How To Start Your Career Off Right

Eric Jacobson

Gorick Ng is a career adviser at Harvard Collage and during the last four years, he’s interviewed more than five hundred interns, early career professionals, managers, and executives, across the globe. Know your context and your audience.

How To Have A Great Start For Your Career

Eric Jacobson

Gorick Ng is a career adviser at Harvard Collage and during the last four years, he’s interviewed more than five hundred interns, early career professionals, managers, and executives, across the globe. Know your context and your audience.


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Three Skills Managers Need in a Post-Pandemic World

Leading Blog

Caught in the middle of all this were managers, the face of the organization to their teams. Over the past 15 months, managers spent a considerable amount of effort mediating and negotiating on behalf of their teams to their business and from their business to their teams.

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Secrets To Starting Your Career Off Right

Eric Jacobson

Gorick Ng is a career adviser at Harvard Collage and during the last four years, he’s interviewed more than five hundred interns, early career professionals, managers, and executives, across the globe. Know your context and your audience.

Executive Presence Training

Career Advancement

For example, a multi-billion-dollar biotechnology company recently contacted me for a training on executive presence to help newly minted high-potential mid-level managers reach the next level of leadership. Here’s the program and what the audience learned. The audience learned how to: Radiate Gravitas: Be poised, confident, in command, and charismatic. They gained the confidence to seize the reins in their careers.

Do you have everything you need to captivate excite and motivate your audience?

Jason Womack

Do you manage meetings with small groups of people? If you have something to share, and an audience to share it with, you need to improve your presentation skills. Whether you’re talking to a someone important on the phone, leading a team meeting, or standing on stage, getting better will have a big impact on your career…and your life. You’ve been assigned a new project at work, or perhaps you volunteer for a local not-for-profit organization.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Keynote Speaker

Career Advancement

Most importantly, the ability to not only fire up an audience but to empower them to think strategically about their careers. The best speakers catalyze lasting change by helping audiences devise a clear plan of action for stepping into leadership roles. Listen for the audience’s reaction, too—do funny anecdotes get a genuine laugh, or do jokes fizzle out? Ask questions like these: What types of audiences do you speak to?

How to Book the Right Motivational Speaker

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Joyce, a manager at a fast-growing IT firm, had been tasked with finding the perfect motivational speaker for her company’s training seminar. Do you wish to increase productivity among your employees or to nurture leadership in your management team, for example? Booking the right motivational speaker means hiring someone who offers a variety of formats, from structured self-inquiry to small-group activities to facilitated audience discussions.

Corporate Training for Your Company | 3 Step Plan

Career Advancement

By sharing anecdotes, interacting with the audience, and asking questions, a good speaker ensures that participants are hanging on every word and leave fired up to work together as a team. Career Development Empower Employees Human Capital Leadership Development Leadership Skills Real Leaders, Real Stories Talent management Teamwork Training“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”. Benjamin Franklin.

The Perfect Message On Time Management (from a Google Manager).

Rich Gee Group

I ran into a profound message from a Google manager who wrote a simple email to his staff on Time Management. (By It was so well received, he was asked to broadcast it to a larger audience, and history was made. Now, think about how you’re managing your time. It’s been said there are two paradigms to scheduling —  the manager and the maker. The manager’s day is cut into 30 minute intervals, and they change what they’re are doing every half hour.

Overcome speaker anxiety to become a fearless and engaging speaker

Career Advancement

What’s unusual is that I speak regularly to large audiences around the country—despite having this fear. Over time, I’ve learned to manage my anxiety and turn it into an engine that propels me forward. By the time I stood up to address the audience, my fear of failure had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like most audiences, you were polite and encouraging. Becoming an engaging speaker requires skill, courage, and an unwavering commitment to connect with an audience.

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8 Steps to Super Charge Your Career!

Marshall Goldsmith

The one thing you need to have a super-charged career today is – drum roll please – an executive coach. Middle managers can be just as arrogant and stubborn as CEOs – or just as open-minded. My target audience is the huge cohort of human beings who are already successful in their own way and want to become even more successful. It will help anyone who wants to supercharge his or her career!

