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Voice of Experience: Alison Rose (Royal Bank of Scotland)

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Here is an excerpt from a profile of Alison Rose (Head of Cofrporate Coverage and Client Management, EMEA, Global Banking & Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland) written by Melissa J. Bob's blog entries A Career in Investment Banking Alison Rose Diversity in Investment Banking Melissa J. Anderson Royal Bank of Scotland The Glass Hammer

Should a Woman Act More Like a Man to Succeed at Work?

Great Leadership By Dan

New DDI research explores leadership differences between men and women and makes the case for gender diversity in the workplace. The research also provides a snapshot view and analysis of gender diversity across countries and industries. DDI differences diversity gender leaders

How To Better Support Introverts In Today’s Workplaces

Tanveer Naseer

Professional roles of introverts vs. extroverts Introverts and extroverts tend to migrate to career fields that play to their dispositions, says Moore. People-facing jobs, like sales, management consulting and investment banking are dominated by extroverts.

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Meet the New Face of Diversity: The “Slacker” Millennial Guy

Harvard Business Review

It’s simply not possible to work 90 hours a week and see to your own basic needs – much less support someone else’s career. Lamont’s 2000 study quotes a bank supply salesman: “A person that is totally ambitious and driven never sees anything except the spot they are aiming at.” Today, managing diversity is not limited to women, LGBTQ individuals, or people of color. Diversity also means managing men who aren’t like you—and don’t want to be.

Women Leadership Changes in 2013

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Kathleen Taylor was named the next chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada. Diverse business leadership and governance are correlated with stronger business performance, employee engagement, and innovation. When Doing It All Won''t Do: A Self-Coaching Guide for Career Women--Workbook Edition . . When Doing It All Won''t Do: A Self-Coaching Guide for Career Women. . Janet Yellen is lined up to run the Federal Reserve.

Career Bankers Alone Can’t Solve the Financial Industry’s Problems

Harvard Business Review

The banking industry is mired in a state of permanent crisis. Some firms, like Deutsche Bank, are still trying to clamber out of holes they dug before the financial meltdown, negotiating multibillion-dollar settlements with the Department of Justice. and three other leading countries favor additional bank regulation; 59% support breaking up the banks; and 56% favor smaller, more-personal banks.

5 Steps Women Can Take to Get on Corporate Boards

Women on Business

A diverse board that includes women typically improves performance in many areas, yet there is still a huge gender gap in the boardroom. News and Insights boardroom diversity corporate boards women in the boardroom women on boards

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Where Are All The Great Careers? Hiding Right Here.

Rich Gee Group

We all know the common and famous careers out there. Did you know there are many great career paths that are ‘hidden’ from the normal news mainstream? All the military benefits and living by the ocean or water your entire career with very few exceptions.

Case Study: How Hard Should You Push Diversity?

Harvard Business Review

It had appeared in a special online supplement of Businessweek on the subject of diversity, and it concerned the company's efforts to increase female and minority representation in management. CEO Says Lack of Diversity Disgraceful'? Diversity"Did you see this?"

Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top

Harvard Business Review

Ambitious young women hoping to run a major business someday are often advised to take a particular career path: get an undergraduate degree from the most prestigious college you can, an MBA from a selective business school, then land a job at a top consulting firm or investment bank. We decided to put our expensively honed analytic skills to work testing that advice by looking at the career paths of the 24 women who head Fortune 500 companies.

Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top

Harvard Business Review

Ambitious young women hoping to run a major business someday are often advised to take a particular career path: get an undergraduate degree from the most prestigious college you can, an MBA from a selective business school, then land a job at a top consulting firm or investment bank. We decided to put our expensively honed analytic skills to work testing that advice by looking at the career paths of the 24 women who head Fortune 500 companies.

Leading with Character by Leading from Within

C-Level Strategies

“A lot of my friends who went on to be very successful in investment banking or law or consulting … are not as happy as I am. Diversity — including diversity of race, religion and political views — is also central to that vision.

U.S. Latinos Feel They Can’t Be Themselves at Work

Harvard Business Review

CTI research on diversity and innovation found that 56% of employees say that leaders at their companies fail to see value in ideas for which they don’t personally see a need. Latinos with sponsors — senior-level advocates — are 42% more likely to be satisfied with their career progression than Latinos without sponsors. Smart companies understand diverse perspectives have impact on the bottom-line and are working to better leverage these insights.

