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A Few of My Favorites “We would sell more, if the product line were different” “Our attrition would be better, if our competitor wasn’t paying more” “My quality results would be higher, [.] accountability Performance Productivity Recognition Results

Making Sense of Speed, Agility and Innovation

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If you can simply accelerate the current activities, products and strategies that your business implements, will that help you win in the future? Maneuver stands in opposition to existing “attrition” strategy, where firms fight expensive battles over small differences in market share based on essentially similar products. Speed, agility and innovation aren’t required in an attrition strategy, but are definitely important in a maneuver strategy.

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Dysfunctional Products Come from Dysfunctional Organizations

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Producing great products isn’t just about creativity and execution. Eli presented her work to executives and product owners in a two hour meeting. Their product had layers of disconnected functionality, siloed capabilities, and generated obtuse experiences for users.

Business Politics Impacts – Cost of Litigation, Fines, and Payouts

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Such occurrences represent large one-time costs associated with court mandated payouts as well as reduced productivity, heightened distraction, and elevated attrition. Harassment litigation represents a catastrophic leadership failure.

Do You Speak the Language of Performance Driven Execution?

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If you are responsible for leading teams, how can you be sure that the work being done throughout the day will innovatively increase impact and productivity to make tomorrow a better place? Or, if you are responsible for managing Solopreneur projects, how can you be sure that the work will increase impact and productivity? Isn’t that what productivity should be doing? Leadership Productivity Success Damian Pitts Innovation management By Damian D.

Building Trust Through Behavioral Integrity

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Employees are more proactive, more present, and more productive with the application of their discretionary energy. ? Sharon Allen, Deloitte’s chairman of the board, notes that, by focusing on talent management and retention strategies, “executives may be able to reduce attrition.”

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Are Summer Vacations Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

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Vacations allow your employees to renew their productivity and sense of purpose By now, we’ve all read about how valuable it is to take time in your day for breaks to sustain your productivity as well as to nurture those much sought-after creative breaks. business communication culture leadership motivation creativity goals opportunities perception productivity shared purpose stress teamwork vacation work-life balance

Three Ways to Improve Retention on Your Team

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For organizations, attrition is an expensive issue that takes money away from impactful progress, innovation, employee benefits, and enjoyable team activities. To fuel productivity and provide motivation, give acknowledgement for small and large accomplishments.

How Should Leaders Address Challenge Of Low Performers?

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However, according to data from the Eagle Hill National Attrition Survey , low performers can have significantly negative effects on an organization. Low performers in management roles contribute to attrition among high performers. The following is a guest piece by Terri Williams.

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Leadership and Work Teams

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90% of what we do in an organization happens through collaborative effort, making the team the most important production unit. Guest post from Simon Mac Rory: If you work in an organization today as a leader you will lead a team.

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Are You Filling In The Blanks?

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The truth and consequences of this attitude, however, is disengagement, loss of productivity overall, and misinformation. Are these good gaps due to promotional opportunities, or bad gaps due to attrition?

Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better

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In the beginning companies sold products. A focus on products means a focus on selling running shoes. Selling products limits the revenues you can make from clients: Unless you are innovating and continually updating your product offering, customer attrition tends to be high, and incentivizing repurchases can be hard. More so than products, the possibilities with projects are endless. From Products to Projects at Philips. Westend61/Getty Images.

Why Your Business Needs Workforce Management Systems

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HR is one of the departments that do not directly contribute to profits or productivity, yet it can take a huge chunk of a business’s operating budget. You can save this labor and reassign those employees to more productive tasks.

Being Engaged at Work Is Not the Same as Being Productive

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Many companies are investing heavily to identify what leads to high engagement in order to motivate employees, thereby increasing their happiness and productivity. Working with two Fortune 100 companies, we looked to test the assumption that highly engaged employees are more productive. This points to attrition risks that may need attention; these could be crucial employees who are feeling overworked and would be very painful for the organization to lose.

What is HR Analytics?

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Also it helps in reducing attrition and employee turnover and accomplishing employee contentment from their jobs to improve the work experience.

Can You See What I See?

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Attrition wasn’t vacating enough positions to stop the bleeding of weekly layoffs, but the executive team knew this was not the time to put down the paintbrush and fold up the canvas.

The use of AI in the Workplace will be broad and revolutionary

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Artificial intelligence will effectively reduce overhead costs, drive innovation and improve overall productivity. AI technology will also assist companies in reducing their present rate of employee attrition. The emergence of AI technology in the workplace promises to be revolutionary.

Diversity and Inclusion – Return on Investment, part 4: Litigation, Fine, and Payout Reduction

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Such occurrences not only represent large one-time costs associated with reduced productivity, heightened distraction, and elevated attrition. Harassment litigation represents a catastrophic failure of an organization’s diversity and inclusion program.

#Leadership: Humanizing Our Approaches


That did not change the fact that I still needed to score well but now, scoring well was a by-product of chasing the stimulation and excitement. Hard stuff then, is the by-product of doing the right things for right reasons.

Skills necessary to compete in rapidly evolving markets

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For the last few decades, most companies have met their competition in a head to head, feature to feature battle that creates a significant amount of “me too” products with little differentiation other than price. Consumers demand new products spawned from innovation.

What is Great Leadership?

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Managers tend to govern over process, data, projects and products while leaders tend to utilize human capital to navigate these same areas and participate as part of the process. The focus of leaders is on utilizing people as a company’s most important product, to establish missions, strategies and goals for the organization. A group that lacks trust for their leader will experience high attrition, increased tension, low productivity and low morale.

The Disconnect that Keeps Your Company from Performing at its Peak

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These executives tell me frankly that they don’t have the revenue stream, the market share, or the margins their products and services deserve. But that familiarity carries a steep cost: slow growth, missed targets, attrition, and unfulfilled potential.

