Employee Morale & Performance

Miles Anthony Smith

​ “Achievement and recognition are high motivators for employees. Leads to greater productivity from employees who are highly motivated​ ​ 16. Leads to minimal absenteeism ​ 17. Affects productivity as employees don’t feel motivated to meet targets ​ 23. High levels of absenteeism ​ 36.