Multitasking vs. Active Listening for Your Team

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Here’s why: A good leader serves their organization through active listening and full participation in meetings. As the dialogue progresses, he listens for keywords while he responds to email on the blackberry and, eventually, needs to pull out his laptop.

Why Managers Don’t Listen (Poor Listener Syndrome): and the Cures!

Great Leadership By Dan

One of the most important skills for any manager is listening. Listening demonstrates respect, concern, an openness to new ideas, empathy, compassion, curiosity, trust, loyalty, and receptivity to feedback – all considered to be qualities of an effective leader. Listening isn’t rocket science. We are born with the ability to listen, yet somehow managers, at some point in their careers, seem to forget how to use this natural born gift. They listen selectively.

3 Tips for Career Conversations That Energize and Engage Employees

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Recently Forbes Magazine cited a study reporting that a majority of employees are dissatisfied and that “many feel stuck in their jobs, unable to consider a career move even if they’re unhappy.”. Here are 3 tips for holding a great career conversation: Tip #1: Ask juicy questions.

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It Pay's to be Likeable

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Remember that listening is a lifetime activity and that we all can continuously improve this essential skill. Take at least a half hour every month to get completely silent in a meeting and practice active listening. What does it take to win success and influence?

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5 Secrets to a Successful Panel Interview (and other career tips)

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This shows you are an active listener and can help steer a conversation. Make each person feel valued and actively listen to their responses. Other Career Tips (Free Downloadable Guide). 5 Ways You’re Sabatoging Your Career.

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Leadership Caffeine: Listen with Intent

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Yesterday, a valued colleague described a fascinating professional interaction and used the phrase, “listening with intent.”While To Do" List Career Leadership Leadership Caffeine Professional Growth Values Beyond Active Listening Empathy Listen with IntentWhile I imagine it is something on the level of “seek first to understand,” the phrasing works for me.

Leading with Character: Social Intelligence

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When people feel excluded it triggers “social pain,” i.e. feelings of exclusion that activate the part of the human brain that feels physical pain. Practice active listening. Listen carefully and be present in conversations.

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Are You Listening?

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The best way to get into someone else’s frame of reference is to listen. There is a difference between hearing someone speak and listening to someone speak. He was hearing her talk, but he had not truly listened and absorbed what she said. If the guy was passively listening, sweat will begin to glisten on his brow, and he might stutter something like, “Well…I, uh…don’t know. The most common answer to this question is: They are great listeners.

Got questions?

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A few years into my career, I worked for a boss who asked a whole new style of questions. Asking questions that really matter + actively listening to the answer + critically reviewing what’s been shared = a good life practice.

The Chronically Unhappy Employee

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Communication skills deficits (particularly deficits in active listening skills and the ability to read body language, interpret social cues, and step into others’ shoes).

Everything You Need to Know About Great Leadership

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14. Engage in active listening. They listen actively by restating information, and they offer subtle encouragement by nodding, smiling or leaning in to prompt the person talking to continue and elaborate on their ideas. Listen; seek new ideas and advice. Lead From Within Business Career Inc. Effective leadership can be thought of as a set of qualities and skills. Different leaders may have different makeups, different strengths and challenges.

5 Leadership Roles To Get Your Team Walking Through Brick Walls

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” I’ve heard this sentence a few times in my career, spoken about great leaders I have known and respected. “Wow, they would walk through a brick wall for that guy!”

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September 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

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Bernd Geropp shared How to become a better listener and imrpove as a leader. Bernd writes: “The majority of employees consider their boss to be a poor listener. Therefore, as a true leader, you should always ask yourself how to become a better listener. Here are 6 simple tips you can immediately implement to become a better listener and 3 crucial tips on how to ask questions the right way.” Discover Bernd on Twitter at @moreleadership.

Listen Up! 5 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Listening Skills

Tanveer Naseer

Are you part of the 25 per cent of leaders who aren’t really listening to their employees? It could be harming your reputation and career. Become a better listener and everyone wins: your employees feel part of a team and you can lead them to success.

