Three Simple Tips to Start Solving Problems in Your Business Today

Steve Farber

” So, when the team shared the key problems that were holding back progress, Conley turned to something he knew rather well: a method for innovation that originated in 1946 with Russian scientist and writer Genrich Altshuller. ” After visualizing the solution without constraints, you’re free to work backward to create it, rather than just tweaking the current system with incremental changes.


The Number One Key to Innovation: Scarcity

Harvard Business Review

TRIZ , for example — a model devised by Russian inventor Genrich Altshuller — is the original empirically based method, followed by SIT (for "Systematic Inventive Thinking") and a few other updated versions of it. All of us have heard stories or seen images of resourcefulness under daunting constraints. It's almost as if the constraints coming from all sides have squeezed the advertising world so hard that incredible new things are starting to pop out of it.