A Compelling Communicator

Coaching Tip

You have simplified the argument by managing down quality and by "decomplexifying." The first is that the presenter loses the audience. Your presentation should arrive at a question the exact moment that question arrives in the audience's mind. In any presentation, be ready to speak the phrase "You're probably wondering," because it tells the audience that their logic is explicitly tracking with the presenter. Getting to the Story.

3 Steps To A Perfect Presentation. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

Here’s my secret (I keep it simple and direct): Step One: Who Is Your Audience & What Do You Want Them To Take Away This is the most important step that most executives and speakers forget. Why does the audience care? Audiences need an immediate expectation that what they are going to hear (and learn) works. Build to your audience. Keep your presentation flexible to accommodate both audiences. Questions – Take 2-3 questions from the audience.

“Dealing with your Manager” and Other Work Advice for College Students

Great Leadership By Dan

I’ve been asked by our Career Services office to deliver a one hour workshop in a couple weeks for our business school juniors, seniors, and MBAs. Even though I happen to work at the University of New Hampshire, most of my career has been dedicated to helping aspiring and current managers’ development. For the MBAs, most of whom have been in the workforce a few years, I might have a receptive audience and even a few ounces of credibility.

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5 Practices to Safely Manage Your Personal & Professional Social Media

Chart Your Course

A joke made in poor taste or a strong viewpoint over a sensitive topic can even end a professional’s career. Posting concerns and complaints to your digital audience doesn’t solve the problem, it worsens it. Implement a “Custom Strategy” The Harvard Business Review, on “How to Separate the Personal and Professional on Social Media,” recommends a custom strategy: users manage both their audience and their content.

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How To Overcome Your Speaking Jitters.

Rich Gee Group

I present to audiences all over the world. If you REALLY believe in your topic and transfer all emotions in your talk, you’ll have your audience in the palm of your hand. Once you get up there, a large percentage of your jitters and shakiness evaporate and any lingering insecurity is managed by your focus on the topic and delivery. at 8:55 AM I think the most important rule is to realise that no-one in the audience wants to hurt you.

Advice from Wharton Women in Business on How to Build Your Career

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: At the 14th annual Wharton Women on Business Conference held earlier this month, successful Wharton women graduates shared tips and advice with the audience of aspiring business women. Amanda D’Amico of Wharton Magazine shared some of those tips: “Be careful who you befriend, because you never know who you manage.” ” – Jane DeFlorio, managing director of Deutsche Bank.

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Career Shifting: Leaping lanes mid-career.

Roundtable Talk

← The Golden Rule of Interviewing: Past behaviour predicts future Fast Friday with Joe Chidley, SVP Corporate & Public Affairs, Veritas Communications → Career Shifting: Leaping lanes mid-career. Jumping around in your twenties is a great way to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, but what do you do in mid-career when you’re still on the quest for that dream job? Allow yourself time to reflect and build your personal career vision.

How to Make Real Change Happen When You’re Not CEO

Let's Grow Leaders

It’s a question we hear all the time from audience members […]. Career & Learning Results & Execution Winning Well influence internal change leadership management persuadeLet’s Grow Leaders Q&A In a recent post we invited you to send us your biggest leadership challenge. We received a great question from a healthcare leader in the United Kingdom.

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Five Tips for Small Team Management

Strategy Driven

You can use a free time clock software to set deadlines and objectives to manage project time more effectively. Time management tools can assist you to keep track of your team’s work and any project advancement. For first-time managers, this might be easier said than done. Your audience will not only hear what you are saying, they will also see and feel your enthusiasm. People often believe that managing a small team is easier, but that is hardly ever the case.

Improving Management Globally

Curious Cat

It is much worse when you aim to influence a global audience. On the matter of the importance of promoting better management practices worldwide I agree there is a huge amount of work to be done. And there is a huge vacuum of resources for managers looking for information on how to do better. It would also be a professional association for quality professionals – helping connect them to jobs, helping them find the knowledge and skills to grow during their careers etc.

