A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs

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You don’t want people to start amping up expectations for an early version of your product. Sam Altman: “In general, it’s best if you’re building something that you need. Sam Altman: “Eliminate distractions.

Deep Factors Shaping the Global Economy

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Instead of focusing on moment–by-moment market predictions, author Daniel Altman, looks at deeper, underlying economic factors that we frequently overlook in the short-term view. And it is the deep factors matter the most says Altman. The primary attribute of the American way of selling, says Altman, is the ability to “ transcend cultural differences by isolating the lowest common denominator.”. As this is the long view, Altman says that means that there is room to maneuver.

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Weekly Roundup of Great Posts – Work Life Balance Edition

Survive Your Promotion

Sometimes the sound of the wind in the leaves really is better than anything you have on your iThingy… How Many Hours Do We Need to Work to be “Productive” from Intentional Workplace author Louise Altman – From the archives but well worth the re-post.

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Thought-full Thursday: Appreciative Leadership


Louise Altman : September 9, 2010 at 5:36 pm Hi Mary Jo, You know what is so important about using Appreciative Inquiry – we now know from the latest neuroscience research that every time we acknowledge what works, what is positive, we are activating the pleasure part of our brains.

The Best Way for Netflix to Keep Growing

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In this context, it seems obvious that Netflix can and should become a platform, using one of the models described in my 2017 HBR article with Liz Altman. jakob owens/unsplash. Netflix has a lot to gain by becoming a multisided platform.

If You Think Downsizing Might Save Your Company, Think Again

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Detractors, on the other hand, point to negative consequences including performance and productivity declines, decreases in customer satisfaction, and adverse effects on remaining employees, such as increased stress. These included the size of the firm, changes in market capitalization, prior performance, profitability, trajectory toward bankruptcy (using the Altman Z score ), a large number of employees per sales relative to their industry peers, and other indicators of financial health.

Research: Why Best Practices Don’t Translate Across Cultures

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offices where employees were entrepreneurial, engaged, excited to come to work, and as a result were quickly developing new ideas for customer-facing products. It made sense. A large high-technology company had established an innovation center in one of their U.S.