Deep Factors Shaping the Global Economy

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Instead of focusing on moment–by-moment market predictions, author Daniel Altman, looks at deeper, underlying economic factors that we frequently overlook in the short-term view. And it is the deep factors matter the most says Altman. With corruption, lack of a first-rate technology infrastructure, resistance to start-up businesses, and an aging population, average incomes in China will grow at lower rates than in the U.S.

Is OpenAI Solving the Wrong Problem?

Harvard Business Review

Late last week, OpenAI was announced — a non-profit artificial intelligence research company, backed by a set of tech-industry stars that include Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Sam Altman, and Peter Thiel. (As Economics & Society Technology Article

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If You Think Downsizing Might Save Your Company, Think Again

Harvard Business Review

These firms spanned 83 different industries, including the service, high technology, and manufacturing industries. These included the size of the firm, changes in market capitalization, prior performance, profitability, trajectory toward bankruptcy (using the Altman Z score ), a large number of employees per sales relative to their industry peers, and other indicators of financial health. During the Great Recession of 2008, companies around the world downsized their workforces.

Research: Why Best Practices Don’t Translate Across Cultures

Harvard Business Review

A large high-technology company had established an innovation center in one of their U.S. Sara Vaerlander, Bobbi Thomason, Brandi Pearce, Heather Altman, and I observed what happened after the innovation practices were shared with the company’s Indian and Chinese counterparts.