In Marketing, the “C” Word Cannot Exist

In the CEO Afterlife

Many years ago I read Theodore Levitt’s The Marketing Imagination. In the book, the renowned marketing professor said there was no such thing as a commodity, only people who think like commodities. This served me well as a branded coffee marketer. Differentiation is the name of the marketing game. Marketing is the creator and curator of that disparity. We are in a day and age where brilliant marketing can no longer “sell ice cubes to Eskimos.”

Holiday Travel Brands

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time market research survey platform—Marriott Hotels. and Southwest Airlines are the most recommended. I go by my favorite airline: 10% 5. A positive, high score means. AIRLINE NET PROMOTER SCORES SHOW. airline name] for holiday travel to a friend or. VIRGIN AMERICA: NPS of -48 Negative NPS results across several major airline. Americans are willing to brave it for the positive. According to the Holiday Travel Habits National.


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Management Tools For Leaders: Red Ocean/Blue Ocean Strategy

Rich Gee Group

Tool #5 - Red Ocean/Blue Ocean Strategy This week, let’s understand how companies position themselves in the marketplace to succeed - The Red Ocean/Blue Ocean Strategy. Great examples of Red Ocean companies are McDonald’s and Southwest Airlines.

The Sales Role Multinationals Need in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

Marketing? For many executives battling through economic headwinds in emerging markets, the answer tends to be wherever they think someone will provide the strongest boost to top-line growth, which usually means hiring an additional sales or marketing manager to support the commercial front lines. Thinking strategically about competitive positioning in a defined territory is table stakes for any good sales manager. Laura Schneider for HBR.

Navigate Your Path to Success

Women on Business

But now we have GPS, the Global Positioning Satellite, and somewhere up in the sky there is a satellite that knows where I am and beams down directions for me.

How the U.S. Airline Industry Found Its Edge

Harvard Business Review

But since deregulation in 1978, airlines in the U.S. airlines filed for bankruptcy. Airlines suddenly leveled off. In the past few years, profits have become positive across the industry, and market caps are soaring from prior lows. The turnaround can’t be attributed to a bold, Da Vinci-esque initiative such as new carbon fiber aircraft, the pioneering of new markets or even low-cost innovation. airlines earned an estimated $12.4

Stop Trying to Do More and More

In the CEO Afterlife

In Theodore Levitt’s The Marketing Imagination , the renowned marketing professor said there was no such thing as a commodity, only people who think like commodities. Differentiation is still the name of the marketing game. Several big brand marketers have fallen on their own swords in their effort to drive growth. The name stood for healthy breakfasts, and for decades adept marketers worked hard to fortify that stellar reputation.

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RIM/Blackberry is at a Critical Leadership Crossroad

The Practical Leader

RIM created its industry and through strong market leadership built a world class brand. RIM has been losing market share in the smart phone market to Apple and sellers of Google’s Android system. There’s been a barrage of criticism and handwringing among some Canadians that RIM may go the way of Nortel Networks and slip from its dominant position to irrelevance and oblivion (Nortel is now bankrupt.).

Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012

Harvard Business Review

Google is poised to completely alter how websites market themselves over the next year. This change, however, will take value away from marketers who rely on visitors clicking through to deeper pages. Marketers will see better search rankings if they document information using this new format. Google is entering new industries and markets. The expansion of data into search results pages is also breaking into markets where Google is not yet a force.

Watch Out For India's Consumer Market Pitfalls

Harvard Business Review

Enamored by these numbers — and encouraged by a new wave of reforms to retail, airlines, broadcast, and power sectors — executives who previously ignored India are making a dash for it. As a consumer marketer, you're much better off thinking of India as a continent, much like Europe. We commonly see European and American companies assign an India market entry initiative to their Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing office.

Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy

Strategy Driven

As a result significant business resources are wasted buy an over-reliance on market research that poses only rational questions but neglects to probe customers’ emotional reactions that lie hidden within their answers. Control, one of the six core emotional needs I discuss in Empathetic Marketing , fuels our motivations in every aspect of our lives. When companies maintain trust and cultivate positive relationships with customers they are rewarded with loyalty.

