Career Growth: 4 Signs That Your Company Will Give You a Fair Shot

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Ask any career-oriented woman about her top work-related concerns, and she will likely rank having access to high-quality jobs at desirable companies and having equitable opportunities to advance within those organizations at the top of the list. Career Development Guest Posts

Voice of Experience: Alison Rose (Royal Bank of Scotland)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from a profile of Alison Rose (Head of Cofrporate Coverage and Client Management, EMEA, Global Banking & Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland) written by Melissa J. Bob's blog entries A Career in Investment Banking Alison Rose Diversity in Investment Banking Melissa J. Anderson Royal Bank of Scotland The Glass Hammer

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Create Career Sustainability One “Tweak” At a Time

Mills Scofield

The New York Times calls her “one of the smartest, sophisticated thinkers” and Mashable lists her as 1 of the Top 14 Career Experts on Twitter. A couple of years ago, Sharon’s financial research team moved to another bank.

Millennials into Leadership Roles?

Coaching Tip

And Bank of America has a so-called onboarding program to help new executives adapt to the corporate culture and learn from senior executives.

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The Top Five Career Regrets

Harvard Business Review

What do you regret most about your career? But judging from the scores of follow-up questions and the volume of post-lecture emails I received, a talk on career regret would have been the real bull's-eye. Here were the group's top five career regrets: 1.

The perils of starting your career in a recession

Chartered Management Institute

It's widely regarded that starting ones career in a recession can severely hit your bank balance. How does a recession impact upon their career? The research suggests that executives who begin their career during a recession generally rise to the top of the career ladder faster than peers who began their career during boom times. They have had less career moves however, often staying within the company they now lead.

How to Launch a Successful Portfolio Career

Harvard Business Review

As the head of a leadership assessment, development, and coaching firm, I spend a lot of time with successful executives talking about their work lives — and in the past few years, many of those conversations have centered on an increasingly popular, and increasingly idealized, imagined next step: the so-called “portfolio career.” Without a clear view, it’s all too easy to end up with a portfolio career you don’t enjoy, or even really want.

How Banking Analysts’ Biases Benefit Everyone Except Investors

Harvard Business Review

To answer this question we studied Wall Street analysts that provide earnings forecasts for banks and other types of financial institutions or non-finance companies (‘banking analysts’). Moreover, bank executives appear to profit from the analysts’ bias.

Why do some talented executives fail?

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In their book, Maximum Success: Changing the Twelve Behavior Patterns That Keep You From Getting Ahead , James Waldroop and Timothy Butler identify twelve behavior patterns--what they call "Achilles' heels" — that can harm, or seriously hinder, a person's career development.

Career Development: Climb That Ladder in 8 Steps

Strategy Driven

So, how do you stay ahead of the curve and climb the career ladder? For example, someone wanting to progress in the social work industry could do an LCSW online program in their spare time to advance their knowledge and get better career prospects.

Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers

Harvard Business Review

Maybe you also dream about switching to a career that’s drastically different from your current job. Two careers are better than one. And by committing to two careers, you will produce benefits for both. Instead, a more revealing query would be, “Why do you have multiple careers?” My corporate job paycheck subsidizes my record producing career. Career Transitions. How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition.

An Inspiring View from the C-Suite with Wayne Bossert, Royal Bank of Canada

Roundtable Talk

Th is week, our members had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Wayne Bossert, EVP Sales, RBC Canadian Banking and President & CEO, Royal Mutual Funds Inc., With an impressive 25 year career at RBC, Wayne shared lessons he learned at his various career junctures. Whether your ambition is to grow your career within one employer as Wayne has done, or to leap the career ladder through smaller firms, the lessons shared were universal.

Career Plans Are Dangerous

Harvard Business Review

Manager, do you think you will be moving on?"), or brown-nosing ("I hope to be well along my career within this fine company") and it assumes that you are going to indeed like working at "this fine company" and that they are going to enjoy having you. If in 2007 you asked people who worked in the mortgage banking or real estate business, or in journalism or at Blockbuster what they were expecting to be doing in 2012, we guarantee you their answer isn't what they are doing now.

Navigating Tradeoffs in a Dual-Career Marriage

Harvard Business Review

In his retirement announcement , Pichette gave voice to the sentiments of countless mid-career professionals when he asserted that “Life is wonderful” but it also involves a series of tradeoffs between professional endeavors and commitments to family and community.

What Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Finding a Career

Harvard Business Review

“After board dinners, we inevitably sit around and talk about our kids and their careers,” Dave Calhoun recently told me. The truth is, it’s difficult to advise kids about how careers really work today and how to get any job, much less a great job. Career planning

Women Leadership Changes in 2013

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Kathleen Taylor was named the next chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada. When Doing It All Won''t Do: A Self-Coaching Guide for Career Women--Workbook Edition . . When Doing It All Won''t Do: A Self-Coaching Guide for Career Women. . Blogs Books Career Current Affairs Leadership Personal Coaching Women Work life angela merkel career women catalyst general motors janet yellen kathleen taylor mary barra park geun hye self-coaching guide sheryl sandberg women leadership

Stop Fast-Tracking Your Career

Harvard Business Review

I couldn't help but think that Carol was setting herself up for disappointment and sabotaging her own career with an unrealistic plan to scramble up the investment banking industry ladder. "If Where is the fine line between calculated job abandonment and downright career recklessness?

The Art of Giving and Getting Help – Part 2

Rajesh Setty

Early in your careers (and always) your goal has to be to contribute and be an opportunity to other people. In simple terms, do as many favors as possible as early as possible in your career. You are building your emotional bank account by giving.

It’s 2015! Why Are These Annoyances Still Around?

Rich Gee Group

How it takes several days to transfer money between banks. Why does it take FIVE days to transfer money from one bank to another? It’s 2015 — how can I deposit a check from my phone, but I can’t send money from bank A to bank B instantly?

Joel A. Garfinkle : An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

His valuable insights have been sought after by leaders in companies such as Google, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, Gap, Starbucks, Deloitte, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Bank of America, Citibank, and Microsoft. Amazon Bank of America Bloomberg Businessweek Cisco Systems Citibank Deloitte Fast Company Forbes Fulfillment@Work Newsletter Gap Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level Google Hewlett-Packard Joel A. Joel A.

Holding Powerful & Arrogant Bosses Accountable

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Winston, a former executive responsible for leadership development at the Countrywide Financial Corporation, spent three years in a legal battle against Countrywide, the once-mighty mortgage giant, and its current owner, Bank of America, contending that he was punished and pushed out for not toeing the company line. Mr. Winston’s career experience included successful stints at Motorola, McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed. When Bank of America took over in 2008, Winston was let go.

35 Under 35: Stephanie Niven (Javelin Capital)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Visit us daily to discover issues that matter, share experiences, and plan networking, your career and your life.” [.]. Here is an excerpt from a profile of Stephanie Niven written by Cleo Thompson (London), founder of The Gender Blog, for The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business.

Career Bankers Alone Can’t Solve the Financial Industry’s Problems

Harvard Business Review

The banking industry is mired in a state of permanent crisis. Some firms, like Deutsche Bank, are still trying to clamber out of holes they dug before the financial meltdown, negotiating multibillion-dollar settlements with the Department of Justice. and three other leading countries favor additional bank regulation; 59% support breaking up the banks; and 56% favor smaller, more-personal banks.

Leading with Vision

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The question remains, can it work for organizations that are in industries not typically considered exciting, such as banks, manufacturers, and government agencies? Books Business Coaching Career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Current Affairs Leadership Memes Self Assessment Self-Awareness Skills Success Tips Women Work life corporate employees Executive Development leadership principle Maya Angelou Microsoft organizations work environment

New MBAs Should Start Their Careers in Frontier Markets

Harvard Business Review

Most Western executives have limited exposure to a frontier market until they are relatively senior in their careers. Spending time early in your career in a frontier market has a lasting impact on all your subsequent management decisions. “Where are the stores?”

Where Are All The Great Careers? Hiding Right Here.

Rich Gee Group

We all know the common and famous careers out there. Did you know there are many great career paths that are ‘hidden’ from the normal news mainstream? All the military benefits and living by the ocean or water your entire career with very few exceptions.

Build Your Bench Strength Without Breaking the Bank

Harvard Business Review

Year Up , a nonprofit that helps urban young adults to develop professional careers and pursue higher education, began using the matrix when it had only one site, a small staff, and annual revenue around $1 million. Many social enterprises start small and grow fast.