How to Solve Complex Problems Fast

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Simplicity in the Age of Complexity. The answer is simple,” the professor said, then he waited a minute and added the important qualifier, “if you are a mathematical genius.”. He was attempting to explain one of the most complex concepts of the semester.

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Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Company Brand’s Message

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Namely, that the sole function of an organization’s brand is to define the content of outward-directing interactions with the target audience for their products and/or services. In other words, brands have moved beyond simply selling consumers your products/services to answering the question – what is the purpose of your organization, your raison d’être?

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When People Don't Know. a Guest Post from Steve Roesler

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Consulting Speaking Training Products KevinEikenberry.com About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe When People Don’t Know. And the attrition rate in Patton’s armies was the lowest despite the greatest level of exposure.

Predictive Analytics: Your Gateway to the Future of Your Business

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Businesses turn to these solutions to do everything from preventing fraud at the gas pump to hiring the most productive employees for call centers. Each customer values each product differently. To complicate things, each customer may value your product very differently depending on the buying situation. Aggressively mine your data to identify and properly segment these customers, products, and specific buying situations.

45 Ways to Improve Your Customer Churn Rate

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It doesn’t matter how great your products and services are. Customer attrition impacts margins in a big way. Fortunately, you can attack the problem of customer attrition from many different angles. Confirm receipt of your product and service.

From Data to Actionable Insights: Giving Data a Purpose

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For example, reviewing margin trend data from the past year for one product tells you nothing. But look at it this way – reducing churn is the goal, and finding the customers at risk for attrition is the analysis component.

Recommended Resource – The No Asshole Rule

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We believe workplace hostility is a leading contributor of diminished moral, reduced productivity, and elevated attrition; all of which poison an organization’s culture and hurt its bottom line.

3 Steps in the Presales Process Fortune 500 Companies Never Skip

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It can help them minimize customer attrition on their end. This prepares you to position your company as an expert in what they need and helps you build a list of product and service recommendations for prospects before your initial contact with them.

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July's Leadership Carnival

Michael Lee Stallard

Laura Schroeder presents Is Attrition a Key Component of Retention? Erik Samdahl presents Four Key Practices for Developing Global Leaders posted at Productivity Blog.

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The New Psychology of Business Models

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It is now possible to shift a large part of the market research into the product development phase. You call this your minimum viable product (MVP). This float refers to the amount of time it takes a vendor to understand whether their product suits the market’s interests.

Make Enterprise Software People Actually Love

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There is a big, important change happening in digital product design. For a long time, there has been a clear split between business software (often called Enterprise or B2B ), and consumer software (B2C, or simply “products”). Design Product development IT

Interview with David McCuistion of Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL)

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Furthermore, my own personal experiences using Servant Leadership practices while in the Navy, while a high school teacher and from listening to school principals tell me about their servant approach in their schools has proven to me that it is the most effective leadership approach that is most productive in any organizational environment. David McCuistion is a Modern Servant Leader subscriber and fellow Servant Leadership advocate.

Get Your Workers to Disrupt Their Jobs

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But the company also needed to make its processes more productive, and didn't want employees overly focused on headcount reduction, so immediately following Fiume's announcement, the new CEO Art Byrne told employees that nobody would lose employment due to process improvement activities. In this case, because the productivity improvements helped Wiremold to grow, management didn't have to lay people off when work was streamlined. Managing people Operations Productivity

Get Your Workers to Disrupt Their Jobs

Harvard Business Review

But the company also needed to make its processes more productive, and didn't want employees overly focused on headcount reduction, so immediately following Fiume's announcement, the new CEO Art Byrne told employees that nobody would lose employment due to process improvement activities. In this case, because the productivity improvements helped Wiremold to grow, management didn't have to lay people off when work was streamlined. Managing people Operations Productivity

The Boomers are Leaving! – How to Create and Implement a Knowledge.

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What is the historic attrition and turnover rate and how do these map to the skills that keep you competitive? Improve productivity, Enhance the bottom line… StrategyDriven Premium Subscriber Login Align Your Organization and Become StrategyDriven!

To Retain New Hires, Make Sure You Meet with Them in Their First Week

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At Microsoft, where we hire thousands of people every year, we lacked a good way to measure the perceptions of our onboarding experience, aside from trying to draw conclusions from attrition numbers. In an effort to better understand what we thought of as “early attrition,” we turned to an obvious opportunity that had been overlooked. rawpixel/unsplash. First impressions in the workplace really matter — and not just to the employer.

The Boomers are Leaving! – How to Create and Implement a Knowledge.

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Quantitative measures, such as attrition data, employee performance data, and program attendance rates give you the numbers you may need to defend your program to executives.

A Key to U.S. Competitiveness: Work-Life Balance

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But there are some very real costs associated with inflexible workplaces: distraction, disengagement, and attrition of valuable employees, which leads to reduced productivity. The American Management Association reports that the estimated cost of replacing employees ranges from 25% of their salary to five times their salary — and that doesn't include the financial impact of lost productivity, or the impact on morale.

The Two Sides of Employee Engagement

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In a Gallup survey, for instance, organizations whose employees reported high engagement had 25% to 65% less attrition than their peers (depending on whether they were traditionally low- or high-turnover organizations). They also received higher marks in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Why Companies Overlook Great Internal Candidates

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Companies are planning for attrition rather than training for retention. Some companies experience such high turnover that they’ve taken to hiring only those who can be productive immediately, rather than training the workforce already in place. Avoid excess attrition by getting smart about identifying flight risk.

Pin Down Your Customer Intelligence Objectives

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Segmentation is a powerful tool, but it only works if you have the ability to treat different customers differently — and many consumer products and services companies don't (at least if they are honest with themselves). Social networks-based offer and attrition models.