Leadership Lessons from the Banking Upheaval

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Guest post from Jean-Marc Laouchez , Hay Group: “Banking is no longer somewhere that you go, it’s something that you do.” - Brett King, Banking 3.0. When was the last time you visited a bank branch? In Africa, some telecoms providers have bypassed traditional banks completely.

Five Productivity Mistakes for Entrepreneurs to Avoid

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Too many entrepreneurs may be focusing too much on their hopes and dreams of success rather than maintaining daily best practices to stay productive and healthy. Here are five mistakes entrepreneurs should correct in order to help them achieve a more productive day and a healthier lifestyle.

A Happy Workforce is a Productive Workforce

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You don’t have to break the bank to do so, but time off in lieu, a bottle of wine, treating the team to cakes on Monday or a Friday lunchtime meal out will make your team feel valued. When employees feel they are cared about, productivity increases.

5 Functional Ways to Market and Grow your Business without Breaking the Bank

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One of the solutions to those problems could be your products or services. Would you like to showcase your product one on one to your customers? You can plan and start with a small trade show and a few products to test. It takes a lot of time and commitment to start a business.

The Secret To Increased Productivity: 3 Steps to Improved Performance

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Do you hope for increased productivity? A guest post from Karin Rigas, Greve, Denmark Karin Moeller Rigas has worked as a Sales Manager, Executive Coach, and Management Consultant within Retail Banking for more than 25 years. The post The Secret To Increased Productivity: 3 Steps to Improved Performance appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. planning productivity leadership leading performance valuesThe solution may be closer than you think.

Managing a Remote Team: 12 Best Practices for Better Productivity

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To ascertain staff productivity in teams that are scattered across various locations, below are twelve best practices to effectively manage a mobile/remote workforce: 1. Humans are inherently curious, which is why transparency is a big boost to team morale and productivity.

America’s Most Productive Companies 2011

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Bob's blog entries Alleghany Company America's Most Productive Companies 2011 AmSurg Company assessment solutions Colgate-Palmolive Company Columbia Sportswear Company ConocoPhillips Cummins Inc. Chang's China Bistro pre-screening Profiles International select the right people and develop them to their full potential SunTrust Banks Inc

Time Management: How to Maximize Your Productivity

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What’s more, when our machines multitask for us, no quality of productivity is lost. Here are some effective ways that you can combine tasks to maximize productivity and efficiency. Maybe you check your email every morning and then remember later to check your bank account.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Online Exposure for New Products and Services?

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The success of any business, or product, depends directly on social influence and exposure gains. More exposure means that more people see what you have to offer, and why your business or product is a better choice than your competitors.

041: Using People Analytics to Improve Productivity & Happiness | with Ben Waber

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One of the data-driven tools that Google uses is Social Sensing Technology, which is showing conclusive evidence that slight changes in behavior, from changing when you take breaks to what lunch tables you sit at, can make you and your team happier, healthier, and more productive.

90% of Conversations in Social Media About Banking Occur in Online Forums

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According to his research, collected through NetBase, 90% of the trackable conversations occurring online around banks and bank products were in online forums. photo credit: in search for a new country of residence Recently, Jason Falls shared an interesting fact with me. Ninety percent! 5% related to consumer reviews, 3% on blogs and less than [.]. How Should I Participate

Leveraging Leadership R&D

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With increasing demands in our time, one of the challenges that leaders continually face is that of productivity. Nothing frustrates me more than the amount of time, energy, and resources that we waste on a daily basis simply because we are not effective and productive and don’t have efficient, aligned business practices in place. My productivity index has plummeted as I have navigated the uncertainty of all the events conspiring around me.


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He discusses the concept of building a trust account, which is similar to a bank account. – The Product Management Perspective: Trust is the most important characteristic a product manager can possess.

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What Africa’s Banking Industry Needs to Do to Survive

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Across Africa, banking is being redesigned. While the banks compete among themselves, they face existential threats from amalgam of entities, not necessarily possessing bank licenses. companies and bank accounts while living outside U.S., Elevate digital banking.

Brian Klapper: An interview by Bob Morris

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Brian has worked with global companies in a variety of sectors including: financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, food service, utilities, retail, and healthcare. Brian Klapper is the President and Founding Partner of The Klapper Institute. He is an internationally recognized expert in operational and cultural corporate transformation.

Banks’ New Competitors: Starbucks, Google, and Alibaba

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This represents a major challenge to the banking sector where, in developed markets, growth and profitability are still at about half of pre-crisis levels. As banks recover from the downturn, non-banks are taking advantage by proceeding aggressively with digital innovations and capturing more and more of the banking value chain. Accenture estimates that competition from non-banks could erode one-third of traditional bank revenues by 2020.