Advice from Wharton Women in Business on How to Build Your Career

Women on Business

” – Jane DeFlorio, managing director of Deutsche Bank. Get the Details: How Wharton Women in Business Build Careers via NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: At the 14th annual Wharton Women on Business Conference held earlier this month, successful Wharton women graduates shared tips and advice with the audience of aspiring business women.

The Skills Gap That's Slowing Down Your Career

Harvard Business Review

Career speed bumps (much like their counterparts in the road ) can take you by surprise. Take not having the right credentials, one common career speed bump. It's easy to ignore if you are speeding along in your career with the same employer, but suddenly losing your job can send you careening out of control. For example, I know a bank executive who had twenty years of great community banking experience, but no bachelor's degree.

Multitasking Pitfalls

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We schedule appointments when caught in traffic and text friends while standing in line at the bank. 99 or paperback for $7.99) . When Doing It All Won't Do: A Self-Coaching Guide for Career Women--Workbook Edition--Paperback $13.41 . Books Business Coaching Career Memes Personal Coaching Tips Women Work life attention Clifford Nass Internet mobile communication multitasking NeuroImage Stanford thinking process time management William Penn

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Movers and Shakers: Ellen Galinsky, Co-Founder and President, Families and Work Institute

First Friday Book Synopsis

Visit us daily to discover issues that matter, share experiences, and plan networking, your career [.]. Bob's blog entries Bank Street College Co-Founder and President don’t Ellen Galinsky Families and Work Institute Families and Work Institute Finding and Following the Work-Life Question Ford Foundation Melissa J. Here is an excerpt from a profile of Ellen Galinsky (Co-Founder and President, Families and Work Institute) written by Melissa J.

What’s Your Leadership Narrative?

Mills Scofield

As I mentioned in my review, this is a Must Read book for anyone at any stage in their career. She is a strategy consultant and speaker who has worked with clients including Google, Yale University, and the World Bank.

Keeping Your Options Open Could Be Hurting Your Career

Harvard Business Review

After studying Hollywood actors for three years, MIT Professor Ezra Zuckerman found that actors who typecast themselves (PDF) early in their careers tend to earn more money, have longer lifespans, and enjoy more fame compared to generalist actors. Moreover, young actors who specialize are able to land their first role quicker and receive more job offers over the course of their careers. Over the long term, that is a career strategy with diminishing returns.

Leading with Trust

Great Leadership By Dan

Employers underestimate the importance of personal and career development on employee retention, vastly overestimating the importance of salary and benefits. The co-head of investment banking at Goldman Sachs said, “The goal is for our analysts to want to be here for a career.

Are You a Better Leader or Manager?

Ron Edmondson

This may be one of the most important questions we have to answer as our careers take us to new roles. We need to figure out which one we do best and then try to arrange our career where we can realize our best potential.

Transforming Perceptions: 10 Steps to Managing the Way You Are Perceived at Work

Great Leadership By Dan

having worked with many of the world's leading companies, including Oracle, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, Ritz-Carlton, Gap, Bank of America and Starbucks. GARFINKLE success perceptions executive coaching career advice getting ahead

Voice of Experience: Asahi Pompey (Goldman Sachs)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from a profile of Asahi Pompey (Managing Director, Compliance, Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs) written by Melissa J. Bob's blog entries “Know yourself – know your strengths and weaknesses” Be a subject matter expert Careers for Attorneys at Goldman Sachs” Columbia Law School Forging a Career in Compliance Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Private Wealth Management Melissa J.

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Leadership in Flight

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Were one wing to meet the wind at a greater angle than the other, it would give greater lift on that side and so the glider would bank and turn. Books Career Leadership Science Skills Success What is birds D.C. On May 30, 1899, Wilbur Wright of Dayton, OH wrote to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. saying, "My observations have convinced me more firmly that human flight is possible and practicable.

Entrepreneurship: Transforming Nothing into Something

Coaching Tip

I failed at my first career in banking. I failed at my second career with the phone company. But you'd be surprised at how many of the skills I learned in those careers can be applied to almost any field, including cartooning.

How To Take Charge Of Your Job Search.

Rich Gee Group

Do you feel you’ve fallen behind in your career? So go to the bank, take out $500, and put each bill into your shredder. I’ve worked with hundreds of job-seekers and presented to thousands about searching for a job.