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The Economic Impact of the Japanese Disasters

Harvard Business Review

Transportation disruptions and the closing of many factories throughout Japan will shrink Japanese aggregate demand and disrupt supply chains worldwide. Analysts have already reduced forecasted GDP growth rates for Japan by 0.5% at the market's close on Monday (3/14), erasing more than $300 billion of equity value, and lost another 10.6% Bold recovery plans would seem to be in order, but how that response is financed holds great import for Japan's economic future.

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More and More CEOs Are Taking Their Social Responsibility Seriously

Harvard Business Review

It has such a high share of the market that when there’s a problem with fake news it becomes, in large part, Facebook’s problem. BlackRock is a giant, too, and finance is another industry where a small number of big players dominate. To the extent these firms have market power, they’re less subject to quarter-to-quarter competitive pressure. Externalities pose problems for markets, since neither buyer nor seller have any incentive to deal with the costs.