015: How to Deal with Resistance to Change | Featuring Megan Burns

Engaging Leader

In this episode, Jesse and Megan discuss continuous improvement and how to handle resistance to change. Together they explore the following questions: We hear that people are naturally resistant to change. What are the different types of resistance to change that leaders often face? How can you minimize resistance from the outset? How do you as a leader deal with resistance to change? Video: How to Use a Stakeholder Analysis to Identify Audience Members.

Four Types of Meetings that Lead to Effective Organizations


They ought not to share too much stakeholder analysis at the meeting, however. The traditional model of learning–with a speaker disseminating information to a passive audience–has been proven ineffective. Who are potential resisters and why? by Gary Cohen. Four Types of Meetings & Their Objectives. The quality of an organization’s meetings often suggests the quality of the organization’s overall work.