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Mastering the Art of Coaching

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In fact, anyone can throw up a sign that declares that they are a career coach, a life coach, a business coach, or just about any other type of coach, even if they are devoid of coaching credentials of any kind. An art form is generally considered to be any human activity that can be regarded as an expression of creativity, and the best coaches do bring their very best creative talents into the coaching conversation.

If You Can’t Find a Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single

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Their stories were typical of research I have been conducting on dual-career couples. Her husband continued his career. Anything in between ends up being a morale- and career-sapping morass. ” And into marriages billed as equal, as long as the man’s career isn’t disturbed by his wife’s success. They applaud and support them — until it starts to interfere with their own careers. Active listening.

99 Simple Things That Will Help You Build Trust and Credibility

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Learn by listening. Listening is the stepping stone to learning. Listen instead. Be an active listener. The person who knows how to listen is the person who will always be trusted. You must be well prepared to take on criticism and learn to improve; those who listen and learn are more credible. Lead From Within Business Career Inc. Trust is the most valuable asset and the most precious resource. It allows for vulnerability and honesty.

10 Dreadful Mistakes People Make When Having a Conversation

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1: Speaking but not really listening. Most of us have heard before that one of the most important facets of good conversation is being a good listener, but it’s more than just listening to the other person talk. You need to know how to listen and respond in a way that demonstrates you’re contributing to the conversation. One way to improve is with the technique of active listening. Really listen and be interested in what the others are saying.

90 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Business Leadership

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You need top communication skills for giving direction, providing encouragement, giving feedback, and listening. Listen with understanding, and do your best to foster a positive solution. Be an active listener. When you listen, you learn. Leaders need the ability to really listen in order to understand. Lead From Within Business Career Inc.

Why Compassion Is Key To Succeeding At Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

For myself, this September also marks a special milestone in my writing career – specifically, it marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of my first leadership book, “ Leadership Vertigo ”.

Finding And Being A Mentor With Richard McLemore – The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 6

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His specialties include coaching hiring/interviewing, revenue attainment, and career development. Be an active listener. T oday’s guest on The Answers From Leadership Podcast is Richard McLemore. He was the Canada BDC Regional Manager for Oracle.

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Multiplying the Effective Intelligence of Your Organization

Great Leadership By Dan

Do you use that to rally them and challenge them to help everyone step up to more active learning, interactions, collaboration and teamwork?

5 ways leaders can be more approachable


It’s rarely intentional on their part even if the office gossip might make one believe their behavior is “on purpose” Without a change in an unapproachable leader’s behavior, this can become a significant career staller or stopper. ” Listen: You might think everyone would know that when they ask a question, they need to listen to the answer. When you listen, do so by turning off the chatter in your brain (as well as your mouth).

The Big Picture of Business – Mentoring Guides Your Success

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The mentor becomes a role model, offering insights about their own life-career. The mentor requests pro-active changes of mentee, evaluates realism of goals and offers truths about path to success and shortcomings of mentee’s approaches. Life and careers include peaks and valleys.

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Laziness – The Counterintuitive Act Of Leadership

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Because surely it invites someone to give you a long, detailed list of activities they’d like you to complete. I’m saying this: at a certain point in your career – earlier than you may realize – it’s not about your ability to Get Stuff Done anymore.

25 Tips for New Managers

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Spend time with each and every employee and get to know their jobs, career and development goals, hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, the names of their children and pets, where they live, and anything else that’s important to them. Learn and practice active listening. If I had to pick just ONE skill, listening would be the one I’d say is the most important skill to master as a leader.

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Shut-up & Listen | N2Growth Blog

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The best leaders are proactive, strategic listeners. They recognize that knowledge and wisdom are not gained by talking, but by listening. In today’s post I’ll quickly examine the merits of developing your listening skills. Talk less and listen more.