The Importance of Being Purposeful | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

It is entirely possible though that I did not adequately declare my intent, because the first person I encountered, pulled his chair very close to mine; stared sharply into my face and said, “ I make money for the bank.

Design Your Top Jobs to Appeal to the Goals of Top Talent

Harvard Business Review

Take Australia-based hearing-aid manufacturer Cochlear, which when faced with a chronic underrepresentation of women in its high-potential pool, made an effort to better align its leadership roles both to their candidates'' individual strengths and to their individual career aspirations.

Lack of Communication You Say? | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

upon a time, I worked with banking executives. When it comes to being effective in our communications with diverse groups of people, I am reminded of this quote: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Free Tech Tools for the Digital Economy

Strategy Driven

Whether you are a veteran of technological sophistication, just beginning one’s career in IT or technical communication, or even a novice player in the digital economy, there are many free technologies that can be used to complement, enhance, and simplify one’s technical tasks, business processes, documentation, as well as enrich and restructure workflows.

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When Work Satisfaction Comes from Having 4 Jobs

Harvard Business Review

You may have to learn some intensive juggling, but evidence we’ve gathered from a study of fascinating people from many walks of life suggests that sometimes more — a lot more — is better, especially when “more” entails a diversity of tasks.

The Authenticity Trap for Workers Who Are Not Straight, White Men

Harvard Business Review

Many employees are encouraged to “just be yourself,” only to find their authenticity — and their career ambitions — constrained by unwritten office rules about appearance, speech, and behavior. Some 41% of LGBT respondents are not out at work, and 23% of men and 15% of women believe that passing — pretending to be in a heterosexual relationship; changing their mannerisms, voice or clothing; or hiding LGBT friendships — has helped their career. Diversity Managing yourself


How Economics PhDs Took Over the Federal Reserve

Harvard Business Review

What wasn’t really up in the air was whether the new head of the world’s most powerful central bank would have a doctorate in economics. Under Martin, regulating the economy through monetary policy pushed aside bank regulation to become the central bank’s No.

Highlighting Our January 2017 Sponsor: Bill Treasurer

Lead Change Blog

He has designed leadership and succession programs for emerging and experienced leaders for NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, UBS Bank, Walsh Construction, Spanx, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the U.S. We are elated to have the Bill Treasurer as our Lead Change Group sponsor for January 2017!

Dick Nettell, Extreme Leader

Steve Farber

Dick had a long and storied career at Bank of America where his results and style were legendary. Here’s Dick Nettell, Extreme Leader: The best Extreme Leader that I’d met in my years of doing this work was a mid-level vice president at a formidable national bank. When I first met him, Dick was running the check processing operation in the bank’s corporate facility.

Great Leaders Can Think Like Each Member of Their Team

Harvard Business Review

He exemplified a special leadership skill — the ability to get diverse teams of contending bankers, merchants, and traders to collaborate effectively.

What You Should Know About Dodd-Frank and What Happens If It’s Rolled Back

Harvard Business Review

The rethink took place in the context of a lot of skepticism (at best) about the banking system, the banking business model, and its contribution to American well-being. ” The tension that underlies all financial regulation: “One of the main themes of the legislation was to make sure that banks were constrained in their ability to take risks using public money. And, additionally, the hope is this makes the banks more cognizant of the risks they face.

Your Leadership Development Program Needs an Overhaul

Harvard Business Review

Barclays Bank PLC and The Walt Disney Company EMEA are great examples. To his mind, men and women with a good self-understanding and a high regard for followers would prove resilient and open to learning and growing throughout their careers. Consider Barclays and two examples of intrapreneurs from programs run by the bank in 2013 and 2015.

Unbridled Capitalism

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On the other hand, we are not all created equal when it comes to our diverse aptitudes and abilities. By Guest Author Henry B. Zimmer. In the 1987 movie Wall Street , Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, makes the statement that “Greed is Good”.

What We Learned About Management in 2016, in 19 Charts

Harvard Business Review

People who are both in demand by their colleagues and are seen as important sources of information at work have the lowest engagement and career satisfaction scores, as represented by the smaller bubbles toward the top right of this chart. These common corporate diversity programs actually make things worse. There’s a pattern when it comes to who owns the top banks in the U.S. The 1% and the Asian middle class have gained the most from globalization. The U.S.

