How Different Marketing Strategies Can Boost Your Business Profile

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Marketing strategies form a significant part of this so utilizing this to your advantage will be necessary if you want to remain on top of all of your business needs. Email marketing. Printed advertorial content in magazines, newspapers, brochures and billboards.

FedEx Jingle Studio Marries Viral Video with Facebook Marketing

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ADVERTORIAL: Integrated marketing is so hot these days that when a representative from FedEx’s viral marketing team contacted me to ask if I’d discuss the new FedEx Jingle Studio campaign with the Women on Business audience, I was intrigued. This post is a paid advertorial sponsored by FedEx via Goviral (an AOL brand). Marketing fedex goviral viral marketing


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Quirky Ideas For Small Business Marketing

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Business marketing can’t be avoided, and often entrepreneurs will stick to the same tried and trusted methods to get the results they require. Quirky ideas for small business marketing are entirely possible with a little know-how. Take your marketing out and about.

Brand journalism 101: Tell a Better Story

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Naysayers, on the other hand, begrudge brand journalism for its diminished objectivity and advertorial tone. Communications Customer Service Marketing Online Business Public Relations Sales Social Media StrategyIf you want your company to succeed at brand journalism (aka corporate media gone social), you better know how to tell a good story. Otherwise, be prepared to take a lot of heat from its critics who would be elated to escort “brand journalism” out of 2013 STAT.

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Social Media is Broken.

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Add value to the reader then you can be advertorial. It ties to an article I wrote a few years ago on the fallacy of ROI in marketing. The gist of it is, we do not buy because of a single marketing activity, we buy because of a combination of them over time. One of my friends forwarded me an article on how S ocial Media is broken and should be "started all over again". He thought I might disagree but actually I do not. I agree with most of it.

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Does a Mentor have to Breathe?

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At the risk of this blog appearing as an advertorial for Harvard, I’ll gladly admit that Harvard Business Review was my favorite management resource. I came up through marketing; quite honestly, during my years in marketing I hadn’t given much thought to HR. To most of us, mentors are people of experience and knowledge who help the less experienced advance their careers and/or their education.

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How to Blog on Linkedin

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Linkedin also allows you to categorize the post under topics like "Marketing", "Sales", "Social Media" etc. 2 - No advertorial. Recently I have begun "blogging" on Linkedin. As I use it, I see it as excellent way to have a blog without actually having to post as often. There is a button on the home page that says "publish a post". One great thing about using Linkedin to post on is those people you are connected to see when the update is published.

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Is That a TV Show or Are You Trying to Sell Me Something?

Harvard Business Review

But the content people also know their customers will balk if they feel that content has been compromised by paid marketing. First there were advertorials and ad copy rendered in a publication's house font (usually but not always discreetly labeled "Paid Advertising"). The most infamous, of course, was the recent Scientology advertorial that was quickly yanked from The Atlantic's website. Content providers maintain an uneasy alliance with advertisers.

We Need a Better Definition of "Native Advertising"

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If you're looking for marketing jargon in 2013, look no further than "native advertising." Brands, media companies and marketing agencies are jumping on the native advertising bandwagon faster than you can say, "what ever happened to Pinterest being the next big thing?". Ultimately, I would argue that this was not native advertising, but simply good content marketing or sponsored content that didn't smell like pure advertorial.

The Ethics of Using Paid Content in Journalism

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When you put on your reading glasses you might have seen the word "advertisement" or "advertorial" in small print at the top of the page, and felt a little cheated. Nowadays, marketers are inserting their content in much more effective ways. Paid integration" is like product placement for journalism; "the marketer is weaved into a narrative, sometimes overtly." Third, there''s "paid co-creation," which the report deems a "win for the reader, the marketer and the publisher."

Google Glass Failed Because It Just Wasn’t Cool

Harvard Business Review

It put Google Glass on models during Fashion Week, in advertorials in fashion magazines, in the hands of fashion “influencers.” In short, Google made a fatal error of post-modern marketing: it attempted to buy cool through the not-so-subtle techniques of influence, persuasion, and manufactured buzz. It was hailed as the greatest product since the iPod … the wheel … the car. Instead, it turned out to be more like New Coke or the Segway.

Xerox's CMO on Leading by Example in Social Media

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I set out to connect with communications professionals and marketing thought leaders, the most relevant audience for me as a marketing executive. My answer was clear: giving a real, clear-eyed take on the business of marketing and communications. Marketers have a reputation for being full of hype; I wanted to share information about and examples of smart, yet simple, marketing and communications.