Applications Being Accepted for Intensive Military to Civilian Career Transition Program

Strategy Driven

The program, which is designed to create successful transitions from military to civilian careers, is open to Veterans of any rank who left the service in the last two years or who will transition in the next six months. Veterans engage in topics such as defining a career vision, mapping out a targeted post-military career strategy, and creating an action plan that includes networking, using social media and refining their engagement and interviewing techniques.

Best Practices for Incorporating Coaching into a Talent Management.

Survive Your Promotion

Not all employees will make the decision to stay with one organization throughout their careers, but when an opportunity exists to retain and develop an existing resource rather than hiring externally, it can be beneficial for both the individual and their employer. In order to capitalize on this type of opportunity, the appropriate tools and resources must be leveraged to help your great individual contributor make the critical transition to team leader and manager.

9 Tips for Hi-Po’s to Start Their Careers Off Right!

Marshall Goldsmith

Why I realize we cannot all be entrepreneurial in the sense that we can’t all start our own companies, I believe we can all be entrepreneurial in terms of how we approach our careers. He beamed at the hundreds of young people in the audience and said: “Looking back on my career, I don’t feel like I have ever worked a day in my life. As you ponder your career options, ask yourself: “Who do I want to be like in 10 years?”

So You Think You Can Lead: 6 Surefire Ways To Tell If You're.

Terry Starbucker

It’s really inspiring to watch these youngsters prove themselves on stage week after week, in front of expert judges and a national television audience. Tweet This Post Tagged as: colin powell , Leadership , so you think you can lead { 4 comments… read them below or add one } John Burrows (Twitter: @John_Burrows) July 19, 2010 at 1:40 pm I think all of the things you list here are essential for managers as well.

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


I visited an interactive session with one of the greatest Indian actors Anupam Kher at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) as a part of “Face to Face with Achievers of Excellence” program. Anupam Kher needs no introduction to the Indian audience, but for the others, Anupam Kher is one of the best actors in contemporary cinema who has worked in over 400 films and 100 plays winning a number of awards including Padma Shree. with Phil Gerbyshak Management Craft Nicholas Bate NOOP.NL

What to Do If There’s No Clear Career Path for You at Your Company

Harvard Business

These days, the culprit preventing many professionals from identifying a clear career path at their company is simply that one no longer exists. As Cathy Benko and Molly Anderson predicted in their 2010 book, we’ve gone from a corporate ladder to a Corporate Lattice , in which professionals’ career progress may only sometimes be linear — and often, may instead appear diagonal or horizontal. Career planning Professional transitions Digital Article

3 Surprising Ways to Succeed in Self-Leadership

Michael Lee Stallard

My hope is that they will help you be more successful over your career and journey in life. Choose a career that helps others by bringing truth, goodness and/or beauty into the world and you will find greater career satisfaction and contentment. Some managers have blind spots of being over-controlling and others don’t interact enough with the people they are responsible for leading. Twyla taught me how to emotionally connect with an audience.

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Those Who Can Speak Close More Sales :: Women on Business

Women on Business

I have observed that Mee is such an exceptional orator because of the way he manages to so eloquently connect with an audience. Whenever he speaks, he seems to carry the audience in the palm of his hands. I’ve seen him take an audience and literally lift them out of their seats, give inspiration and motivation, instill confidence, enlighten, give solutions, and, as a result, get people to want to do business with his company…over and over again.

Things to Look For Before Starting a Construction Company in Texas

Strategy Driven

Anyone considering a career in construction has a number of lucrative opportunities. It will include the market trends, analysis of the competitors, growth opportunities in the market, and an appraisal of your target audience.