Conversation Celebrating the Dignity of Difference

Bird's Eye View

  So from unity comes diversity.  Susans provocative addresses are geared toward helping people and organizations use conversation strategically to achieve no less than the transformation of their businesses, their careers, and the world.

For Professionals Returning to Work, There’s Power in the Cohort

Harvard Business Review

Morgan, MetLife and Morgan Stanley — piloted re-entry internship programs for professionals returning to work after a career break. Liberty Mutual, Lloyds Banking Group, Zillow and Return Path have followed suit.

Why Women Aren’t Making It to the Top of Financial Services Firms

Harvard Business Review

In the 1980s, however, pioneering women began moving into management roles and into frontline business areas, such as investment banking. Career progression analysis also shows that at each level, men are promoted at materially higher rates than women. Women are far more likely than men to leave the industry or to reduce their level of ambition just at the point in their careers when they need to make the effort to push on to the top.

Fixing the Leadership Gap in Southeast Asia

Harvard Business Review

Executives who can manage effectively while respecting employees’ and customers’ multifaceted diversity are the ones who thrive and create value for their companies. Make long-term career plans, but remain open to possibilities.

Why Young Bankers, Lawyers, and Consultants Need Emotional Intelligence

Harvard Business Review

Early in your career — whether it’s in banking, law, consulting or accounting — you will discover that all of your colleagues are as smart and hard working as you. Over my 40-year banking career, I’ve learned that the critical distinguishing factor for advancing in the professional services is emotional intelligence (EQ). The best thing you can do early in your career is decide to prioritize your adaptability. Vincent Tsui for HBR.

Why Isn’t Jamie Dimon Telling Clients to Raise Wages Too?

Harvard Business Review

But why isn’t the commercial and investment bank telling its corporate clients to do the same? I believe he should tell his bank’s corporate clients to follow suit. HBR STAFF.

Firms Are Wasting Millions Recruiting on Only a Few Campuses

Harvard Business Review

It’s not just that certain schools are known for excellence in a given field or offer coursework and training relevant to a specific career path. I saw this first hand while researching the hiring practices of top-tier investment banks, management consulting firms, and law firms.

The Ways Big Cities Think About Large-Scale Change

Harvard Business Review

For example, although a school superintendent and the head of a community development bank have historically had little occasion to talk to each other, they both play an important role in connecting underserved communities to jobs and essential services such as education, training, child care, health care and housing, and ensuring that those opportunities exist in the first place.

The Rise of the Hands-On Dad

Harvard Business Review

Let’s start with the pioneering companies now offering generous paid parental leave to new dads — firms such as Yahoo (8 weeks), PwC (12-14 weeks), and Bank of America (12 weeks). And many other companies are paying much more attention to men’s issues in their diversity and work-life programs, even if they haven’t yet fully articulated robust policies for dads. If you’re a dad who works, this is a good time to celebrate.

Why I Hired an Executive with a Mental Illness

Harvard Business Review

But my experience as a consultant at a very large strategy firm whose clients are giant corporations had been that if someone admitted that he or she struggled with depression or mental illness, that would often be career suicide. Indeed, a former vice president of a major investment banking firm, when told about this blog, warned me against publishing it: “Clients are afraid to work with firms that have mentally ill people on the professional staff.”.

Headhunters Reveal What Candidates Want

Harvard Business Review

The answer turns out to be far more nuanced than mere wealth accumulation and career advancement. One consultant commented, for example, that “within the investment-banking community, it is all about platform and brand.”.

What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

But what about the ordinary engineers, managers, and employees who designed cars to cheat automotive pollution controls or set up bank accounts without customers’ permission? We were surprised that 30 leaders in the study recalled a total of 87 “major” ethical dilemmas from their career histories. Build a strong and diverse personal network. Enron. Wells Fargo. Volkswagen.

Marshall Goldsmith 15 Coaches Winners + Much More!

Marshall Goldsmith

In selecting the first 25 coaches, I have tried to achieve a great deal of diversity. Herminia Ibarra – Thinkers 50 #8 Management Thinker 2015, #1 Leadership Thinker 2013, Professor at INSEAD, best-selling author Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career.