How Banks Can Compete Against an Army of Fintech Startups

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It’s been more than 25 years since Bill Gates dismissed retail banks as “dinosaurs,” but the statement may be as true today as it was then. Banking for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been astonishingly unaffected by the rise of the Internet. To the extent that banks have digitized, they have focused on the most routine customer transactions, like online access to bank accounts and remote deposits. banks. Eastern Bank).

How the Great Recession Changed Banking

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Just over 10 years ago, French bank BNP Paribas froze U.S. There was a run on British bank Northern Rock. Over the next year, many banks fell. Investment bank Bear Stearns collapsed. The recession transformed investment banks and created a deep divide between banks that quickly remodeled their business and those that failed to move rapidly. We expect investment banks to embark on an even more fundamental makeover during the next decade.

How Capitec Became South Africa’s Biggest Bank

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The consumer banking industry is notoriously difficult to enter, not least because most customers rarely switch banks. In some countries, people change spouses more often than they change banks. It has now become the largest bank in the country. ShutterWorx/Getty Images.

Developing Countries Are Revolutionizing Mobile Banking

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But this isn't the first big innovation in mobile banking. That revolution, in turn, is causing India to leapfrog brick-and-mortar banking to wireless banking for the masses. Counterintuitive as it may seem, poor countries may be ahead of rich countries in mobile banking. The story of one such innovation, NPCI's Inter-Bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS), shows how far ahead India is with this technology. NPCI itself is promoted by 10 leading banks in India.

How Banks Should Finance the Social Sector

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Most traditional financial intermediaries, like banks, are focused on short-term returns and deem unsecured lending to charities and social enterprises to be too risky. If financing is offered by a bank, the terms are often too onerous. Banks have a role to play in the social sector.

Fintech Companies Could Give Billions of People More Banking Options

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Much has been made of the fact that a new breed of financial technology (or fintech) companies is unbundling banks in the developed world. Startups are attacking all of the components of the traditional bank value proposition (e.g., While their innovative products have been a boon to consumers in mature economies, the resulting efficiency and security benefits have largely bypassed the 2 billion consumers in the developing world who lack formal banking services altogether.

It's Time to Judge Bank Performance Differently

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Despite the new regulatory regime, big banks continue to suffer from significant governance challenges. Boards have limited time to wade through the substantial complexity of the banks' businesses. This poses significant risks not just to banks but potentially to the entire economy during the next downturn. Bank executives' performance is typically evaluated in large part on the basis of earnings. Net interest income is a fundamental part of banking.

Business Risks and How to Prepare for Them

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These could include, names, addresses, bank details, and credit card numbers. Many of the injuries sustained are avoidable but it costs businesses millions of dollars and time in lost production to compensate workers for losses. Product Recalls.

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The End of Banks as We Know Them?

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Last week my father received a phone call from the branch director of his long-standing bank to offer him a new product. Millions of people have lost confidence in banks. But the dissatisfaction and disappointment with our banks runs deeper.

Why We Shouldn't Bank on Growth

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China today represents approximately 50% of global steel production and consumption. Iron ore is a key input in the steel production process, and one that China regularly imports.

The Global Banking Leaders of the Future

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The global banking industry faces two opposing truths. On the other, the crisis in the euro zone has forced banks to rethink their investments in numerous markets, if not retreat from them altogether. The result is a chasm of opportunity — a vacuum ready to be filled by banks from both the emerging and developed worlds. While European banks were among the first to move into emerging markets, the euro zone crisis has led many to recoil or switch course.

The Irish Banking Crisis: A Parable

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Umair Haque Blogs Umair Haque On: Global business , Competition , Economy The Irish Banking Crisis: A Parable 4:33 PM Monday November 29, 2010 | Comments () Email Tweet This Post to Facebook Share on LinkedIn Print Once upon a time, there was a country where bankers disappeared. — and you might begin to see how economists conceive of banking shutdowns. The country in question was Ireland — today, in deep crisis because of profligate banks.

Rethinking the Bank Branch in a Digital World

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More US bank branches closed in 2013 than ever before. More than 85% of retail banking transactions are now digital. The bank branch is “going south,” mobile-banking entrepreneur Brett King said to CNBC. So are we witnessing the death throes of brick-and-mortar retail banking? Will banking soon be like the business of selling recorded music—almost all done online? Banking isn’t like selling records or music CDs.

The Blockchain Will Do to Banks and Law Firms What the Internet Did to Media

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Like the internet, this technology is designed to be decentralized, with “layers,” where each layer is defined by an interoperable open protocol on top of which companies, as well as individuals, can build products and services. Early on, Ethernet standardized the way in which computers transmitted bits over wires, and companies such as 3Com were able to build empires on their network switching products.