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Here are a few ways you can use power of storytelling: As a speaker/presenter, you can use stories to capture the imagination of audience. Great presenters tell great stories, anecdotes and experiences that truly engage the audience. When stories are powerful, mapped with audience’s context and delivered effectively - they create an influence, align people to a common goal and change them for better. with Phil Gerbyshak Management Craft Nicholas Bate NOOP.NL

Three Secrets Presentation Pros Keep To Themselves.

Rich Gee Group

The main reason why there was a dramatic attendance jump was directly attributable to the title and topic of my talk: “Bulletproof Your Career” To say the least, I had to pull every bit of speaker experience out of my being and ensure my time on stage wow’ed the audience. I also ask many questions prior to the event to get a better feel for my audience. To be honest, there are times when I’m scared.

Mid-career blues: Are Xers being sidelined?

Roundtable Talk

← Fast Friday quote of the week with Gregg Levoy, author To be or not to be: can authenticity at work limit your career options? → Mid-career blues: Are Xers being sidelined? One of the keys, from Paul’s view, to managing your career is to know when to go through these windows and seize new opportunities. ← Fast Friday quote of the week with Gregg Levoy, author To be or not to be: can authenticity at work limit your career options?

How to Advance in Your Career When Your Boss Won’t Help

Harvard Business

I recently moderated a panel at a conference and asked the group of successful executives to describe someone who has been instrumental in their careers. She lamented that she’d never been lucky enough to work for someone like that, and at times felt that the lack of an effective boss was career-derailing — even a personal failure. As she spoke I noticed how many people in the audience were nodding their heads, and afterward she was flooded with questions.

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Educate New Managers on Their New Responsibilities

Deming Institute

Far too often companies promote employees into management positions and expect them to fulfill the obligations of their new position without helping prepare them to meet their new responsibilities. Managing a software development team is a completely different job from being a great software developer. Most everyone would acknowledge that: but if you look at what actually happens in many organizations the management system is not setup with this fact in mind.

How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn

Harvard Business

Know your audience and connect the dots for them. Managing yourself Career planning Professional transitions Digital Article

How Do the Best Leaders Avoid Miscommunication

Lead from Within

It was Dale Carnegie who stated, in How to Win Friends and Influence People , that 90 percent of all management problems are caused by miscommunication. They know their audience: To communicate effectively, it is important to first know who it is you’re speaking to.

How Do Busy Leaders Make More Time?

Rich Gee Group

I was so blown away by it’s simplicity and it’s ability to fit many professional and personal things in — I just had to publish it for my audience. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Media Piece Quotations Social Media Ways & Tips Executive Meditate Relax Schedule Simple Simplicity Time Management TravelOne of my clients sent me their daily schedule.

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How To Ace Nerve Wracking Alternative Format Interviews

Lead Change Blog

If you’re looking to move up from an entry level position to a management post, or from junior management to senior or executive level management, you have to be prepared for these interview formats as they are a norm for jobs with a leadership capacity. Aside from the hiring manager, your prospective colleagues and boss might be in the audience, too. Career Development executive career development job interviews

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30 Crucial Skills You Need to Be an Amazing Speaker

Lead from Within

Here are 30 essential skills you must have to be an amazing speaker: 1. Know your audience. Unless you already know them well, you should plan to spend time researching and understanding your audience as well as your topic. If you’re in a situation in which you have the freedom to choose your topic, make sure to consider its timeliness and relevance along with your level of knowledge and the audience’s likely interest. Treat your audience with respect.

You Can Be The Best You Can Be.

Rich Gee Group

You need to develop your own personal brand that will engage your audience and get them to see your ability, your product, and your talents: Executive: What can you do to really help your company? I came up with a simple and powerful tool the other day. I was standing in my office in front of a large Post-It notepad sheet with a red sharpie in my hand (red delivers intention!) — and the ideas just flowed. What did I come up with to help you be the best?

Leaders Live in A Glass House with Arjan van Weele

N2Growth Blog

Arjan van Weele , a Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management living in the Netherlands , discusses his perspective on leadership competencies that apply for any leader, no matter where you are within your career journey. This broader audience (customers, employees, etc.)