B2B Social Media Case Study: Dell Vostro V 130 #TradeSecrets Campaign: getting the small business community talking

Krishna De

I had first hand experience of the campaign when I attended an event in the UK hosted by Dell and at the event we were invited to share our opinions of the Dell Vostro V 130 through Twitter – you can see the collection of my eight tips here. Neville Hobson of nevillehobson.com.

B2B 107

3 Steps in the Presales Process Fortune 500 Companies Never Skip

The Kini Group

B2B businesses with a strong and strategic presales process consistently achieve win rates of more than 40%, according to McKinsey research. As a result, many companies give their presales departments woeful amounts of attention, little strategy direction, and inadequate technology.

Influence Marketing: Guinness, The Gathering And St Patrick’s Day

Krishna De

If you are looking to attract more customers to your business, there is no question that referrals and word of mouth marketing online and offline is extremely powerful and if you do that through connecting to key influencers of your ideal clients you will increase your reach.