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Thought-full Thursday: Beginnings | Aspire-CS


New melodies I am looking for: Trusting self and others, Active listening, Rekindling relationships, Collaborative connections, Creating a circle of influence and Giving. Home Who We Are What We Do Services Contact My Favorite Blogs All Things Workplace Bob Sutton – Work Matters Brain Leaders and Learners Bret L.

The Big Picture of Business – Tribute to Dick Clark

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I started out my career by aspiring to be like Dick Clark. He replaced other DJ’s as host of a local bandstand show at WFIL-TV in Philadelphia, switching his musical emphasis from big bands and easy listening music to the emerging rock n’ roll. Insight offered about own life-career.

You Can't Argue With Crazy | N2Growth Blog

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Turning the other cheek, compromise, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, finding common ground, being an active listener, service above self, and numerous other approaches will always allow one to be successful in building rapport if the underlying desire is strong enough.

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7 Skills Required For Exceptional Team Teadership

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Good communication skills involve really listening, keeping it short, asking questions, noticing body language and repeating back a summary of what has been discussed. Active listening is often seen as a soft skill, but it is fundamental to being a great leader and drives employee engagement.

Partners, Not Employees

Marshall Goldsmith

Active Listening. The thing about listening that escapes most people is they think of it as a passive activity. Good listeners consider what they do an active process. There are three things all good listeners do, all of which relate to one another. Second, they listen with respect. ” If you can master these, you can be an effective listener. Listen attentively to the suggestions. by Marshall Goldsmith.

8 Traits of Ineffective Leaders | N2Growth Blog

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They are active listeners, fluid thinkers, and know when to press-on and when to back-off.

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Questions and Team Building | N2Growth Blog

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While the aforementioned list of questions is clearly not exhaustive, it offers some insight into where a CEO should focus their efforts and attention…Perhaps best of all it places you in a constant position of being an active listener, learner, and mentor.

Dealing with Conflict | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Turning the other cheek, compromise, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, finding common ground, being an active listener, service above self, and numerous other approaches will always allow one to be successful in building rapport if the underlying desire is strong enough.

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How to Build a Team « Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

Even if each of the people who report directly to you is highly motivated and wants to do great work, you will still need to spend time actively developing a sense of unity and collaboration to foster a true team-oriented environment. Survive Your Promotion!

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Definition of Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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7 More Ways Husband And Wives Injure Each Other — Without Even Knowing It

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These two posts have quickly become the most read blog posts in my blogging career. It could be the response to an argument or the boredom in a relationship or simply refusing to actively listen.

Keeping It Professional When You Work in a Family Business

Harvard Business Review

Experience in an outside firm should be a requirement before embarking on your career in the family business, says Lachenauer. You’ll also gain much-needed perspective on what you hope the arc of your career might look like. Define your role and career path.

The Best Mentors Think Like Michelangelo

Harvard Business Review

Excellent mentors are intentional about taking the time to truly “see” their mentees, understanding — and accepting — both their authentic real selves and their ideal selves and imagined career destinations. A mentor must earn trust, be accessible, and listen generously. That is, they — often unconsciously — push mentees to pursue career trajectories and make life or career decisions that mirror their own.

Employee Engagement & the Magic of Remembering | You're Not the.

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But I’m wondering how much of the information we get from listening do we actually remember when we’d like to or need to? Taking time to listen and retain things makes a difference. The other is to meet other folks who will be listening to me a few moments hence.

The Discipline of Listening

Harvard Business Review

As the up-and-coming vice president and CEO candidate for a Fortune 500 technology corporation sat before the CEO for his annual review, he was baffled to discover that the feedback from his peers, customers, direct reports, and particularly from board members placed unusual emphasis on one potentially devastating problem: his listening deficit. Despite today's fast-paced business environment, time-starved leaders can master the art of disciplined listening.

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We Need a Better Way to Visualize People’s Skills

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And 48 percent of the new jobs, according to Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce, will emphasize a mix of hard and soft intellectual skills, like active listening, leadership, communication, analytics, and administration competencies. As more and more knowledge work ends up online and in the cloud, creating GitHub-type profiles for a broader range of activities becomes increasingly feasible and automatable.