Grading Britain's Independent Banking Commission Report

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Britain's Independent Banking Commission came out with an interim report Monday that identified the broad outline of the country's future banking regulation. The report's findings had been the subject of a fair amount of media speculation, fanned by reports that two of Britain's biggest Banks, HSBC and Barclays, would decamp (respectively) to Hong Kong and New York. As long as a collapsed bank could cover retail depositors, the government could stay on the sidelines.

Lead Your Team to Happiness with These Tools

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Get those two elements right, and you’ll have a happy team which, by coincidence, will knock your socks off in terms of productivity. Now for your reward: I’ve got 5 tech tools which will help you lead your team on to a future of happiness and ultra productivity.

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One Big Reason There’s So Little Competition Among U.S. Banks

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Basically, a handful of asset management firms have become the most powerful shareholders of the nation’s largest banks. In “ Ultimate Ownership and Bank Competition ,” José Azar, Sahil Raina, and I looked at banks across different parts of the United States.

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Mobile Phones Promise to Bring Banking to the World’s Poorest

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For populations living so far off the economic grid that traditional banks have never considered them as a source of new business, the availability of mobile technology is lifting the bane of cash dependency and opening a door to the mainstream of the global economy. laura schneider FOR HBR.

Holding Powerful & Arrogant Bosses Accountable

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Winston, a former executive responsible for leadership development at the Countrywide Financial Corporation, spent three years in a legal battle against Countrywide, the once-mighty mortgage giant, and its current owner, Bank of America, contending that he was punished and pushed out for not toeing the company line. Asked about the trial, Mr. Usher said the witnesses for Countrywide and Bank of America were unpersuasive. When Bank of America took over in 2008, Winston was let go.

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China’s New Development Bank Is a Wake-Up Call for Washington

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Here is a brief synopsis of what we missed: Under Chinese stewardship, a new and potentially disruptive player in the development banking landscape, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which was initially proposed in 2013 by President Xi Jingping, gathered steam.

Can One Bank's Leasing Program Boost the Economy?

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Bank of America recently rolled out a "Mortgage-to-Lease" program to help financially struggling homeowners. Instead of foreclosing on delinquent mortgagees, BOA will now allow them to transfer ownership to the bank, have all mortgage debt forgiven, and rent their home for up to three years at the market rate. As new housing construction employs more people and stimulates demand for related products (appliances, etc.), Granted, banks aren't in the leasing business.

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The End of Banks as We Know Them?

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Last week my father received a phone call from the branch director of his long-standing bank to offer him a new product. Millions of people have lost confidence in banks. But the dissatisfaction and disappointment with our banks runs deeper. The last bank in my hometown closed a year ago. Another casualty of cost cutting, it simply closed its doors — even though local people and businesses that had used that bank all their lives still relied upon it.

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Positive Teams Are More Productive

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All managers would like their teams to be more productive. Creative Werks’ core values are not just client and product-focused. In the intense field of investment banking, she had found that employee well-being was neglected.

Bank of America: A Case Study in Tone Deafness

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Take Bank of America. One customer was sufficiently enraged to gather 200,000 signatures asking the bank to reverse its decision. Yesterday, the bank announced plans to do just that. And I'm afraid that "we're not making as much profit as we used to on these products" is not going to cut it as an excuse. The other misstep Bank of America made was miscalculating whether their competitors would follow.

Case Study: Can an Ethical Bank Support Guns and Fracking?

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As the founder and president of a new ethical bank focused on environmental sustainability, Jay McGuane realized that he and his board needed to set guidelines about which loans to approve and which to reject on “values” grounds. In his eagerness to start running the business, he’d put the issue off, but the bank was already confronting two problematic requests, one involving fracking and another concerning guns. That’s why we’re part of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

Using Games to Get a Handle on Bank Risk

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Bank marketing materials focus on the dreams, anxieties and goals of consumers. Most audits and regulations of banks are focused on certifying the integrity of data and controls. The truly critical issue, though, is the integrity of banks' assumptions about consumer behavior. A better understanding of the drivers of behavior is needed for both banks and consumers to understand risk, and for the financial system to provide timely and targeted interventions.

Interview with Sarah Piampiano: From Investment Banker to Professional Triathlete

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I remember when I was working in banking and had just become serious about triathlon. Featured Identity Life Balance career change hsbc investment banking people-first values priorities quit smoking sarah piampiano sarah piampiano triathlete values Sarah Piampiano: Living Life Her Way.