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Put the “and” Back in “Sales and Marketing”

Harvard Business Review

Nowhere else in the executive suite of a typical corporation are two functions as closely intertwined as sales and marketing. Yet for all the shared responsibility, the marketing and sales relationship has often been a contentious and lopsided one, with sales dominating in B2B sectors while marketing leads in B2C ones. But to get to that top tier, marketing and sales executives can no longer afford the inefficient silos that have long characterized the relationship.

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How Innovation Is Completely Different in Established Organizations than in Startups

Leading Blog

They have money, customers, data, employees, suppliers, partners, and infrastructure -- which put them in a perfect position to transform new ideas into concrete, value-creating, successful offerings. DIY chain Lowe’s, for example, is building 3D printers that print in zero gravity, thus opening up entirely new markets for themselves. W E LIVE IN the age of the entrepreneur. New startups appear out of nowhere and challenge not only established companies, but entire industries.

How To Eliminate Guilt About Not Doing Everything.

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We want to get our Shiny Object and place it into our ‘Shiny Object Repository’ The Shiny Object can take many forms: A new position. In the past, when I worked years ago in Marketing, we used to comment on how upper management would get their direction — we called it “Management by Airline Magazine” If a CEO or President saw an interesting article on one of their flights, they would always barge into my office and exclaim, “Why aren’t we doing this?”

The Secret of Lousy Service and Why it Happens

Strategy Driven

Ever get poor service at an airline? It happens because the people who work at the airlines are undertrained, poorly managed, feel put upon by their management and their leadership, underpaid, rarely if ever praised, and are exposed to constant customer complaints. I always ask people in service positions, “How’s it going?” Most of the front-line servers are in low-paying positions. They revolve around four words you already know: positive attitude and personal pride.

Is It Fun Being Led by You?

Lead Change Blog

Squeezing another penny out of costs, getting product to market a few weeks earlier, responding to customers’ inquiries a little bit faster, ratcheting quality up one more notch, capturing another point of market share–those are the obsessions of managers today. When I first met then Southeast Airlines CEO, Herb Kelleher, we were both working the booth at the 1997 BookExpo at Chicago’s McCormick Center.

What investment in your business are you REALLY making?

Strategy Driven

Power gives the customer satisfaction award to an airline, what could the category possibly be? Here are the most prominent examples : Provide positive attitude training for everyone in the company. Return on positive social media posts. Relate Articles: All airlines are the same, except for their people.

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Highest Paying Foreign Language Jobs around the Globe

HR Digest

International Sales Marketing. A global sales marketer is paid a lot and is a dream job for many. A hotel manager fits such a position. A tour guide is another high paying position in the tourism industry.

Sprinkles For Leaders

Lead Change Blog

While employees choose to be happy, those sourcing positive emotional strength are typically employees bolstered by a supportive, affirming environment. At the annual Southwest Airlines Halloween party, CEO Gary Kelly showed up dressed as KISS. When former Alfa Romeo CEO Luca de Meo came from Audi to head up marketing at Volkswagen AG, he realized the global function was filled with gossip and suspicion. Sprinkles for cupcakes have many features relevant for great leaders.

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Are you the dominant brand, or is your brand bland?

Strategy Driven

OUCH QUESTION: Is your brand, product, or service market superior, and you haven’t elevated yourself to that position? Blackberry, American Airlines, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, and Tiger Woods to name a few. CAUTION: Leave PR, marketing, and advertising out of the equation, or you may NEVER get to the truth. RESULT: A new, market dominant, more profitable you. What’s the difference between you and all of your competition?

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Most industries forced to turn furloughs into permanent cuts

HR Digest

Recent weeks have seen a spate of layoffs being announced by the retail, beverages and the airlines industries totaling nearly 200,000 in number. MGM Resorts International, United Airlines and Coca-Cola are the latest to announce that the furloughed employees have been let go. More than 400,000 airline workers have been fired, or furloughed. American Airlines recently announced a cut of 19,000 workers.

