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Skills For Future Success in a Disruptive World of Work


The ability to do public problem solving through cooperative work. The key to navigate through uncertainty is to focus inwards on developing agility in skills, learning and mindset – all of which are completely in our control.

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Specialization is a Journey, Not a Destination


My friend demonstrated learning agility as a response to a tough situation. Learning Adaptability agility career learning Self Growth specialization Thinking

Forge An Ecosystem…And, Secure Your Fit in The New Economy

N2Growth Blog

The global marketplace requires businesses to establish highly integrated and cooperative relationships with one another. Therefore, steps will need to be continually taken within every business to become more agile in order to keep up with the demands of ecosystem partners and their customers.

Strategic planning must change with the times

N2Growth Blog

While establishing a long term vision for all employees to understand is still very important, the strategic planning horizon in the new paradigm needs to be shorter term, agile and rapidly adaptive. For most organizations, cross silo cooperation is an unnatural act.

January 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

In a fearful mode we may ‘rule out’ positive strategies that would help us solve collective problems – including dialogue, cooperation, long-term thinking and listening to understand.” Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival!

High Impact Thinking for #Management - Updated for 2012

Management Craft

Managers need the support and cooperation of those they work with. When you show your teams what agility looks like in action, you are showing them how to work and thrive in today’s times. Agility is a mindset, and it is a set of practices, a way of working that can be both strong and nimble. For example, if agility is a key area of growth for your group over the next few years, put that one near the top of your list.

How Meditation Benefits CEOs

Harvard Business Review

” For example, one of Berlin’s clients, a Fortune 25 company, has integrated mindfulness techniques into its high potentials program with the goal of creating agile and flexible mindsets as a foundation for leadership. Patrick Pilz.

Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting

Harvard Business Review

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and prominent board members, with the cooperation and support of the head of HR, have initiated an investigation. Yet, when it comes to HR and employment, CEOs, boards, and others can overlook basic personnel tasks, being attracted by bright, shiny objects like agile culture, holacracy, best-place-to-work lists, or a cool physical space.

How Rudeness Stops People from Working Together

Harvard Business Review

Upbeat Music Can Make Employees More Cooperative. They wind up acting selfishly even when cooperating would pay off because they don’t stop to think. Microsoft’s popular “Precision Questioning” class teaches participants to question their own ideas; develop approaches to healthy, constructive criticism; and act with emotional agility even in tense situations.

The Capabilities Your Organization Needs to Sustain Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Second, they try things and learn by discovery, demonstrating creative agility. The kind of collaboration that produces innovation is more than simple “get-along” cooperation. Creative agility.

If Your Team Agrees on Everything, Working Together Is Pointless

Harvard Business Review

Upbeat Music Can Make Employees More Cooperative. The sales person advocates for the exact opposite: more flexibility, customization, and agility. Collaboration is crumpling under the weight of our expectations. What should be a messy back-and-forth process far too often falls victim to our desire to keep things harmonious and efficient.

Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

New, more agile , software development tools and testing methods are utilized. But, they can also represent a significant cultural challenge to implement and require strong leadership and cooperation from your organization.

5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience at Work

Harvard Business Review

Develop mental agility. This quality of mental agility hinges on the ability to mentally “decenter” stressors in order to effectively manage them.

Advice to New CEOs in Tough Times

Marshall Goldsmith

He has been pleasantly surprised at the level of help and cooperation offered by leaders in the outgoing administration. By being a positive example of learning, agility and personal development, you can inspire your leadership team to do the same. (I

3 Improv Exercises That Can Change the Way Your Team Works

Harvard Business Review

Ensemble, by contrast, implies cooperation, collaboration, and unconditional support. Improvisation – and the improv toolkit – offers great grounding for leaders challenged to thrive in a business climate that demands agility, resilience, quick thinking, and ease with ambiguity.

Building a Software Start-Up Inside GE

Harvard Business Review

” Incorporating rapid programming practices (“ Agile ” and “ Extreme Programming ”) to bring significant time-to-market and productivity benefits also required new and different skill sets than what were traditionally found within GE.

How to Create Remarkable Teams PART 2 – Collaboration

The Atman Group

So the designer teaches everyone about UX/AI, the coders teach about their development methodology, the project managers teach about agile protocols, and the sales people describe what it is like in the field. Cooperation – willingness to collaborate.

Games Can Make You a Better Strategist

Harvard Business Review

From cooperation to competition, a game with multiplayer features taps into the rich culture of board games humans have been playing for centuries. Exogenous shocks (new technologies, economic-political events) were incorporated as well to train players to stay agile and flexible. To improve outcomes, does the player need to work on better observation, deeper consideration of options, greater agility, more flexibility and so on.

Will You Choose To Lead? A Question for Today’s Workforce

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

More modern agile methods are now called for. Leaders at all levels will learn to cooperate, collaborate and accept responsibility and accountability in new and different ways. . Choose To Lead? A Question For Today’s Workforce.

Why Innovators Love Constraints

Harvard Business Review

High-tech giant Adobe recently opened a striking new building in Lehi, Utah specifically designed to create an ecology of planned and unplanned cooperation and innovation among its employees. While dreaming and disrupting has unfettered me in many ways, it has shackled me in others.