Build Your Brand as a Relationship

Harvard Business

We can still see the “brand as object” model in the American Marketing Association’s definition : “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” Al Ries and Jack Trout capture the essence of this model in their classic book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. ” In the airline industry, innovators have also redefined the brand roles.

Trout 35

A Leader’s Guide to Emotional Branding

Lead Change Blog

When it came time to drive cows to market, the hot tattoo was a convenient way to identify a particular cow. On Southwest Airlines Flight 22 from El Paso to Phoenix, the flight attendant accepted assistance from two adoring passengers to help pass out peanuts to fellow passengers. It was the noticeable positive effect the incident had on everyone on board. The second word most toddlers learn to say is “mine,” usually accompanied with a “ready-to-fight” disposition.

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How Customer Service Can Turn Angry Customers into Loyal Ones

Harvard Business

Using data from Twitter (where one of us works), we designed an experiment to study customer service interactions in two industries that generate a significant number of customer service complaints: airlines and wireless carriers. We identified more than 400,000 customer service-related tweets sent to the top five major airlines (American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United) and top four wireless carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) in the U.S.

Creating Customer Focused Teams, Part 1

Strategy Driven

Ask Zappos, ask Southwest Airlines, ask Apple, ask Jimmie Buffett and ask CMI (that is us). This is the ultimate positioning from a business perspective. Management & Leadership Marketing & Sales Bruce Hodes business management business performance improvement creating teams front line heroes strategydriven team developmentWhat is a Customer Focused Team? The word ‘team’ is overused in business; it gets applied to any group of humans in a work setting.

How Customers Perceive a Price Is as Important as the Price Itself

Harvard Business

Retailers such as ALDI and Walmart have used price to position themselves against traditional competitors in their markets, pinching margins all around. Financial asset managers have been out-price-cutting one another in exchange-traded funds in a bid to gain market share. And airlines are gearing up for a price war on trans-Atlantic routes as some low-cost carriers plan service between the U.S. Pricing Sales & Marketing Customers Digital Article

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Jim Hunter – Servant Leadership Interview Series

Modern Servant Leader

You can also consider a business that awakens a massive industry then dominates the market shares globally at the same time, busting misconceptions about the way the food service industry must treat employees. $16 America’s largest airline and the most profitable – the airline that love built. Southwest Airlines, has been touted as a servant leadership company as well. Servant leadership has proven successful and has a positive impact for the long term, time and again.

What Is Yield Management and Why Is it So Important?

Strategy Driven

In business, most pertinent is to sell off goods and effectively market services as quickly as they are available on the market. However, these services’ market demand is not fixed and can go for long periods with minimal requests.

What Leaders Need To Do To Create A Thriving Organization

Tanveer Naseer

To help give you an idea of some of the insights shared at this conference, here are three of my favourite quotes from these thought leaders, and how they reflected some of the actionable steps I discussed in my talk on what leaders need to implement in order to ensure their organization can succeed and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive global market.

Keeping Customers Continuously Infatuated

Harvard Business

Measuring Marketing Insights. In the 2000s, airlines launched personal entertainment systems in economy class cabins on intercontinental flights. The index measures the intensity and fluctuation of positive sentiment that customers are articulating about an offering by aggregating related activity on forums like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Customers Market research Digital ArticlePaul Garbett for HBR.

Research: Index Funds Are Fueling Out-of-Whack CEO Pay Packages

Harvard Business

market capitalization ) and 500 additional public companies. We studied those pay packages in relation to the firm’s performance, rival firms’ performance, measures of market concentration, and common ownership of the industry. It has resulted in higher prices in the airline and banking industries. However, there may also be positive effects to common ownership. Executive compensation Financial markets Competition Financial Services Digital Article

How Service Companies Can Earn Customer Trust and Keep It

Harvard Business

I’ve learned that truth from 40 years of conducting research in the fields of services marketing, service quality, and health services. A case in point is the recent United Airlines public relations fiasco that resulted when security personnel forcibly removed a ticketed customer from his plane seat to make room for one of its employees. Good marketing is not just about making promises; it’s also about keeping them.

Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 1 of 4

Strategy Driven

For many years, we will be measuring how loss of corporate credibility has tainted all facets of business, in terms of remediation, replacement, litigation, make-good, rework, damage control, recovery process, settlements to victims, decreased stock market value and sagging retail sales. Creating cause-related marketing opportunities, so that local businesses can sponsor the community healing process.

Are You Accurately Measuring Your Company’s Digital Strength?

Harvard Business

Armed with a hypothesis that the stock market was undervaluing digital, we sought to create the largest known repository of digital data on U.S. Perhaps not surprisingly, American Airlines leads in magnitude for U.S. airlines — but not by as much as you would think. You should compare this number to your company’s actual market share. If your digital share is larger than your market share, you are in a strong position to increase your market share.

30 Leadership Lessons

Skip Prichard

Business needs more masterpieces as markets are packed with low-value reproductions. Competencies and growth of employees depend on what culture the leader cultivates – positive or negative. They must obtain a different type of license for different kinds of aircraft, from a sports pilot license to an airline transport pilot license. This is an excerpt from Leaderology by Dr. Oleg Konovalov.

Jim Hunter – Servant Leadership Interview Series

Modern Servant Leader

You can also consider a business that awakens a massive industry then dominates the market shares globally at the same time, busting misconceptions about the way the food service industry must treat employees. $16 America’s largest airline and the most profitable – the airline that love built. Southwest Airlines, has been touted as a servant leadership company as well. Servant leadership has proven successful and has a positive impact for the long term, time and again.

Don’t Propose Marriage to a Customer Who Wants a Fling?

Harvard Business Review

Most of today’s marketing organizations take what might be called the industrial approach to consumers: snagging demographic data, matching it with purchasing data, and segmenting customers into profitability tiers. Because marketing organizations don’t get this, consumers are too often frustrated by companies’ inability to meet their relationship requirements. Another is whether a particular type can help a firm build market share. The New Marketing Organization.

Repositioning Is Not a New Business Model

Harvard Business

There are many different makes and models on the market. If you are to succeed in business model design, it’s important to understand what a new model actually is and how it differs from mere positioning. We see positioning in the airline industry. Australia, for instance, has three main domestic airlines: Qantas, Jetstar (Qantas’s no-frills line), and Virgin, which started out as no-frills and has since chased the business-class, high-margin segment.

Real-world examples of customer service

Lead on Purpose

Without holding too much expectation for positive results, I started calling the different companies through whom we had booked our trip. I then called Delta Airlines to cancel our flights. Filed under: Leadership , Trust , Product Management / Marketing Tagged: | social media , Communication , customer service , honesty , Marriott , Delta , Hilton , Universal Studios « Book Review: Halftime The power of persistence » Like Be the first to like this post.

Embrace Wild Thinking to Grow Your Business

Skip Prichard

The result is a set of refreshingly candid and original perspectives on pretty much every aspect of working life – from how we define success to how we establish positive, productive cultures where emotional honesty is appreciated. He operates in a world where craft and artistry are real positives. There’s a tremendous body of management and marketing literature focused on the importance of purpose to organizational success. Ideas to Grow Your Brand.

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Haircuts and Continuous Improvement

Deming Institute

Without bothering to use a pencil or paper to perform the calculation, we believe the labor savings from the use of tools has yielded has a positive return. Likewise, we believe the resources we have invested in the home improvements will yield a positive return, one that could be estimated. While a few hours shorter than an average Bruce Springsteen concert, we both judged the evening to be a positive return on our respective investments. How many times, we could not say.

0511 | Larry Downes: Full Transcript


We thought, well, let’s see if something can come together of this, and we started what turned out to be a now three-plus year research project with lots of people working, trying to collect stories about how innovations have entered the market in different ways and have different impacts than kind of the entire business literature that has happened up until now would predict. That’s not our market position, so we don’t need to worry about it.

Performance Appraisal & Rewards in Response to COVID-19

HR Digest

Many organizations aren’t in a position to retain their people, let alone stimulate feelings of financial security and solidarity with bonuses and rewards. Household income and savings are ultra-low in most global markets.